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Japanese life


Fictional character enjoyer
This is only one memory so I'm not too sure of the identity and specifics of this life, although I find this intriguing.

I was a prepubescent boy wandering around the courtyard. I lived in a big one-storey house where generations and extended family also lived. The courtyard was big filled with ponds. My younger cousins were playing with their toys.

I was about to play with them until my dad approached me and told me to follow him. He didn't want me to play but instead, to train. I wasn't mad about this and followed him because I understood that work came first and that my father wanted me to be accomplished as an adult so it's good to start early.

I was wearing a kataginu and hakama. Not 100% sure of the exact era but I believe I'm from a warrior family based on the attitude. It's almost like I'm the heir because the other kids had more freedom to do what they wanted. I'm not mad, though.