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Life After Life - Interesting Israeli View


Arnold Vinette
Sunday March 4, 2012

Life After Life - Jewish Documentary


Today I stumbled another very interesting documentary being hosted by a Jewish Professor. Rabbi Mizrachi

It is very well done and covers all the main topics that are now being recognized around the world as scientific proof as life after life.

The body consists of two principal parts. A spiritual component and a physical body component.

With regards to Past Lives of Children and this site he has a very good discussion beginning at 59 minutes 20 seconds.

Definitely worth a look.

His style is very matter of fact and based on current evidence to date from around the world.

The narrator also has an interesting insite into several passages in the Koran = Bible and many passages that relate to NDE events (NDE = Near Death Experiences) being recorded over 2,000 years ago.

There is a funny joke in that he states that the current acceptance of NDE experiences started only 25 years ago and prior to that people would have thought you were crazy. So for these events to have been recognized over 2,000 years ago is revealing.

Anyway I'm just getting to the Past Lives of Children now at 59 minutes 20 seconds and it seems pretty interesting.


Arnold Vinette
Ottawa, Canada


Arnold Vinette
Another Past Children's Life at 1 hour 30 minutes

This documentary also has an interesting video account of a young son who claims to be his dad's father reborn.

The researcher has investigated 2,700 other cases from all over the world.

These types of family reincarnation events are well known because of this site and so it is interesting to see a video documentary of one.

This takes place at 1 hour 30 minutes into the documentary.

Life After Life - Jewish Professor lecture

Well done and very interesting.

Arnold Vinette

Ottawa, Canada


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Thank you for sharing Arnold, those sound very interesting! I will see if I have time to watch those later. :thumbsup: