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Lack of Islamic Past Lives

Lack of Islamic Past Lives

  • Yes.

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  • No.

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  • Maybe. I feel I could have but don't have any memories.

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  • Not sure.

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I can't say with certainty, "my" past lives. Memories, dreams, feelings and impressions? I have Sufi influence and didn't know what "Sufi" was when I first heard the word in a dream.

I had a spiritual awakening in 2008 and the dreams were initiated by a Sufi prophet Al Khadir, the green man and/or the peacock angel.

I hadn't replied to this thread because it took a decade since the dreams to receive names and ideas.

Somehow these are all connected which also seems to hint at the memories I've had of, a fallen angel? I think these memories were shared. It's hard for me to call any past life "mine." Even stranger when you think your past lives are future lives.

I do believe the peacock angel is real, the same intelligence behind that is what lead me to the green man, sufism and even law of one. I have learned there are ancient Sufi schools that are somehow connected to Melek Taus.

I'm grateful for the experiences.
In this life I am 6'5 westerner from Texas. Nothing special except my personal affinity for the journey and intimate relationship with God.

Of which I think a Sufi mystic has helped me understand best.
A traumatic event creates a block; making it difficult to access memories prior to the event. Circumcision is designed for this purpose.
Hi 4drm:

I have to differ with your statement that: "Circumcision is designed for this purpose." It is an interesting idea, but I am not aware of any proof for this assertion.

However, this does not mean that your assertions regarding circumcision creating a traumatic block may not be true. Circumcision tends to be either mandated or extremely common in Abrahamic religions, which also tend to deny reincarnation. However, I have a hard time going farther than the mere observation that there "may" be a connection.

Still, if there is a connection, it could also be true that Jewish and Christian females would be more likely to experience PL memories than their male counterparts, as these two religions do not practice female circumcision. Likewise, Moslem females, who may not only be circumcised, but horribly mutilated, should be no more likely than Moslem males to remember PLs, and (in the latter case) perhaps even more traumatized and even less likely.

Nonetheless, though you raise some interesting questions, I don't think we can do more than speculate, especially without more evidence.


PS (added 2/2/24)--I should also add that circumcision is not generally considered obligatory among Christians (even for males), so Christian males should also not have PL memories blocked by this.
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https://4dforum.org/2023/12/20/the-fruit-of-a-tree/ // you'll see the birth chart of a persons next incarnation change when the death is a traumatic one. Understand traumatic is subjective - what is traumatic to one individual may not be to another depending on their strengths. Here are two examples the second individual was traumatized during the death https://4dforum.org/case-study-11/ . This is a discourse on how to read charts the simple or "normal" way. https://4dforum.org/simple-chart-reading/
I think S&S may have a point there that it may be the dominate religion, which focuses on a permanent afterlife, which is the cause for the apparent lack of reincarnation cases.

However, I would posit that it's also not just Arabic past lives that seem absent, but American, German, English and on.

Most memories of past lives are treated as childhood fantasies or gibberish in children. The people that tend to persist in their uncovering of these memories all tend to share the commonality of having traumatic past lives and deaths, with the few people that were open to reincarnation on their own accord thrown in.

Also, this is an English speaking forum. My personal finding is that people from cultures with strong ethnic ties tend to reincarnate into the same cultures and communities. So the chances of someone reincarnating into an English speaking life and seeking out an English speaking reincarnation forum may be rather low. As far as I know, I'm one of the few that seem to have done so.

That's also why most reincarnation research has been done in cultures that openly believe in reincarnation. In western cultures it tends to be given a sensationalized treatment similar to ghost stories and other supernatural topics.
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High chance. I have no memories, but I have some interest in the Mongol Empire(there’s Islam in the later years). Maybe not a Muslim from Arab countries as much but from the Turkic world, yes.

However, I feel like the majority of my lives were Christian, with that being said.