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    Hi! I’ve been reading through the threads for several days and decided to join. The threads have helped tremendously in my journey!

    Do the characteristics brought from a PL ever fade?
    For example, I am a female but have very, very strong masculine characteristics and energy from a PL where I was a man. Is this with me for the rest of my current life!? I find it hard to associate with women because I tend to be much stronger, more dominant. With men, I feel “equal”.

    What characteristics have you brought from a PL to now? or talents?

    For those of you who have not been good people in a PL, how have you overcome this?? How did take the good and leave the bad?

    I look forward to discussion!
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    I just sat down one day and started to crochet. No one ever taught me because no one in my family can do it well.
    Keep in mind that one's personality also largely depends on socialisation, experiences, and upbringing. Certain characteristics from the PL may still be there, but they may not be the main thing determining your personality..
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    I taught myself knitting when I was a kid. Untill today, I still make cross stitches, doing it the 'wrong way' so to say. Maybe I once lived in a place where these were the normal way of stitching, or I am just a lousy knitter without past life excuses, lol.
    I learned myself a lot of crafts during my life. Usually people hardly notice that I was a newbe.
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