feeling out of place as a child

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    As a toddler, I found a lot of ordinary things odd, as if I had been plunked down into someone else's life.

    What was up with what people were wearing? Miniskirts? Polyester? Bouffant hair? Really?

    Was light blue the right color for cars? Shouldn't they be a dark color?

    Why did my bedroom window not look out over railroad tracks? I was convinced that it should have.

    Shouldn't I be living in an apartment in a noisy city? Seriously, this house in a suburb was quaint and all, but where was my home?

    I took a long time to settle into the acceptance that this was my life, this was how things were "supposed" to look, and even that the face I saw in the mirror was mine. Even now, if I see my reflection unexpectedly, it's startling.

    It's hard to give a name to these childhood feelings. It felt like being in the wrong place and time. It felt like my mind was stuck in someone else's body. Believe it or not, I thought of myself in the third person, not as "me" but as "she." When I was about seven or eight, I worried that people would find out about this and think I was crazy, so I made myself stop doing it.

    The strangest part is not that everything seemed wrong, but that I had definite ideas of how it should be. I could picture myself as a girl with blond hair, wearing a black wool dress and thick stockings. When I discovered the Little Rascals on tv, I finally found a place that looked more or less right. It was quite a relief, but also sad, as I then understood that the world that seemed "right" was the vanished world of the past. I never wanted to go back to that time, but it has always held a strange comfort for me.

    Did anyone else come into this life with definite ideas or expectations? Do you remember what they were, or how you reacted to the reality?
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    Hi Anna,

    I'm surprised no one responded to your post. I would think that some of the folks with strong PL memories from childhood would have something similar. In any case, this response will bring you back up to the top of the list again, so perhaps some folks will have a second look.

    Anyhow, these sound like strong level 3 (to use a convenient scale: http://www.reincarnationforum.com/threads/where-do-you-stand-on-my-homemade-chart.5780/) type PL memories. They occurred at an early age, and have lasted, which is a bit of a surprise in a way as many young children with PL memories lose them as they get older.

    I can't say that I had anything similar in terms of a link with the past. I did often have a sense looking in the mirror that what I saw wasn't what I was "supposed" to look like, or was a bit unexpected. But most would discount that as proof of much. Likewise, from fairly early on I had a sense that the years I was living in were not what I had expected or anticipated, but once again many would say that.


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    I resonate with feeling out of place as a small child. I was convinced that my mom had adopted me, and was asking people around where my "real" mom is! In fact, it took her several years to convince me that she indeed gave birth to me, before I believed her... and I only did when I was old enough to be able to read the birth records.

    Another thing was I thought I had been taken to a different country and could not believe I was born there. I said "what am I doing here, who took me..."

    I was also looking for my past life grandmother, a lady with blond hair, asking people on the street if they had seen her.

    I was convinced we had moved into high rises from a house in the countryside, the interior of which I remembered in detail. In fact I had lived in the city all my childhood this life. I also kept saying that I was born in the 1920's.

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