Evidence you knew you were going to reincarnate before this life?

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    When I was a small child I had some interesting incidents happen when it comes to my... assumptions.

    I was an eager reader before I could read very well, so I read a lot of comics for the visual nature of them, so I could keep up with the story better when I couldn't understand everything, or simply didn't have the patience to read every word. Sometimes that lead me to misinterpret the story, and my interpretations were... interesting.

    A couple of examples:

    I was reading a Yoko Tsuno comic (one of my absolute favourite series as a kid) and there was this album where Yoko travelled to the 17th century because she met a man in her time who had met her in the 17th century. The man had found some kind of an elixir that made him practically immortal, and he assumed Yoko was also taking an elixir. In truth she was a time traveller of course, and hadn't yet made that trip to the 17th century.

    However, I was not following the story in quite so much detail at the time, and only realized what it was really about when I read it some years later. At that time I simply assumed that Yoko had reincarnated and didn't remember her past life. (Even though I already knew this series dealt with time travel.)

    Another similar case was a comic in some magazine, about a girl and her horse getting lost in a storm and ending up at some old house, where the girl found a portrait of a young lady from a 100 years ago or so, who looked exactly like her. Then she started getting visions of that lady getting lost in a storm with her horse, falling from its back and dying. This was the lady's ghost seeking peace.

    And yet again my assumption was that this girl was having flashbacks from her own life, and even after I realized it wasn't the story's aim, I wanted to stubbornly believe my interpretation was correct, because it made so much more sense to me than a ghost who just magically happened to look like the main character.

    The thing is that both of these things happened when I was around six years old and there's no way I had ever heard of reincarnation at that point, being raised in a Christian family, not having had any classes about world religions at school yet, and not watching anything else from TV except for kids programs. I didn't know the word reincarnation, I learned that later. But I had this "build in" assumption that lead me to believe having had past lives was the most probable explanation for what these characters in these stories experienced, and it made me connect to the story a lot more than I had in the beginning.

    Another thing is that throughout my childhood I profoundly related to fictional characters who had a life they didn't remember, such as Anastasia from the animation film, Elyon from the comic W.i.t.c.h., or even Sailor Moon from the anime. (Sure, all these characters' lost lives also happened to be royal but I don't think being royal was the part I was interested in, just that they had a forgotten past.) The yearning I experienced through these characters was enormous, like I knew I had a forgotten life as well.

    A skeptic would probably say that the reason I think I have past lives is because of these childhood influences, and my memories are fabricated from them somehow, but the thing is, these happened before I'd had any influences that could lead me to believe these things. This was whatever was already in my subconscious ever since I was born, responding to this fictional material.

    To me it just shows how I already knew I would forget the past, and how it would be hard to remember again, before I was born into this life.

    Any similar (or not similar) experiences, or early childhood "signs"?
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    A little bit along the same line, there was a TV series which I vaguely recall from my childhood, "Adam Adamant Lives!". The storyline has the key character encased in a block of ice, and thawed out in a later era. My main memory of the series is the initial unfolding of the plot and this character Adam being disconcerted and disoriented at the changes in the world during the time of his hibernation. It wasn't a reincarnation story as such, but had many of its characteristics. I found the idea fascinating and somewhat haunting - I was very young when the TV series aired and had vague memories of it for years afterwards, much more than other tv series which were forgotten.
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    I used to flat tell my parents I was reincarnated, and then promptly gave details.

    When I was under 2, I used to talk to an old man at the Chinese restaurant (and I preferred what he ate to the more American style). He didn't speak English, and I would babble at him. He told his son (who told my parents) I spoke in an ancient dialect here and there. I used to complain loudly for wine with my food. My parents said I wanted wine with Chinese food until I was about 5. (I do not drink much in this life, I don't care for the taste as an adult, much less a child.)

    While watching something on the Templars when I was around 5, I replied in passing Saladin made the Saracens bury my town. They found it when I was 11. I did not pronounce it as Sal-a-din, but Sal-ah-deen even though the TV was using the other, and they never did use the term Saracen.

    Under 5, I used to love the Hare Krishnas. My mother was Catholic and my dad was Christian, but not in a religion and both were devout. Used to tell my dad I wanted to be a Hindu again since I found a lot of peace in it. Same age, my mom would get mad about the polytheism and I would calmly tell her each time it was a monotheistic religion, just different costumes God wore so we could know him as we needed to. To this day, the Nataraja is my favorite statue.

    Weirdest thing I used to do to both of my parents was tell them they were newer souls and be patient with them both when they didn't follow along. Used to really make my mom mad when she would get angry about me saying I was reincarnated and I would reply "well, of course you don't know...this is early for you. That's okay, you have a lot to learn yet."

    On the same vein, my dad asked me once when I was small why I chose newer souls to be my parents. I said I was on the end of the journey and they were at the beginning. My dad was also far more accepting of my statements then my mom in general, and by the time I was 8, I quit talking about my past lives with my mom.

    Lot of examples of this until I was about 8...then I quit talking about it.
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    My daughter used to do that. She would tell my wife she wasn't her "real mother from before" but nevertheless not to worry as she loves her too very much and she's being a good mother.

    Among other stuff.

    Then she quitted talking about it altogether when she got 7 or so. She just speaks with the "spirits" now quite a few times every day, she's 9.5yo now.

    So yeah, it happens I guess.
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    I remember being annoyed as a toddler that I'd have to learn to talk again. It was a totally coherent thought that was well above my toddler level of speech.

    On a side note, I appreciate your taste in cartoons. W.I.T.C.H was such a great show.
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