Killed by Hiroshima Bomb in Past Life

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by OrangeBlossom, Feb 22, 2019.

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    I've recently come to the understanding that in my previous life I was a victim of the 1945 Hiroshima bombing. I have a few reasons why I believe this:
    • Always hated very loud noises, especially explosions
    • It has always been said that if you are afraid of something (falling, being poisoned, etc) then that means that's how you were killed in a past life. I have never felt any strong feelings towards any of these things, which could be true because the bomb went off very quickly and I had no time to react
    • In grade school, we read a book called Sadako and the Thousand-Paper Cranes, the story of a young girl who survived the bombing and made origami cranes as they are considered a good luck charm. In the book I remember a scene where the young girl's brother gave her the foil from his chocolate wrappings, and I seemed to remember eating candy with these wrappings on it. I enjoyed the book but it otherwise it had very little impact on me, possibly because I did not survive .
    • At around age 12 I remember reading the Wikipedia page for Yoko Ono, and I felt somewhat jealous when I read that Yoko came from a rich family, and after the bomb went off her family moved to another country for their protection, something like that. I felt jealous because she survived the bombing and was able to leave the country, to a place where there was no risk of being attacked. This indicates to me that I lived in a rural area or otherwise did not have much money.
    • Once my classmates and I learned about the bomb in school, I would feel very defensive when people implied that the bombing was a good thing and also completely necessary. I know that the mods have rules against discussing politics, although I'm sure they mean today's politics, but I still refuse to argue about it.
    • Two years ago I went to a WW2 museum. Surprisingly I was not too affected by their Hiroshima exhibit, but during the trip we also watched a movie about major events that was supposed to be "interactive", they had very realistic sounds and moving seats. I felt terrible when they stimulated the feeling and sound of the bomb going off, just extremely anxious
    • I don't feel a very strong connection to Japanese culture as a whole, but I do feel connected to more rural areas, older photos of women in traditional garments, older photos of Japan in general, and geishas. This makes me believe that I was a woman in my past life, specifically I think I was 16
    • This is the big one: once I started putting all of these pieces together, I decided that I would look up the pilots responsible for the bombing. When I saw a picture of the man who captained the ship, my first thought was, "that's the man who did this to me". I could feel my head getting fuzzy and I felt as if I was falling backwards, which is something people who have experienced past life regression have claimed happened to them. I snapped myself out of it because I don't feel ready to live through this again, and I still have this sensation (to a lesser degree) whenever I see pictures of him or anyone else that was on that plane. I also feel this way if I think too much about the bomb itself and the explosion
    With all of these factors combined, I think it is easy for me to say that I lived in or around Hiroshima in the 40's and died from the bombing. I don't know exact details, like who I was, who my family was, how close I was to the explosion, etc. but these things will come to me eventually. I have not had any dreams yet, all of this is a combination of feelings, deep memories, and heavy tears. Again I do not want to discuss politics, but personally it is very disheartening to hear that my life was cut short because of an atomic bomb, which at that point was the strongest weapon in the history of humanity. If it had never happened and I got to live my full life, I think I would've become a geisha or something similar (geishas are not prostitutes, this is a common misconception). I enjoy entertaining people and think geishas wear beautiful clothes and headpieces, I would've wanted to be like them.
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    Hi OrangeBlossom,

    Welcome to the forum.
    Past life searches often start with strong feelings. And piece by piece you’ll start to fill in the blanks.
    I am wondering if you have relatives in this life who were with you in that life. This is a common thing, although it doesn’t mean you’ll repeat the exact relationship again. (I mean: a former sister might be an uncle in this life).
    I don’t know where you live now, but not in Japan anylonger. Can you imagine why your soul left Japan? Why didn’t you reincarnate in Japan again? That might be an interesting question on a soul level because I would think that your former (traditional) life was preceded by a string of other Japanese lives.
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    I have long had an affinity for Japanese culture. Some friends of mine visited Japan and talked about their visit to Hiroshima when they returned. The following evening I had a vivid first person dream where I was in the blast, saw my body melting away, and left a shadow on a wall. The dream reset to some time before the blast and I was a school girl trying to convince an adult man to flee the region with me. I was watching the clock nervously knowing we had to get far enough away in time.
    Apparently I also had a life as a British commander in World War I. Initially that life had a very strong impact on me. As a child I was very drawn to British culture and I had this very strange and strong desire to look dignified (which is, unfortunately, completely impossible as a young female child).
    It seems plausible to me that by World War II I had been reborn as a young child in Japan to experience the nuclear explosion. In a life prior to the WWI life, I had been a religious pacifist. I feel like I was doing a tour of the various aspects of War on Earth.
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    Hello and welcome @cutopia Thank you for sharing! Always happy to hear the stories of others with past lives as Great War Brits

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