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Breaking the Silence & Interstellar Gateways

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I just subscribed to this YT channel because a dear friend, Casey Claar, was recently interviewed by the team.

The YT channel is called Breaking the Silence
About: Breaking the Silence with Steve Neill is about encounters with the unknown. It concerns encounters with UAPs, UFOs, and non-human intelligence. Unlike similar shows, this show will interview and reenact the testimonies of real people that have the strength to come forward and break the silence and their fear of being stigmatized.

Casey is an incredible woman, and offers her services freely to any sincere seeker. She has helped me connect with my own "Beings" and notions of past lives. I only ask that you watch with an open Heart and Mind. If you are so inclined to show Casey support, you can find her link in the video description.

I hope you enjoy. Thank you~


Video: Crystal power opening interstellar gateways

Video description: In today's awe-inspiring episode, join Casey Claar on an unprecedented journey into the realm of the unknown. With years of experience and a profound connection to the mystical, Casey uses crystals, not just as beautiful earthly treasures, but as a groundbreaking communication device for contacting alien life forms. Explore this journey and the answers to the universe's greatest mysteries that are locked within these crystalline structures. We sit down with Casey as she reveals her groundbreaking research and the encounters that have led her down this path of cosmic discovery. With science, spirituality, and a touch of the unknown, this video promises to open your mind to the possibilities that lie just beyond what we can see and touch. Experience the journey, where the terrestrial meets the celestial, right here, right now. You can visit her website here:https://consciousnessexploration.com/
Good! Bedtime Stories, Wartime Stories and Pinebox Mysteries all deal with the unexplained. All on Youtube.
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