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Fire Safety From A Four Year Old


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I know. I'm posting on Christmas Day. Don't I have a life? I have a wonderful life, thank you! I'm posting because it's just the two of us and Will is taking a shower right now, so I have a few moments to post something I read a couple of days ago.

A parent was relating the peculiar habits of her 4 year old. They travel a lot to see extended family, and when they check in at motels the boy will have taken stock of all exit points from the room. He will want to be near the door or window. In hotels, he'll count doorways between the room and the exit. When asked about this, the boy responded that it was so he could get out in case of a fire.

While this is a great idea for keeping yourself and your family alive, nobody in the boy's immediately family knows where the notion came from. He doesn't obsess about it, it's just something he does. The family sees the value of it and indulge him, but they do wonder about it.

As for me, I'm sure you all had the same thought: a PL that involved death in a fire. I wish the article would have explored that path, but it didn't. Just thought I'd share.

Merry Christmas, all!


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Where did you see this? Online? Magazine? It sounds like one or more of the 9-11 threads in the Children's Memories section. It could be another 9-11 victim or some other fire.


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This was in a magazine I was thumbing through at the unelmployment office. I didn't catch the title, though.


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IMHO the obvious answer

I have my opinion on a Past Life (PL) on this 4 year old Boy, other than the probable answer, but I'll move on because some people don't believe in PL's.

But I would love to have conversations with this Boy about the Fire Services and see how extensive his knowledge is, once again, I don't think I would be surprised at all.

One day, people will wake up and realize the evidence for Reincarnation and Past Lives is right in front of them in the form of their young children who give clues every day as to who they were in a previous life.

Once the Western society gets past the roadblocks and hurdles of negative thinking on Reincarnation, then perhaps they can start believing, that their children might have lived other lives.

These people should realize that we are spiritual beings temporarily in a physical body, and that the physical body is just a carrier for the soul which is contained within, and that this physical body will return to dust, and our spiritual body will occupy another plane of being.


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Amazing that the information is right there in front of everyone!

Years ago I was attending a gathering with cousins and one of her husband's relatives had a three or four year old boy who had this uncanny and really quite amusing vacuum cleaner knowledge.

Somewhat mystified but proud none the less, the parents related his fascination and how he could tick off an incredibly detailed litany of vacuum cleaner minutia. This child could actually discuss the pros and cons of sweepers in stores with sales clerks. He even had a favorite model. I remember speaking with him at the time but regrettably was not familiar with past life insight at the time.

I recently asked my cousin about this child and if they remembered anything but unfortunately this must not have had a lasting impression.

Lost to the years passed on....how many instances I must have encountered with my own child and others along the way without knowing what was there?
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