• Thank you to Carol and Steve Bowman, the forum owners, for our new upgrade!

Letter from Carol


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Carol has asked me to post this on her behalf -

Dear Forum Members,
A few months ago, Steve (my husband) and I upgraded the vBulletin forum software to a current version, to make using the Forum easier and more secure. As many of you know, things did not go as expected, and the upgrade has led to many more problems than we’ve ever had in the Forum’s 20-year history. I can’t even log on to my own Forum! After many phone conversations with the technicians at vBulletin, and repeated emails from Deborah and us, the Forum still isn’t working, and it’s been frustrating for all of us.

So we’ve decided to “freeze” the Forum so it will be “read only” until these problems can be fixed. There are hundreds of posts to read in the meantime. If you have a child who is experiencing a past life memory, and you need support, you may find it by reading through the existing posts or reading my books.

I’m really upset that what should have been a routine upgrade turned into such a major inconvenience for all of our loyal moderators and members who have contributed so much to the Forum and to our understanding of children’s past lives, and reincarnation in general. Steve and I are eternally grateful for everything all of you have done to create and grow this community.

The plan at the moment is to find a new software “home” for the Forum. Steve says he’s looking into it and he’s already found a few platforms (not vBulletin!) that are modern and much easier to use and manage.

Please check back with us periodically. If we move, the domain names will all point to the new location. ReincarnationForum.com is the main one.


Carol Bowman