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Dreams and visions (not in order)


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Location unknown - One of the first memories I had was being a female Neanderthal. It was Winter and I was out hunting by myself. I remember looking down in the snow and seeing a pile of blood and guts. I think I was eating fish? It was hard to tell.

The next memory is about Pompeii but it is very short. I remember feeling the Earth rumbling beneath my feet. Then the buildings around me began to shake and fall. The dream itself started to crumble. I do not think I made it out alive and didnt have a family. Whenever I see images of people trapped in volcanic stone, goosebumps pop up and emotions are strong. I believe I was male in this life.

Ireland? - In another dream I was a man and a hermit living in a cave. Not much is seen from this life just know that it was very lonely yet comfortable in nature. I believe I lived in Ireland.

Somewhere in Europe (possibly France) - During a hypnosis I was shown as a gypsy lute player walking through a crowd or a fair. I had dark brown hair almost black with brown eyes a mustache and a beard. I also had one pierced ear with a golden hoop. I remember being somewhat tall and proud of my playing. This vision came through twice. I was also a guitar player in this life.

Spain - Not much is seen from this life but I was a young male that was lost. I think I joined the priesthood for the wrong reasons but ended up staying cause I had nowhere else to go. I struggled alot with deep inner thoughts that were considered sinful back then but didnt admit them to anyone.

Africa - The time is unknown but early in Africa. I was a baby girl that was left abandoned by her mother. I think she told me to stay put under a tree while she went looking for food but never came back. As I sat there wwatching the sunset a group of wild Hyenas came forward. I believe I was attacked and eaten by them because they closed in on me with hunger. It was very scary to remember and I have a difficult time around bigger dogs in this life. Even though I love all dogs there is a fear if I see one was chasing after me.

Ireland - In this life I was a female leader. I was taught sailing at an early age. I would often dress like a boy to be accepted and cut my hair short like I did in this life. I was very good at swindling people, and getting what I wanted for me and my crew. I got in trouble tho and payed the price for it however at thend I always got away with freedom.

Vienna - I was a sibling to a well known composer. But I think I died at an early age before I could speak. They had several brothers and sisters but only one sister survived. I remember being a ghost in this life and watching over them like a guardian angel.

England - I was a poor peasant girl that didnt live past 16. I had long strawberry blonde hair. Many people commented on it even though my face and clothes were dirty. I earned money doing various work. At one point I ended up getting pregnant but I dont think we survived.

China - I was a male that traveled away frome home alot. I was good at sailing and artistic. The time is unknown but I dont think I came back alive. I was about 20 years old.

Japan? - I had a vision where I was a male and was forced into selling my body at a young age. My master was male and theyve been reincarnated as my abuser in this life. I have also met my bestfriend who was another boy that was owned by the same master. We all worked together and tried to make the best of a worse situation. The time is unknown.

America - I was a male during the time of the American Revolution. Even though I was young I had a mature, rebellious spirit. I was also married but focused alot of my time on fighting the British. I remember being friends with Paul Revere and and we would take part in the famous midnight ride. This person is not well known today but was in the background of history.

Egypt - I was a male priest/shaman. Not much is seen here. All I know is that I love anything that has to do with Egyptian deities, and embalment. I am fascinated by the process.

America - My only well known life took place during the 1900's and I was known as the original flapper. She went by the name of Zelda Fitzgerald and lived a difficult life. One filled with betrayel, jealousy, and mentill illness.
Side note: I also have a strong connection to the Salem witch trials but not sure if it is past life related.

In this life I was able to visit both Rome and Ireland and experienced deja vu in many places that are connected to past lives
Reincarnation, a soul's visit to the physical amusement park.

I had a dream once, and as I recall it, it had to do with an amusement park. It started with the vision of a giant sign at the entrance. It read: "Souls, come one come all to the physical world, the admission is free, and you'll experience an eternity of fun." As I remember the dream, the amusement park was a very big one, where one could find thousands of different rides. I was there with a group of friends. There were big ones, small ones, scary ones, funny ones, and just about everything in-between. No sooner we got off one of them, that we were back on another, and another and another, one after the other. And between rides we had just enough time to express our feelings to each other as to how the ride made you feel. There was no one telling you which rides to get on, nor was there any mandates that we had to get on the rides, if we did not want to. Then my alarm went off, and that was all that I remember of that dream.