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Astral Projection: the basics.

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I've been maintaining a projection journal and a dream journal. I am learning quite a bit by being involved in online communities who share these interest and maintain their own journals. At least, I can speak with more certainty towards some matters. There's still so much unknown and I think that's awesome. I had a really beautiful "in-between" moment recently. Music and manifestation like I hadn't experienced in a while.

This morning was a little different- I've experienced this before and am still trying to figure it out. I think sometimes it's easy for me to get stuck in two different worlds- partial awareness in my bed as I come back to my physical body and partial awareness in the astral/dream state. I had sleep paralysis and felt someone standing on my mattress. I couldn't move but could feel them walking around my head and standing right up against my back. I was frightened and managed to roll my back into their leg. This caused my eyes to pop open and end the experience. I've had a few things in the past where I've felt phantom weight moving around the mattress. Another time it felt like an animal jumping up on the bed. I wonder if this happens because the awareness is not grounded or displaced.
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I'm not sure but these last three days I've been able to project back to back.

Yesterday as I fell back asleep I started seeing a person in my minds eye. That's when I felt the sensations switch from having awareness of my body to something else. The person was wearing a fuchsia colored shirt- it seemed like a hawaiin styled shirt and he looked filipino. At first he appeared as a flash. Then I had to bring him back into focus and as I did this I saw faint outlines of objects, his environment and the more I tried to focus on him- the objects would pop back into my view. I saw a guitar next to him. At this point I couldn't tell if I was observing or if I was him. He looked at his hand, and it felt like I was looking at my own hand. After that I was back in my bedroom and had the opportunity to speak to what felt like a playful creature and phase through my bedroom door.

This morning I had yet another opportunity to project. I repeatedly left my body- each one was very easy. I'm not sure why it kept resetting, I think because I was waking up. I projected 3 times at least. By the 2nd and 3rd time there was a tall, blonde woman in my house. She seemed unsure what was going on. I was able to talk to her and ask her how she got into my house. She told me she didn't know- and she told me her name was Robyn. We started talking about astral bodies and she told me she can only project on Wednesdays. It's now Friday. She was very concerned about the kind of practice we were doing, she repeatedly told me- "I hope we're practicing good magic- not dark." I thought that was strange but did not comment. Instead I fell into a vivid dream.
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To comment on the above post... I never mentioned but my Aunt is named Robyn. My Aunt and I have been growing closer in our Faith, though she is uncertain by some of the sources I've found influential. I don't mind, my reaction was the same as above. It's almost like the projection was able to forecast our recent dynamic. I wonder if it explains the confusion in the play on time between our characters.

A couple nights ago I had another OBE. I hope you don't mind I've been posting them here Eowyn. I hope others continue to share here and ask questions. I certainly don't mean to hijack the direction of the thread. And I don't have answers for any one else. I still want to share because I think astral projection allows us an opportunity to understand the stirrings of our soul- the workings of a subconscious mind and is a direct way to understand what is propelling us behind our daily activities. I am also open to what you think is happening, but if preferred I can archive these in a more journal-styled thread.

With this most recent OBE and subsequent dreams I am able to make sense of my recent longings to combine sexuality and spirit- and perhaps this is a call to connect with a true love. It was the message of the snake in my dream last night that finally put it all together. So... With great joy and gratitude, I share my most recent experience:

I woke up at 5AM with a regular amount of energy. I was somewhat tired but also awake. I thought maybe I could use this opportunity to meditate. Instead I decided to lay on my back knowing my alarm would go off at 7:20AM and thought I'd welcome an out of body if one were to come.

When the onset of sleep paralysis started to happen, I was overcome with joy. I used to be scared, but it had been so long since I've been in this in-between state that I found my self very welcoming. I'm a little embarrassed to say, but as I was drifting off into a semi-conscious state of sleep and awake I found my self pleading/praying to god for physical, intimate connection.

Well... I think the prayer was answered. I do think there was something/someone else with me as I became more aware of existing outside the immediate anchor point for awareness. I started to project and saw things as black and white only- more surreal. It was like wispy shadows and brilliant shining white light. As I attempted a traditional, "bodily exit" I saw my hand in this black and white world as gentle smoldering smokey shadow.

I immediately noticed another body laying next to me, I think, projecting in a similar manner. To my right, I saw a vibrant white light for a hand. Instinctively I put my shadow hand up towards it, and its hand towards mine. As our palms came together it was as if there was a sheer electric barrier between us- once contact was made this invisible barrier crackled. There was no sound, again everything was black and white, but it felt like lightning around us or like a strobe effect. I could feel it crackle.

I can't remember much more but started to feel very aroused. I was half awake, half asleep and I found my self laying on my back- I don't know if I was dreaming this or actually raising my arms and legs up under the blanket. I was receiving, wanting more... And I don't know if what I encountered was an aspect of my self- and I could not identify a male or female energy. But it felt very good.

After this I started to drift, still in-between I noticed an object in the corner of my room that is not actually there. The environment started to shape-shift. This object turned into a dramatized face made of stone, its transformation was like that of a gargoyles. I believe I was starting to dream at this point...


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Hi Cloud,

I'd like to know more about your faith, etc. (as discussed above) if you're willing to discuss. PM is fine. Alternately, a new thread under the reincarnation, religion and spirituality heading is another possibility. As someone who is trying to fit things together I'm interested in how other people are making it work.


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This thread hasn't seen much attention lately- so I hope you guys don't mind I'm kind of sharing some of my dream journal/astral projection logs to keep it going...

dream log
2:45 AM, 10PM bedtime. 2nd time to wake up, used restroom each time. Almost forgot about dream. Sleeping on my side like I used to is no longer easy or comfortable. Too long on left side triggers heart irregularities and sleeping on my right side creates discomfort in my right arm. The burning in the back of the neck has returned.

What I remember...
A giant metal structure... Little details, it's like a metal wall with a hole in it and something like magnets preventing people or things from entering the hole. Not much recall here... Just the distinct impression of- large, rigid, cold steel. Very ominous. Something about a truck and an extremely large truck bed.

In the scene before waking I am watching a video of people being interviewed. We discover these people have been drugged, I can't tell but it seems like for some it's against their will. One guy looks like Brad Pit and is explaining something. I forget what he says, it was a type of drug PLUS DMT for the hallucination or "added visual effects." I'm quoting the Brad Pit look alike. I am watching different people interview themselves through a webcam to share their experiences. One filipino man is talking directly to the camera, he is able to blur out the background. His girlfriend or wife implores him not to capture her on video. She is laying in bed behind him. He says he was given an opportunity to discuss and had to share his story. The man has a close shaved haircut on the side of his head. Brown skin and black hair. He begins talking about his experience. It seems he was forced to take the drugs. As he opens up he starts talking with regret. It seems the experience has left him very upset and very empty. I start to feel what he is displaying. He is overcome with emotion and starts to cry pleading to Jesus Christ before having to stop his webcam. He feels like he was disconnected from Jesus Christ and is begging God to enter his life again. He cries out to his wife for comfort. She is heart broken, I am no longer watching on a screen but am there watching the couple. He is on his knees in the bedroom floor- his wife is wearing a shirt without a bra underneath and loose gym shorts. She has tattoos on the side of her arm and on her leg. She feels for her husband and gets out of bed as he calls to her and immediately pulls him into her stomach. He is crying out for God. She doesn't know what to do except to go to the kitchen and make him food. I follow her there and am intrigued by the organization of their fridge as well as the size of it. I remember some leafy green cabbage heads or something like bok choy resting on the shelf before waking up.

As I record the dream, even laying on my back there is subtle discomfort in heart movement. 3:01AM must go back to sleep. 3:08 before submitting my internet goes out...

I finally fall back asleep and have an out of body experience. I had the option not to go out of body. I could feel the weight of this in between state. It had been a while since I've projected. I lay there just feeling the weight for a little bit. I usually start with my arms, but it was too difficult. I was so tired. I have to make my intention clear, I want to astral project. So, I pull my "body" out(astral body away from physical body) starting with my chest, shoulders and head. I sit at the edge of my bed now in my astral shell for a while. Everything is so heavy- if I go too fast I will be dizzy. It's difficult to see my surroundings. Finally I stand up and glide towards my old bedroom- I tell my self I am going to go outside. I phase myself through the window and try to fly. I see the clear sky and the stars- but as soon as I phased through, additional weight started pulling me down to the street. I think I start to dream, I decide to meet Casey and talk to her about her recent dream. She is there with another man who is not as impressed by my being there. When I do see Casey my eyes are opened wide and my head starts to buzz. I feel a type of energetic download. I tell her I find it fascinating that even in her dreams she is able to help others- which I understood as ultimately assisting your *self*/assisting consciousness. After Casey leaves I tell her guy friend that we are having this conversation out of body. It surprises even me that I am holding on to this body for as long as I have... He doesn't say anything, only raises a brow.

Then I fall into another dream, our customer John is challenging me to Golf. It feels like there is another presence observing me and weighing my soul. I for unknown reasons accept Johns challenge despite my lack of skill in the game. We are in my backyard taking practice swings- Dad is off in the distance watching us. At one point we take a wiffle ball, half it and put popcorn in it. We then lob those balls over into the neighbors yard. I miss on the first swing. With my second swing I see a rock go into her(my neighbors) backyard. I was feeling a little concerned as my awareness went from my body to slow motion zoomed in on this rock flying into the neighbors yard- nearing the edge of her house. Dreams are kind of blending here... I am also remembering two giant dogs- I don't remember if they approached me while I was having the OBE or not... The dogs belonged to a man, he wanted them to be intimidating. They were still quite young and they were extremely friendly with me. I'm not sure if the man could see me, but the dogs were definitely aware of my presence.

Now I am remembering a dream in between these two experiences about a Woman and someone of authority... It was a mission to get to her.... Was there a rescue happening???

Wake up at 7AM.

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i had a really cool hypnagogic experience after trying to go back to sleep... i'm in the room i'm in now.... laying on my back and my head resting to the right. i dont yet make the distinction i am already out of my body, as i am preoccupied with the in-between sensations. i know i'm out of body because my vantage point is not on the mattress i'm sleeping on but on the floor beside it. my eyes are half-opened and i see a silver and black spider as large as my face resting along my mattress. i try not to disturb it, it's gently moving. i notice a little brown around the black. i begin to feel the weight associated with sleep paralysis. i breathe deep and hear my breath...the weight from this sends me further.... each breath is like the most rewarding therapeutic sensations running along my spine. at this point i still don't realize i'm out of body. i begin to hear chatter like over a radio. i hear the name putin. i return my awareness to my breath, feeling as if i'm going even deeper. i again look through eyes half opened and realize i am in my bedroom but it is all white. there are translucent cobwebs- conceptual framing and bright white light all over and white sheets and mattress for my bed. there's a skeleton in my bed. i believe i am in the past, and for some reason i tell my self... "not yet" like i'm in the wrong time era. it's as if the breath is shifting planes and time. i then hear a woman try to say my name, except she says "erin" and she says it very clearly to me. "close" is what i say knowing my name is actually eric. i immediately wonder who is calling me. all of this is happening in an instant and i break the spell by trying to go out of body from here, again not realizing i am already out of body. by the initial "push" (trying to push my astral body out mistaking it for the physical body) the awareness returns back to my physical body, the weight slowly disappears and i open my eyes realizing i am now correctly on my mattress above the ground.

darn, i wonder... because i was starting to realizing some things while in this state... had i not tried to project- how much further could i have taken it?
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I share so others might be inclined to share their own... That we recognize common signs of an OBE... That we see how experiences or information isn't always so linear... And more.

Before going to bed I asked God in prayer what I'm doing wrong. I pray for clarification and ask God what he thinks about my relationship with this girl. Are these answers to my prayers? Maybe, maybe not.

Now the OBE- with something that has never happened before... A golden statue appeared in my backyard. It was terrifying- it was amazing. It was a statue but it was alive. It changed shapes. Despite rain the sun was shining on it and it didn't get wet.

Here's the details to the best of my ability- they started fading even near the end of the experience.

After falling back asleep I had an OBE. There are too many details to recount. I managed to catch the last few. It started with going downstairs towards my Dogs, they were happy to see me. I knew I was out of body and they saw me all the same. Many dream like concepts were playing out during the OBE, like I was having both an astral experience in my house while separately dreaming things and details about my family around me. I could dive into either experience. For example, in the dream I remember everyone in my house being awake- the lights were on upstairs with my Sister on the phone going over a job interview- I saw me drinking her water in the kitchen and being disgusted she had cheese inside the water bottle? I tried focusing instead on the OBE and not the dreams swirling around me. I glide outside with the dogs to play in the backyard. Once in the backyard the dogs were playing with each other- it was cloudy and there was a light rain. In the center of the backyard was a golden statue with light shining down on it- the rain was not touching the statue. There is no golden statue in my backyard. It was as frightening as it was beautiful. Simultaneously... I could feel a part of me still in my bedroom and see a light in my peripherals from the perspective of my room(despite being in the backyard). I thought there was this nonexistent lamp on in my bedroom. I am recalling in flashes now... Every time I glanced at the statue- it changed shape, but still a golden statue with the sun shining down on it. It became two things and my dogs, tumbling and playing about- turned into the two entities portrayed by the statue. I look up and the statue changed again... From two siblings, to two friends... To one tall and one short... to Brothers and Soldiers... The dogs had become all these things. Lastly, it became a Mother and Daughter to details on the child.

"This is Lei Fong" It said to me. We weren't speaking English- but telepathically?
Last of the dynasty...? A cabal has infiltrated their people... A great war has been relayed to me. They are desperate for help. I am being offered to accept this child in my lineage. Along accepting her I am promised certain- spiritual gifts... ? It's all starting to fade now... Somehow I start retracting back to my physical body... But before ending the experience- A larger aspect of my self pulled through the entire scene- like there was even a third aspect of myself watching as an observer. This larger self spoke with its voice in a way I never heard before and said,
"How do I know?"

I wake up...

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Notes... I could not see what these beings looked like. I just know I was visited. The language was a type of telepathic communication. It was a lot of information to be spoken in English but I understood it in English. This great war was more like an infiltration. Like they were presently being destroyed- a cabal has infiltrated their ship? Feels like entities physically dying around me. This was a desperate plea for help. And I am being shown this child. This child is the key to preserving a dynasty. I am being asked to accept this offer and it begins to feel like a trade- like I will be rewarded some kind of gift. My intuition or higher-self is stand-offish. What they're showing me feels real. But I am hesitant. And as if a higher authority within myself stepped forward ending the OBE... "How do I know?" Was said in the most powerful way. I can't express it. Like it either chased off deceit or it was meant to be a question to remember. I think Lei Fong was the name. I know they specifically used the word Cabal.

The statue had such an interesting feel I've never experienced that before. Am I being deceived? Are these answers to my prayers? Do I accept the offer? Do I help? Why would I be tempted with spiritual gifts? A really interesting dream/OBE... Perhaps answers are in here, but for now- just questions... Maybe time in stillness will help.


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Interesting, Cloud Potato.
I guess something from outside entered your personal space. It might be a 'truth', it might be astral trickery. Personally, I don't think trading is a good thing to rely on in the spiritual world, so I would dismiss this as a kind of 'test' to measure your seriousness in these matters.

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Thanks firefly. It could be a test. I've read from others who also experience OBE's that the astral/mental plane is ripe with test and opportunities for clearer understanding.

My thoughts are in line with yours- if something is that desperate for help why would they propose a trade?

I also think it's an accurate reflection of my current attitude with life. Not that I am proud to say, since making a trade out of life isn't always the most noble or compassionate state of being... Yet it is true. Lately I've been viewing through a very give/take kind of lens, willingly playing the games the laws of nature have set around us. I should really adjust my attitude, I dance between selfish desires and doing the right thing.

I believe there's an array of intelligence *out there*/*within* the greater Being... To think we're the only somewhat intelligent species through out the galaxy is just not true. So I wonder... am I attracting a similar intelligence based on my current attitude/vibration? I do believe I was visited- this golden statue in my backyard- something alive and this telepathic communication with some being... My astral experiences aren't usually like that.

If anything it was fun. I love the sensation of being out of body. I love noticing the shift from wake to sleep and using this in between state to explore unfamiliar realms. I don't know what gift these beings were wanting to give me- I do want a child one day... But spiritual powers? I don't want anything unless I've earned it. Learned it... What good is something if you don't understand its value? And I am quite content with where I'm at knowing I am steadily advancing in my experience and understanding.

Thanks again friend... It's nice receiving feedback!