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Ford Galaxie

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I would like to share something with everyone. I'm sure it isn't anything unusual, but it's my experience. The first regression I ever did I used YouTube to help me. It wasn't that difficult because I had tried self-hypnosis and meditation techniques before. However, I was very surprised by the result. I went back to 1973 living as a teenaged girl. Though the memories seemed very real and very detailed, I doubted it all and thought possibly I made it all up. In spite of my doubt I was still very curious. I came up with the name of my hometown in Oklahoma. It was not a town that I had previously heard of. When I looked it up I discovered the town really exists.

My doubts began to disappear a few days later. I went back to another memory from that life. In this memory I was going somewhere in the car with my dad. I kind of became focused on the details of the car. It was my dad's car and it was the only car that we had. I could see every detail about that car including the shade of blue. I knew that the car was a '66 but I wasn't remembering what kind it was. Finally "galaxy" popped into my head. The car was a '66 Galaxy.

Immediately afterwards I got on the internet to look up this car. At this point let me say that I am not a car guy. I don't know a lot about cars, certainly classic cars. I had to look it up because I did not know what a Galaxy looked like. I think I might have heard my (current) dad say my uncle had one back in the day. Anyway, I did a search and the Ford Galaxie (it's correctly spelled with an 'ie') came up. I saw a picture of a '65 Ford Galaxie that looked EXACTLY like that car that I saw in my memory. It was even the same shade of blue.

At this point the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was stunned. It was the same body style, same grill and head lights, everything. I know I said my dad's car was a '66, but Ford manufactured them with the same body style from '65-'67. I looked up other cars from that era and nothing else looked like what I saw. It was definately a Galaxie. So I correctly indentified the model (and the year) of a car I swear I previously knew absolutely nothing about. Its maybe not as cool as xenoglossy, but its still pretty amazing to me.

This was a turning point for me. This is where I started believing that just maybe these memories were real. Does anyone else have any similar experiences they'd like to share? Does anyone have memories from previous lives that they have varified? I would be interested in reading them. Thanks.

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