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Can someone please suggest a good book for my 80 Year old Mom for her birthday.


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Originally I was going to get one of Stevenson's or ralated works but trhere are so many to choose from. I would like to get the 'best' book on the subject of Past Life Memories probably the childrens ones since that seems to offer the most compelling case -- vs like peope who get so-called past life regression etc... BTW, thank alot for your time today!


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Maybe this doesn't fit the exact criteria you are looking for but I think quality of writing and credibility are extremely important. You can't beat one of the best of all time. That is Brian Weiss and his breakthrough book, Many Lives Many Masters. Read a little bit about Dr. Brian Weiss and I think you will see what a credible person he is based on education. I believe she will really enjoy it.


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Carol Bowman's books are probably the best there are for cases of children's past life memories. Old Souls by Tom Shroder is also a very good introduction to the topic from a skeptic.