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Celebrity Ghost Stories & Reincarnation


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Two interesting stories from actors Christopher Atkins and John Schneider. I tried to find the videos on YouTube but I think they had been removed due to copyright laws.

When Christopher was a child, he was obsessed with WWII planes and soldiers. It was also at this time that he started having almost regular nightly visits from the spirit of a WWII soldier, which terrified him. One night, the soldier spoke to him and told him, "The war is over." And this somehow ended his obsession with WWII. Years later, a visit with a psychic revealed that Christopher had been a soldier who fought and died during WWII. In other words, he was being haunted by his own past-life self.

John Schneider had a brother who had died 3 years before he was born. When John was a child, he began having memories of his parents, but the images that he was seeing happened before he was born. He used to describe things, places, events to his parents that he had no way of knowing. One day, he began seeing a vision of himself as a young child who had walked down the stairs and over to a window. He climbed onto the ledge and fell several feet outside of the window. What he remembered most was a red box of raisins on the ground. Later, he asked his mother if she remembered when he fell out of the window and if she remembered the red box of raisins. His mother replied, yes, but it wasn't you who fell out of the window, it was your (deceased) brother.


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I remember hearing science fiction writer Ray Bradbury talk about his encounter with magician "Mr. Electrico" as a child. Here's something from his obiturary:

He often told, and elaborately embroidered, the story of the epiphany that led him to become a writer. A visit to the carnival at 12 brought him face to face with Mr. Electrico, a magician who awakened Bradbury to the notions of reincarnation and immortality.
“He was a miracle of magic, seated at the electric chair, swathed in black velvet robes, his face burning like white phosphor, blue sparks hissing from his fingertips,” he recalled in interviews. “He pointed at me, touched me with his electric sword — my hair stood on end — and said, ‘Live forever.’” Transfixed, Bradbury returned day after day. “He took me down to the lake shore and talked his small philosophies and I talked my big ones,” Bradbury said. “He said we met before. ‘You were my best friend. You died in my arms in 1918, in France.’ I knew something special had happened in my life. I stood by the carousel and wept.”


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That a fascinating read, Jody. Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:I found an article about John Schneider and a couple of other celebrities who were regressed to a previous life. John believes that in another life, he had been a coal miner. View attachment 675I apologise - the site wouldn't allow the picture to show in its normal size but I typed out the significant part of the article:

The hypnotist, who is popular with Hollywood celebrities like Charlene Tilton, John Schneider and others willing to take a chance on trance, believes he can remedy ailments left over from past lives. For example, Ms. Tilton, of “Dallas” told Grossi that she was a saloon waitress in Oregon at the turn of the century; Schneider, of “Dukes of Hazzard”, was a coal miner in a previous life; and Glenn Scarpelli of “One Day At A Time” was a Shakespearean actor in 1750s England.
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