Honour killings?

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    I was basically listening to different documentaries about honour killings to take away some dullness and most of them were in modern day. It’s usually people from refugee families in Europe and North America killing their family members(usually female) for dishonouring the family. It can be from acting too western, choosing their own lovers and many more. However, today, I would like to share a small glimpse of a potential life.

    For my own case, it was more of a forced suicide than your modern day kind of murder. It also took place in Japan(not sure of exact era but most likely somewhere during the Edo period, samurais fascinate me the most). I was about to go to bed when my wife was later. I did notice that she was coming late so I pretended to fall asleep to see what the deal was.

    I would end up hearing her and another man from outside and looked out to see that the woman was cheating on me. It’s usually tolerated in Japan compared to other countries, the last time I checked, but I think I was hurt because of who the man was. I seemed to look down on him so I got angry. If she did it with someone I respected then maybe it wouldn’t have been a blow but she went with someone I saw as ‘low’ so I forced them to commit seppuku shortly after discovering. It wasn’t so much of the cheating itself but I was more worried about honour and how my own woman went with someone I deemed inferior. I didn’t want to ruin my own reputation and honour, or at least that’s what it seemed like.

    Does anyone have experiences with honour killings?

    Edit: I looked into it further and what I wrote wasn’t completely accurate. We didn’t have a law against cheating or a code but it was just me being egoistical. There’s a chance I lied about the reason behind why I forced the two to commit suicide but either way, I wanted to look good. Also, if it helps, I have an interest in the Kira family in particular. An intuitive thing, just drawn to them.
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    Just wanted to give some information.

    Samurai ranged from being little more than a farmer to some quite powerful men. Depending on where you were and who you served under.

    But unless it was a marriage of love I doubt you would have felt the need to kill your self. In fact, samurai were allowed to kill their wives for dishonouring them.
    If you didn’t love her you could have just divorced and married someone else.
    It was said that a samurai wife was taught never to look at or even risk being in a room with another man, lest her husband suspect her and kill her. But obviously I don’t think many men would have gone that far.

    if this is true then perhaps the seppuku was something that happened later in life, or unconnected. Then again, Love can do strange things to people, and you weren’t always forced to commit seppuku. It seems a lot of people did it in private, so perhaps if you were love stricken you just decided to kill yourself that way.
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