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Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Bailey25, Sep 3, 2020.

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    Mar 22, 2020
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    Hey guys. I’m currently feeling stuck lost in time due to my past life s experiences from the titanic are coming back to me in very vivid dreams. I feel like he’s just showing me what my last moments were like and what it was like while the ship was sinking knowing I wasn’t going to make it. This has been heavily on my mind lately and I can’t stop thinking about my dreams.

    anyone else have the same experience?
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    Well, I don't personally have any connection with the Titanic, though there are other members here who do recall a Titanic past life. This is a thread where other people have discussed the Titanic:

    What I may comment on the the bit about "feeling stuck lost in time". In my own case, there was a period in my life when my past-life was pushing strongly to the forefront, it almost overwhelmed me for a while, though the most vivid stages lasted for a few months, part of a longer recall over a number of years. For myself, I eventually found the only way through was to go deeper, to acknowledge what I was feeling, particularly the intense emotional impact, to let it flow freely, for a while. After that things subsided and I gradually found more of what people call 'normal everyday life' returned.

    Still, we are all different, there may be other ways to handle things. Most likely things will settle down after a while.
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    I don't have experience with Titanic, but I do in how you're feeling. It always seems to be around this time that I start having more dreams of my past life, little things during the day that reminds me of it. It's hard to pull yourself out sometimes. Sometimes distractions help, whether it be gardening, or refinishing a wood table :)
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    Wow, one of my dreams to be in my past life.
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    Oh dear. I was not on the titanic, but I did know several on board, if not all personally then socially for most. It still brings up such horrible feelings for me. I can only imagine how it must be for you. It might do you good to read up on the disaster, if it won’t be too upsetting. Understand what happened to you. I hope all goes well.

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