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Found a 300 years old ring

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I'm completely astonished by what happened to me. Last year I had a regression where I was a young lady walking inside a church with a white dress. Proably was a wedding or a engagment celebration in England sometime around 1700. The most relevant image of this regression was I looked my left hand and saw a ring with good detail: it was a beautiful silver ring with a four petals flower (like a lile), with a little diamond in each petal. I was so happy and proud of that ring, something special about it made me feel great.

The night before yesterday my husband came home from work and smiling gave me the same ring!!!! He told me that he found the ring on the floor at the bus stop. I just couldn't beleive it!!! I was, I still am, absolutely amazed ...is exaclty the same ring I had in my past life.

I beleive that the ring came to me again and something else is going to happen related to that PL. I'll keep working in regression trying to find out more about that PL and what/who are around me now that can be related to it. I sure will find something, kind of message maybe? the ring is bringing me in this presente life. Is it not fantastic?
It brings happiness

I don't know if is the the same ring...or is a similar one (I like to think that is the same old one). But still has a lot of meaning to me. It belongs to one of my beloved PL memories, the one where I felt so happy. Even after the regression i could feel the happiness running all around myself...so every time I see this ring in my finger I think in the same marvelous feeling from that time and is incredible how easy I can feel exactly in the same way.

I love the fact that my husband is linked with the ring and my PL memory. I didn't see him in my regression in that PL yet (I saw him in other PL) but I'm sure I'll find him.

Also I'm so open to find more lessons, besides the one of the happiness...
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