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Does anyone have pre-sapiens memories?


Always Searching...
I was wondering if anyone remembers being anything like a neanderthal, or H.habilus, or anything like that. I do not have memories of my own, I am just curious.

If there is already a thread like this, I apologize.
Don't know about pre-human, but definitely early human. I've settled on the name of Shabba because that's the sound that always comes up when I remember a very dark skinned woman. The only other significant name I hear is Big Walker. Big Walker was, for lack of a better phrase, a baboon chief with a high-strutting way of walking. I was adopted by another tribe and had a reputation as a story-teller, mostly comedic re-enactments of Big Walker. You see, BW and his tribe were in direct competition with us for the resources of a small valley. It was a war and we didn't see baboons as anything other than hairy people with strange faces. We had no concept of them being "animals" and us being "humans". I do remember that we had a distinct advantage. We could make their words, but they couldn't make ours. (Basically, we could mimic their howls and whoops, but they couldn't form words.) We used that to set up ambushes.

Strangely, Big Walker seems to be my spiritual link to those days, not Shabba. When I meditate on that life I see Big Walker. He's a huge specimen, and there's an intelligence in those eyes accompanied by hostility. But there's also a sensation that he lost and he knows it, so he begrudgingly accepts his defeat. I wonder how Shabba and Big Walker became so connected? Or is it that I, once Shabba, am the last person on Earth who remembers that there was once a baboon chief called Big Walker?
That's an interesting question. You gave me a work for a night, thanks :)

I have too think about it and if I am known, I'll answer.