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    The Past Life Forum’s section Religion and Reincarnation is a place where people of all faiths may come to explore their own very personal questions and struggles regarding reincarnation and how their beliefs, or the faith of their people, relates to it. PLF does not sanction any certain church, dogma or atheistic theory.

    The forum’s desire is to be a safe haven for those struggling with reincarnation and their own religious traditions and culture. As such, this is not the place for those wishing to profess or expound on their own beliefs or lack there of. This section will be heavily and firmly monitored for negative, conflict oriented material. At the sole discretion of an administrator, material will be pulled without explanation when deemed contrary to protocol and the better good of the PLF. Such areas, as interpreted by administration, will include:
    1. Preaching
    2. Bantering
    3. Over zealous debate

    Participants are reminded that their thoughts and words on this open forum are not verities, but their own personal truths. Please do not make statements as fact, but as your opinion. As such we ask for compassion and understanding in correspondence. The final arbitrator is administration.
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