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Dream Feelings?


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When I say "feelings" I don't mean things like happy or sad, I mean things like "I feel dizzy".

I had a strange dream about two nights ago. I was in my neighborhood, trying to run back to my house, while running from a truck (the truck wasn't malicious, but I tried to avoid it anyway). Before running I had spun myself on a swivel chair, and while running I felt very very dizzy and staggered around as if I were drunk. Everything was blurry, my movements felt slowed, my legs wouldn't cooperate (i wanted to go left, they went right, etc.)

Now I am just asking, since this isn't really a mountain-moving validation, but is that what drunkeness is really like? (sans the nausea). I have never (nor will I ever) consumed large amounts of alcohol (or any alcohol for that matter), so I really have no RL experience of being drunk. So my question is, can non-emotional PL feelings, like fatigue or vertigo, carry into the next life?


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I dont see why not.. I know from my own healing journeys from a chronic illness that any traumas -- subconscious or conscious can affect the body .

It makes sense that in the dream state with our subconscious being closer to the surface , our bodies may have the extra balance in order to do something about those traumatic blocks.. Alot of my healing has to do with detoxing stuff.. metals, toxins.MY body is ill because it is holding on to toxins . I see stress as one of the reasons it is not able to detox..

It is when my body is more in balance and has the strength to properly work that my body will naturally release these unnecessary elements..

During the night the body naturally processes things and the liver detoxes in order to find more strength to take more on during the day.. Do you remember what time of night it was you had this feeling ? The body has a schedual of functions according to CHinese medicine.. It fits in with my bodys symptoms



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The dream took place in the morning/afternoon, probably between 10 AM and 2 PM (though I can't quite remember now, and I can't really tell time inside my dreams LOL)