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Forum Guidelines


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The Past Life Forum is a private forum open to the public.

It is a rich and valuable resource for anyone interested in past lives and reincarnation. You can delve into discussions on any topic related to:
  • Reincarnation and past lives
  • Children's past lives
  • Same-family reincarnation
  • The scientific basis for reincarnation
  • Past life regression
  • Past life dreams
  • Personal reincarnation memories
The original intent of this board is to be an open and non-commercial place to discuss and share children's past lives and reincarnation. However, Steve and Carol have requested that moderators and members work to keep the board focused and on topic.

We DO NOT PERMIT threads, posts, or signature links containing the following:
  1. Homicide or suicide, including serial killers and mass murderers
  2. Cruelty
  3. Gratuitous sexuality or perversion
  4. Psychic impressions of other people's past lives
  5. Phishing or advertising for past life cases
  6. Channeling spirits
  7. Confrontational, hostile, malicious, inciting, and uncivil posts.
  8. Advertising or promotion of any kind for any products or services
  9. Preaching {i.e., Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, or spirit teachings presented as prophecy)
  10. Occult, unconventional, or conventional religious topics (unless the case somehow connects to a past life/reincarnation issue),
  11. Politics, current or past. *
  12. Human to animal reincarnation
  13. Alien and other world's past or future lives, or abductions
  14. Dreams that are clearly not past life related
  15. References to drugs and alcohol in relation to spiritual experiences
  16. Spirit possession
  17. Walk-ins or soul exchange
  18. Frivolous, flippant, or posts/threads with no serious intent or importance to the forum’s Mission Statement.
*Politics and any debate promoting positions, parties, and causes are off-limits. Likewise, disparaging comments on governments, politicians, world leaders, and other policies within a political structure are forbidden. This is a forum dedicated to reincarnation and not a platform for political debate.


Ancient civilizations: Discussions on ancient civilizations currently defined as mythical, i.e., Atlantis or Camelot, are permitted within reason, but are strictly moderated. Historical documentation of these places is insufficient; however, we recognize that certain cultures were lost to history. When discussing the possibility of a past life in one of these civilizations, please do not post experiences that contain the following:
  • Flying crafts/UFOs
  • Magic spells and potions
  • Other worlds and planets
  • Beings of supreme power/strength/intelligence etc.
  • Anything that could be considered science fiction fantasy
Website Links: Website links, including those in profiles, are subject to the forum posting guidelines. Links containing information that goes against forum policy will be removed at the discretion of the Forum Staff without notice or warning to the poster.

Posting limits: There is no limit to the number of posts per day. Remember this is a discussion forum, not a personal blog or journal. Lengthy posts and large or high numbers of photographs are discouraged at the administrators' discretion. There is a 20-page limit.

Dual memberships: Dual memberships are not permitted. When this occurs, the member will be contacted by an Administrator. Failure to respond will result in merged accounts, or the inactive account will be deleted entirely.

Full names: For privacy and security purposes, we do not allow members to post their full names or email address on the open forum.

Citations: Please credit the author when you use a quote.

Signature length: Limited to three lines single space.


The purpose of this forum is for research, discovery, and healing. It is 25 years old for good reason; it is strictly moderated. It is intended to appeal to all ages. Inference to any of the above is subject to moderation without explanation. Posts regarding such should be carefully written and edited with caution. Any questions regarding the forum posting guidelines may be directed to Forum Administrators in a PM (private message).

If a post is pulled by Forum Staff, it will be reviewed by an Administrator for action usually within 48 hours. Continual disregard for the rules will result in membership status being changed to probationary or banning. If you have not read the forum's Mission Statement, please take the time to do so.

Forum Staff has the right to remove any posts containing inappropriate content – without warning or explanation to the poster. This is NOT censorship. This is simply the application of forum guidelines by the forum administrators. It is a private forum open to the public. It's a privilege to participate, not a right. So please enjoy the space, focus on the positive in each of us, and follow the guidelines.
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If these guidelines sound overly strict, narrow, or harsh, please understand the 25 years of experience that goes into them. There are two types of situations where they are called for.

One is overtly obnoxious posters who are clearly just trying to cause trouble. Trolls. People with their own agendas and something to prove. The moderators need strong, explicit guidelines to be able to stop them without getting into lengthy arguments about "freedom of speech" and such.

The other is well-intentioned posters who veer too far from the central purpose of the Forum. For example, alien abductions. We aren't making a judgment as to whether aliens exist or abductions happen. We're just saying that this Forum is not the place to talk about them.

The purpose of the guidelines, and the moderators enforcing them, is to keep the topics here focused on the phenomenon of children's past lives, adult past life memories, and the question of how reincarnation affects our lives. That's already a lot to talk about.

And--very important--there's no other place on the Internet that we know of that offers such a wide-open place for anybody to discuss these issues at length and in depth. Children's past lives, especially. It's not just the topic of Carol's books, but an extremely important topic that doesn't get enough attention elsewhere.

Another way of thinking about the Guidelines: Imagine a mother who just overheard her two-year old talk about "when I died and I had another mother" discovers our Forum and comes here for the first time. We want her to feel welcome, safe, and encouraged to share. If she sees too much weirdness or off-topic chatter, she'll give up.