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Australian Past Lives Documentary


Arnold Vinette
Wednesday March 7, 2012

Today I spent a wonderful afternoon watching this Australian documentary on past lives. The date of the documentary is unknown but it looks like it was done in the 1980's when the concept of Past Lives was beginning to be accepted.

Apparently this documentary was banned after it was made because it was just to weird and controversial for the time period.

Now because of all the work that Carol Bowman and others have done, the concept of Past Lives is becoming widely accepted.


Old Australian Documentary on Past Lives – Very good!

Four Australian women are regressed to their past lives and then seek out the places they remembered under hypnosis. The women are then taken to the location of their previous lives to see if they can remember the area. These four women have been carefully chosen so that their past life memories can be verified proving Past Life Events and reincarnation of the person's spirit.

Very well done and very interesting.

More solid proof of the two parts of conscious human life. 1. The spiritual part that provides the consciousness mind that lives on after death. 2. The physical body that is born, ages and dies.

What was not understood at the time this documentary was made.

Recent research as of 2011 suggests that the spirit of a person is an energy life form that coexists with the human personality of that body. It is a symbiont existence. After death the spiritual energy / energy life form which is you and your consciousness is released back to the spiritual realm where its most recent life time memories are released into the “Shimmering River of Life”. (For want of a better term.)

The “Shimmering River of Life” comes from a Near Death Experience documented here:

Everyone's lifetime experiences become part of the Spiritual Dimension = Knowledge Dimension = Life Force Dimension.

After death a person reviews their entire life and they get to see how they lived and how others viewed them during their lifetime.

It is now thought that during each lifetime a spirit is given lessons to learn. As these lessons are learned it becomes a more advanced spirit. At the end of the your life the only person who judges your past behaviour is you.


Spirits are not limited to being reincarnated on in the Earth Realm. Feedback from Past Life Regression and Near Death Experiences suggest that there are infinite planets, and infinite dimensions to reincarnate into.

Dr. Brian Weiss - Same Soul, Many Bodies 1 of 12

The life of a spiritual life form is infinite. It never dies. It simply lives life after life learning new experiences, new lessons, while always progressing up the ladder of learning how to love, help others, and contribute in a positive way.

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