Issues with first past life regression attempt

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Eva H, Jul 24, 2020.

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    I've never been super practiced with meditation or regression, but my sibling tried Brian Weiss's past life regression session and had fantastic results. I attempted the same session and found myself faced with far more confusing results. I as a person have an extremely hard time seeing images in my mind, being an auditory thinker, so I was already at a disadvantage. Through the entire session I merely saw colors, and felt a pressure under my hands and up my arms. At one point in the session I began to cry, but it wasn't until I finished the session that this became an issue. I began to sob, full on hyperventilating, shaking, and found myself inconsolable for some time afterward. Despite this I received no insight into what may have caused this, my past life, or the spiritual being Weiss mentions at the end of the session. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what this could mean and how to improve my results with this, as now I am more curious than ever about my past life memories that I attempted to access. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you!
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    Hi Eva,

    Welcome to the Board! As you have just discovered, not everyone gets clear results. I received some fairly mediocre results in some initial auto-regressions, but experienced (on the whole) diminishing returns thereafter. As a matter of fact, it became something I no longer wished to continue after a while, partly because of some strong emotional impacts I was receiving. However, strong feelings with no apparent reason are one sign that something is--in fact--"hiding in there". Even if that is true, it may not be the time to dig it out. It may be something that should wait until later for one reason or another. I no longer push for memories myself, but I remain interested in this area of inquiry nonetheless.

    Still, this is a decision that you will have to make for yourself. If you wish to proceed, there are some hints, links and tips that others can provide. Good luck!


    PS--Over many years, I have found that most of the people that arrive at this board generally fall into certain groupings. First, there are the rememberers. These folks often have very extensive memories and tend to have them from an early age. They don't generally tend to be too traumatized in my experience, or at least they seem able to deal with their PL traumas. Second, there are the traumatized, most often by something in an immediate PL or something out of sync with who they feel like they are in their present life. These folks often have to struggle to overcome something, and remembering their PL is part of the way they do this. Third, there are a lot of folks in the middle or that don't fit into any clear grouping. You don't, of course, have to fit into any particular category, but I thought this brief introduction might help you to understand the people you might meet here a little better. ;)
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    Eva H, Welcome to the board. Sorry to hear you had a very upsetting experience on your first try in recall. However it's not uncommon. First you need to understand that in general most people don't have memories of their past lives for a very good reason. Nature is kind in covering up these memories from the conscious mind so that we are not disturbed by them. This allows the present personality and lower ego to work out its karma undisturbed during the current lifetime being lived out. In general we only start remembering them when the soul has reached a certain level of spiritual development to handle this kind of information. Because bringing up our past life memories to the surface is serious business and it should not be taken lightly. All of us have lived countless lifetimes. Many of them in not so wonderful situations as mankind's past has been a harsh one for the most part.

    So my only suggestion to you is take your time with this and don't be in a hurry. Also pay attention to your dreams and your emotional state when you do. A good practice is keep a dream journal by your bed. It will be your best friend in unraveling these memories to the surface while you sleep. As when you sleep you are out of the body having various experiences on the astral plane. In doing so when you have a gut feeling about something it is usually right and will bring that memory to the surface as our emotions never lie. As most of these memories are emended in the astral body which operates on the slightly higher dimension then the physical. My best guess with you is you had a very tragic end in the one of your recent lifetimes and your subconscious is trying to keep it from you as you had a very dramatic reaction to it from what you described. So it's best to approach this in a peaceful, calm manner with someone you really trust in helping you reveal your past. However you must feel safe, protected, calm and loved while doing this. It also helps to experience this from a third person perspective which is the natural state of soul. As our soul consciousness is above time, space and duality so it is not affected by the emotional and mental states of our being which reside and work thru the mind and lower ego.

    Let us know how your doing in all this. In the meantime enjoy life and living my dear for being physical is in many way a gift from god as we tend to forget that this world we live in is also one of gods many spiritual dimensions. A very important one at that because it is here were we grow and mature the most. Which is why we seem to always come back when we are ready again.

    Peace and love always.

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    Hi Eva,

    Welcome to the forum!
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    I did a PLR with a Brian Weiss regression on YouTube. During the regression, I saw myself in a decorated soldier's uniform, and my lower left leg began to hurt terribly. I somehow got the vague memory that I was a [Swedish?] soldier in the Thirty Years' War (17th cent.) and was wounded or lost my leg in battle. Just a general sense of this past life, nothing more specific than that
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