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    When my son Eric was about 3, my husband, my daughter (who was 5 at the time), he and I where outside playing when an airplane flew overhead. Eric looked up and said "I used to fly one of those. My name was Buzz." I tried to ask him questions about it but the most I could get out of him was that he shot other planes down.
    Then, not to long ago I was sitting at the kitchen table and for god only knows what reason, an image came into my mind of about 6 men standing on what looked like the film when you take it out of a camera to develop it or the big reels that they play in movie theaters, and my son looking just as he does was standing at the front of the line of them. The thought "Wow, Eric is an old soul" popped into my head along with it, but the man right behind Eric was dressed in a brown flight jacket complete with the scarf and goggles. If I ask him now that he is 7 he just smirks and looks at me like I am crazy!
    But then another time he said to my mom that he knew her when she was little. He mentioned something that only she knew from a time period in her childhood; they are very close. I got pregnant with Eric only 3 weeks after my grandmother died and he has a lot of her tendencies.

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