Is this a past life?

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    I’m an Asian 16 year old girl and I’m almost certain that this was a past life—yet I’m not 100% sure so if y’all could help me it’d be great. I’m going to start from the beginning. I’ve had recurring dreams a long time ago, now doesn’t happen, but when I was 7 or 8. In the dream, I was always running away from some man trying to kill me. Looking back at it now , I realize was a white man in his 30s-40s, and in 1920s (1928) NYC. I was trying to escape someone , ran up a building and and ran and fell to my death. Before i hit the ground everything turns black and I wake up, in a panic. I would be too scared to go back to sleep. If it was a past life, then it makes sense because I’m deathly scared of heights in this life.

    Seems normal right? Yeah it was but i can’t help but feel that it was more than a dream so I tried past life regressions on youtube. I’ve tried many and it didn’t work as I was always unfocused and my mind ran off somewhere else. Today I tried Brian Weiss’ video and something strange happened. He told us to imagine a childhood memory, being in my moms womb and then opening the door to our past life. But when I saw from a third point of view of my mom giving birth, a name popped up in my head: Robert Wagner. I have no idea where I got that from but more on that later.

    Anyways, I finally did all of that, and opened the door. Of course i saw black and my eyelids, but I could imagine and sense myself, a tall man wearing black leather shoes and a gray suit and a fedora. It looked like it was in NYC, and there were a few people standing there. 2 or 3 women and 4 or 5 men. I assume that those men were my friends. They all had suits on and fedoras on, black, blue, gray.. The women were dressed in 20s-like dresses that reached below their knees, and one woman had makeup on, a red lipstick and a huge smile on her face. She had a black fur coat on and a hat, that looks very 20s, she had brown hair, the other woman was blonde and for some reason, i don’t remember her as much. We were just walking and talking and it pretty much looked like the 20s but there was a car that drove pass us that looked..40s? Yet the clothes all said 20s. I was very confused. Is this really a past life or is it something I made up?

    In the next scene when he told us to imagine the most important point in the past life, i saw myself, a man, surrounded by 6 or 7 other men, pointing rifles and pistols at me. They were obviously very pissed and threatened to kill me so I pulled my suitcase open with all the cash and gave it to them so they would leave me alone. Let me just say that before all of this, I already had a feeling that the man may have been afflicted with the mafia or some sort of gang, and had a gambling addiction and got large amounts of debt. I think this may be correct.

    After that, Weiss tells us to visualize our death and all I saw was that I was falling off the building. That’s when i started crying out and hyperventilating. I was so scared. Then he tells us to move outside the body and up. There i saw his body laying in his own blood and a couple women gathering round and freaking out. I saw my guardian spirit and for some reason, the name saint Michael popped up. He had blonde hair that was kind of long. (To his shoulder i think) and very baby blue eyes as well as a bit of a bears but not really. He was wearing a long white dress and he told me this: you need to learn and grow. And then he hugged me. After that, I opened my eyes and everything was normal. Im not sure if it was a past life or it was my imagination since i only saw black (eyelids) yet those images just came to me. What do y’all think? I honestly would have never believed it until i realized it felt very similar to the dreams i used to have.

    Also when i was finished i searched for robert wagner on ancestry, feeling that he was born in new york city and in 1896 or so (not entirely sure) and actually found 4 records. I had to pay to see it but i was surprised that it actually exists though im not sure if its the same guy. Idk it’s either robert or roger wagner i couldn’t remember clearly.

    Ok so I signed onto my ancestry account, and searched for Robert Wagner, who was born in the 1890s in new york and his death date. It was pretty surprising because I had guessed that he was in his 30s-40s when he died and he was born around 1896 in nyc. I was also pretty certain he died in 1928. Guess what? Robert Wagner, born in 1898 (close enough), in NYC, and died in 1898 in NYC. I was surprised—I did NOT expect to find that at all and was pretty skeptical but I feel like it’s kind of validated? However I have a problem in determining which Robert Wagner is the actual one, considering that there were two Robert Wagners who were born in the same city, same year yet one in the Bronx and one in Manhatten. For all i know it might be the same person but at the same time might be a different person and this was all a complete coincidence. Let me know what you guys think. :)
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    Hi Mary10,

    Welcome to the forum!
    Your story sounds like a probable past life story.

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