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French Revolution

Elle C.

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I lived during the time period of the revolution. I actually have a strong memory of the life: was born in a rural area around Arras (weirdly important in my life later) to a third estate family of 3 girls, one son who died in infancy. My parents were somewhat progressive for the time, girls were treated as important as sons. I was the middle child. Our neighbors were second estate, and we were all friends with their children: two oldest girls, two boys, one girl. Eventually I became a tailor for women, a job I do in this life, and trained in Orleans and eventually took over a shop in Paris.

I did not survive the great terror, but I was not killed by it.

Anyone else live in this time? Many things happening now are really bringing memories to the surface.


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Hi Elle,

I have nothing specific in terms of memories, but believe that I was around and affected by the revolution. We have a few "royals" on the board who can be located fairly easily using the search function, but unfortunately, too few ordinary folks. I much prefer the latter as the viewpoint they have of events is much more relevant and interesting to me. Plus, it is harder to find. The history books are full of accounts by or about famous people. I like to get the lost perspective of the other 99% or so.


PS--I also agree on the similarities.
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Not entirely sure I have a past life during that Era but do have an interest in the fashion of the Era which is kind of weird because I'm not really that much into fashion even though I'm a woman.