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Did you ever visit the country you feel as if you were reincarnated from before, during or after regaining your past life memories?


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I’ve always felt more connected to England than Ireland, and I’ve always related to the English way of life than the Irish environment I was raised into.

In Summer 2017, our family visited Windsor, London on holiday. I didn’t feel like I was abroad at all. It felt like I was at home. I didn’t feel like I was away from home at all.


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My last past life was in the US but I died in the Vietnam War. I have always been attracted to the USA but I had not really memories, just dreams, feelings it was my country but I thought it was my imagination or because of all the american movies or TV shows we have on french TV.
I went to the USA (Kansas) for a 3 months internship and when I landed at the airport I had the feeling I was coming home. I didn't know where I was going to live, what I was exactly going to do but I didn't worry.
Life was easy, buying a used car, driving, the food, making new friends, the typical american diner right from the 60's, everything seemed familiar. I visited an air force base and felt almost at home with the military atmosphere.
That's when I had to leave that I had a strange feeling I was leaving my country for ever. I remember when someone drove me to the airport I was almost crying.
Now I know it's remind me the day I left my family at another airport and that I never came back...
I got details about this past life after a regression last year that opened a door to spontaneous memories. I was from New Jersey, not Kansas but I am sure my soul felt at home.


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There are several places I visited that made me feel at home. Even before getting past life memories and mostly still no past life memories.
My soul feels so grounded, at ease, comfortable, and always yearning for more visits. I felt this (35 years ago) in Poland and still do every time I visit this country. (Now I know I lived there in the past). I felt very much at home in Northern Germany near the sea (still no clue), in Wales (no clue), in Spain (Palacio real Aranjuez, Toledo) (vague clues, not highly active memories), and at various places in Northern India (several strong clues, but no active memory). And Bretagne in France, (several strong clues but also no Youtube video from my past life in my head).


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One of my last lives was in the US and I live here now, but my life was as a Native American. My specific culture is long gone, but I've always felt an attachment to indigenous culture as a whole despite that not being my current ethnic background.


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I've only visited Ireland, outside of the US (where I was born and raised). Well, and of course stopped in England for the airplane switch, but that doesn't really count lol
I didn't feel anything in Ireland. Not like "past life" feelings anyway. I loved the trip and want to go back someday, but that's all. Just felt like another country to me...
As for the US I've been to large chunks of it. Lived in the Ozarks region my entire life. Went to the east coast, had some feelings of familiarity in NYC and Washington DC but come on they're all over TV. Visited the Pacific Northwest for a bit, Idaho, Wyoming...now Wyoming definitely gave me some feelings but I don't think they're past life related. The "Wyoming Incidents" not to be confused with the creepypasta. They're...a whole nother story and I'm not sure what to make of them.
I do think I may have had a past life in Hawaii. But I've never been there and even though I know it's legally part of the US I really could never see it that way.
There was a holiday with my parents during which we were in Italy and France. In Italy we stayed with some people my parents knew, so it was a bit like living there. We did some trips, too. Like to Venice and Verona. Strangely, I later seemed to remember having been to Rome, but we weren't there. In France it was more a beach holiday, didn't see much of the country. But, of course, as a kid you can have much fun on a beach, playing in the sand, and you can play with other kids without knowing the language. It is always possible, in my case, that later potential memories have been influeced by this holiday, but the things I remember seem to have happened at places we certainly did NOT visit. I was in France again later, in Verdun and Paris. Verdun certainly did something to me, maybe just because the thought of so many young men dying, some only in their teens, made me incredibly sad. Not much happened in Paris, but then, I did not have much time to explore on my own and most of what I got to see was relatively new (like less than 200 years old). I certainly loved a certain... flair/feel and things like seeing elderly men playing boule.

I always wanted to go to Egypt, and one day it finally happened. Probably not exactly the same place, but being on a ship on the Nile for me is like meditation (when ever the person or people I am with aren't talking in gossip mood, that is). When I was standing in an old temple for the first time, it blew me away. And that one time when we visited Gizah. It is one thing to see the pyramids and sphinx in a documentary, but a different story entirely when you are standing there. I only had short flashbacks of Ancient Egypt and can't exclude cryptomnesia entirely, but there are some details in my memories I really wasn't aware of. Like the connection between the color red and the Goddess Sekhmet and that the landscape was different before the end of the sixth dynasty. Other such details.

I yet have to visit Greece, Spain, England, the U.S. and India (no memories, but always felt drawn to).
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