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Jim Tucker's Two Books Are Coming Out As One Next Month . . . .


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Hi, all. I'm always looking for new and interesting reincarnation books, about children or not, so please recommend any you come across. Dr. Jim Tucker's two books are coming out as one next month:


Since it's his first and second book combined, there's only a new forward, as far as I can tell; but a good read for those who never read them, or those who want to reread them and can't find old copies. I recently reread Carol's first book in Kindle form. I will always see that as one of the very best books on reincarnation, especially for those who are just starting off reading about past lives.

P.S. Hi Deb-TEP, hope you are doing well. :)
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Hi SundyATDuskReturns. :)

Doing well, hanging in there. Working way to hard (too many classes) and moved to the mountains. (Loving Life) Thanks for the book update! I agree - Carol's first book still stands as the best (top three) at the very least. So well documented, written and researched. It's not just for people who have children with memories. It's for everyone. :)

Your activity on this newer platform should reflect thousands of posts. A member from the beginning. So glad to see you again. ((((Sunday))))

Stay safe! Hope you're doing well too.


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The m:)untains sound nice! :(h, except for wildfires. I've had more free time in the last year than I have in ages, which is nice, but I need to get more disciplined about getting more things d:rolleyes:ne.

Yes, Carol's book is a great one, especially for beginner reincarnation seekers. I just recommended it to a friend who wants to explore past lives for the first time. Her book is highly readable, yet filled with loads of information, and she comes across like an average person, as opposed to a New Agey one.

Well, I wasn't a member exactly in the very beginning, but still when it was newer and smaller than after Carol's second book came out. I still look back at those old forum days as the absolute best time I ever had on the internet! Part of the reason being that you were here with all your insights and great stories, Deb-TEP. :)