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Child Prodigies - Videos and Links

I was reading "The Art of Learning" by child chess prodigy Josh Waitzkin (subject of the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer.") This particular passage immediately sent off "past life as a chess player!" bells. Six-year-old Josh is immediately attracted to the older men playing chess in NYC's Washington Square Park:

"I remember the strange sensation of discovering a lost memory. As we moved the pieces, I felt like I had done this before."
Here's another video of an amazing prodigy: ask your skeptic friends who don't believe in reincarnation how it's possible for a cute little 4-year-old to play piano

Even though Alexandra Nechita is now an adult, her talents started when she was a young child. She started working in pen and ink at the age of two. By age five she had graduated to watercolors. At seven she was using oils and acrylics. Her first show was in 1994, and today she has over 300 paintings. At age twelve, Alexandra was painting at a level comparable to such greats as Picasso and Matisse. Her talent was instantly recognized as capacity crowds came to see the "petite Picasso" as the press had labeled her.

Picasso. Her work is close to his and per the IISS website, she WAS Pablo Picasso in her last life. Check out the evidence:


Sleepy Man Banjo Boys

Something tells me they've been playing together a lot longer than the length of their current lives ...

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Jody said:
Something tells me they've been playing together a lot longer than the length of their current lives ...
YEEEE HAAA! something tells me that you're right!
Jody said:
Something tells me they've been playing together a lot longer than the length of their current lives ...
Thanks for sharing that!

I checked out their website, watched a few of their videos, and decided to offer my support via the purpose of their two CD's.

They are quite the talented bunch, and a little toe-tapping happy music seems to be good for my own soul.
So I know I'm late in jumping on this thread, but wanted to say that the little girl who could read but not talk could have what mental health specialists call hyperlexia. It's close to the autism spectrum but not totally on it, although in the new DSM it could be covered under autism spectrum. Most of the kids with this ability are unable to actually comprehend what they read, but can read immensly complex words and sentences. It really is a fascinating "disorder" that is for sure. It seems to be the opposite of dyslexia in that kids struggle to read but have comprehension abilities.
Watching that boy actually raises more questions than it answers for me. Reincarnation is the only explanation I can even imagine.

Here's the thing. I have never seen a 2 year old with motor skills developed enough to play like that, to move their arms like that.

I can see a child loving an instrument at that age. My son was obsessed with guitars at age 2 but he couldn't play one. So, I can understand an above average interest but not such an early muscular and motor skill development in such a young child. I think I wasn't expecting that at all and haven't heard of this in relation to reincarnation but it is the only explanation i can think of.
This is the youngest child prodigy I've ever seen. I don't see how this baby who can't even talk yet can play the piano like this.