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Happy Holidays


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*dance* *tree* H001 *dance*

Wishing you all a VERY Happy Holiday Season.


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Seasons Greetings...

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Sitting here waiting for snow...no chance, but I see a smiley here dancing in some of that beautiful white stuff.. *dance* It has been a good year here in our forum...looking forward to the next!

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Wishing every one a happy and joyous new year! May we find something in our selves worthy of Devotion and Admiration!

May you be Blessed, Protected from Illness- protected from lies and manipulation! May you have courage and strength to pursue your noblest of desires!

And may God remind Us of his Unyielding Love and Forgiveness so we might pick our selves UP when we need it most! Let us be United by Kindness!

Amen! <3 HAPPY AND MERRY 2022!!!