Help, my 3 y.o talks of other life?

Discussion in 'Children's Past Lives -Age 7 & under' started by Pia, Jul 29, 2018.

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    Im a mum from Norway, just searching the net for some answeres. (so sorry for my misspellings)

    I have a 3 year old girl who over the last 1,5 years have been talking a lot about Italy. Once we picked her up in the kindergarden and we had a take-away pizza in the car, she came in, smelled and said "oh, it smells like Italy ". And its been more episodes like this. Her father and I or not that into Italy, so its not like she`s picked it up at home.. She also said a sentece once we were driving, but we never heard it again.

    Anyway, the other day i was fastening her seatbelt, she looked up in the sky and said. " I miss my mom", and i said " But honey, im right here", and she said " Not you, the mom i had before i came to you". I was shocked, so i didnt know what to say back.. so i just asked her, where is she? She said she was dead, beacause she couhged, and that she was in heaven. And then she sort of cane out of it and the moment was over.

    The talking of Italy several times didnt make me think so much of the oppertunity of earlier life, altough we both have thought it is a bit weird.. But now that she talked of her mom, im starting to wonder. So how can i find out, or what do we do? Let her just forgett, ask her?
    Thank you for reading,

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    Hello Pia,

    welcome to the forum.

    You have come to the best place in the web for people with children who remember past lives. If you go to some threads in this section, you probably will read about children mentioning their "other Mom" often. I am not an expert, I do not have children in this life. But there are a few others here who have gone through the same.
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