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My grandmother passed away a five years ago. She had dementia and died at age 84. She was angry with her husband who died before she did, (even though they had a good marriage) and she was always upset with her sister Ruth - who also passed away before she did, but only by a few years. Grandma was not religious, she did not go to church. She really didn't adhere to any belief system except to be kind to others and live a "good life."

The day she passed, my mother was with her, she whispered into her ear "Mom, come back as Ruth's daughter - so the two of you can heal."

A year after her death, my mom kept noticing her mothers presence and the fact that she seemed upset. Mom asked why. The first time grandma's reply was "I am waiting for someone." Of course my Mom and I both worried who would pass next. We wondered who grandma was waiting for. The next time mom asked "who" - grandma replied, "Do you know how long I will have to wait to be Ruth's daughter?" Mom then remembered what she had whispered into grandma's ear before she died.

So Mom told her mother she didn't have to wait; that she could come back when she was ready. Mom sensed her mothers surprise and in a blink of an eye she was gone. A few days later she experienced a vision of a little African American boy named Nathan. However, Nathan died from infant death syndrome at a month old. It's also interesting that Grandma came back and told mom what happened. "The body could not sustain life."

Is grandma again still waiting? We're not sure. But I do know that what grandma believed, what she held in her consciousness, she believed. Time was slow for her, she thought she had to wait for Ruth in her next life to grow up.

I think that what we learn in life can be understood better in the spiritual realms or higher dimensions; however, if it was not for the physical experience - how would the spiritual realms.... understand.

What a paradox heh?


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Wow! What a powerful narrative, Deborah...and a wonderful view into the inner workings of how our lives progress.

The conundrum you cite is also interesting...we have greater understanding over there, but we come here to increase that understanding. Another reason to cherish every opportunity to engage in an incarnate lifetime, and as I am led to believe, no matter the potential hardship or tragedy involved, each life offers something our souls seek.


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I'm amazed by your story, Deborah. Thank you for sharing. As Usetawuz wrote, it's so powerful!


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Very cool story, Deborah. Does she still wait we wonder. It's hard for some to let go.

And yes what a paradox about understanding.


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Thank you for sharing such a profound experience, Deborah. My grandmother also died five years ago (it will be six years January 11). It's so wonderful that your mom has had such interactions with your grandmother and that you all understand reincarnation is real.


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On and off i had been thinking about this story and I couldn't remember where I had heard it!

There is something so charming and innocent about it! thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


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Thank you for sharing Deborah. My grandma died of cancer in 1987. She could be back and be a full grown adult by now. I wonder who? :confused:


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Thank you. I am glad you all enjoyed it. Maybe someday I'll have an update. :D . (((Susie)).


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Another Grandmother!

Years ago, before I got a job with the FD, I worked as a RT on 11-7 at a small hospital and one night after finishing the O2 rounds, I was re-doing the O2 Log for neatness when I started to smell a Women’s perfume.

Nobody had been in the office that night because we would lock it when we would leave, so I was at a loss as to where it was coming from and soon it went away.

Later on in the night, I realized that my Grandmother had worn that perfume, it was called “White Shoulders” (I think) and she would only wear it to somewhere special.

Perhaps prior to being born into another lifetime, my Grandmother paid me a visit that night, long ago.


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I agree that often what we hold in our thoughts near the end of life, we create in the next.

My grandmother and I spoke on the phone as she was failing, and I have never forgotten what we talked about. She asked about my daughter and said how much she wanted to see her, just once. She expressed regret that she did not live closer, so she could have helped out with her. And she told me about how she eloped before my grandfather shipped out with the navy during WWII. They were married in San Diego, and she always wanted to go back and see Southern California again.

Well, fast forward a few years and my grandmother returned to us as my second daughter Emily. We live in Southern California, and Emily is a big help to us with her older sister, who has special needs.


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I really do believe - we are the creators and we bring our past-present experiences into the NOW. : angel Even with regard to our spiritual experiences, which they too are laced with what we "expect" - for lack of a better word.


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Hi Deborah...

I'm wondering if there is an update to your story? I really enjoyed reading it and always wondered if your grandmother was still waiting.

I know that most of my elderly relatives who have passed on are around me in spirit. Sometimes my husband's deceased grandmother will also make herself known. The only one who has never made his presence known is my mother's father. I don't feel him at all, which makes me wonder if he's been reincarnated somewhere or if he's reincarnated into our family once more.


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That is a wonderful story, Deborah. Thank you for bringing it back "up". The idea that we will experience what we believe makes sense. It would explain why Christians experience Christian oriented NDE's, and a few have "hellish" experiences. It does make me wonder if I'll end up a "ghost", because, rational or not, I kind of fear that. I hope I won't have to "haunt" my laundry room! typing Speaking of experiencing what we believe after death, does anyone know if people of other religions experience Buddha, Mohammed, Moses, etc.? Perhaps atheists are greeted by someone they feel is intelligent, enlightened, or rational? (not Madeline Murray O'Hare!)


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BriarRose said:
Perhaps atheists are greeted by someone they feel is intelligent, enlightened, or rational? (not Madeline Murray O'Hare!)
Why not? I'll bet she was shocked when she crossed over! There have been reports of ghosts of former atheists who say over and over "It's not true!"