Does anyone have any memories of being criminals, losers, social pariahs or otherwise bad people?

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by IWantToTryAgain, Aug 20, 2020.

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    If so, can you share them?
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    I have quite a few. Is there something specific you wanted to know or just stuff in general?
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    All of us at some point in time through our soul journeys upon the earth plane have had lifetimes we are not proud of. These lifetimes usually occur during our early stages of soul development. Mostly in the infant, baby and young soul stage of spiritual development. Funny thing is that the karma that was created in those earlier lifetimes take awhile to return back to us to be paid off or balanced out once we reach a certain state of spiritual development where we can handle them.

    I was total by a psychic friend of mine that I was autistic and homeless during the early period of the Roman era. I stole a lot to get by however that life was short lived dying I believed in my 20's. Later I was a roman solider which it was my job to protect and defend the empire. So there was a lot of killing I had to do some of which I was not proud of however some of which I found great satisfaction and a rush if you will after a great battle. I later earned my freedom of being a slave by serving the empire as a solider of Rome. I lived to be in my early 50's in that life.

    Also there was a lifetime later on during the middle ages where I was a member of the royal court. It was my job to seek out those that where homosexual and out them there by having them beheaded by the church. This made me feel I was doing gods work. I felt smug and above those that where sinners of the church doing this. What I did not realized at the time that I had broken the bond of unconditional love that connects all things to spirit and all life in the cosmos. So in order to balance this out I had to become the very thing I hated the most in order learn this lesson. So I decided on a soul level to work out this karma by being gay in this lifetime so that I may learn to love myself unconditionally along with others as well. Kind of like the old saying ((Great spirit, May I never judge another man until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.)) This allowed me to learn empathy in others on a soul level.

    Peace and love...

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