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Could Reincartation Explain Why Some are LGBT


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I look at our sojourn on Earth as attending a school. We attend it to educate ourselves, to grow toward further fulfilling our individual potential.

It isn't only to make friends and feel good, although those aren't to be discounted either. There are, and there'll always be, first-graders up to the seniors ready to graduate, each one learning at their individual level. Suffering comes from hanging with the wrong crowd, trying things that are above our skills and level of development, incorrect attitude toward learning. We don't have to suffer, so when we're suffering it means we have to find out why, and make changes.

Obviously, the difficulty comes from the societal conditioning we endure from the moment we enter the womb, so by the time we get to be teenagers we pretty much forgot why we are here, what we are supposed to do, whom we are to learn from.

I believe that the only way to get back on track is to get in touch with our individual inner guidance. It is like while at school, we should remember who / what we are, why we are enrolled in school, how are we supposed to behave while here. It is like becoming lucid in a dream.