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Masters of the Air - The Mighty Eighth WWII


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Was not sure where to put this, so if any Mod. has a better place for this post, feel free to move it.

HBO is working on a new mini-series (I think). Its first title, Masters of the Air, is from the source book of the same name, "Masters of the Air" by Donald L. Miller, about the Bomber groups that fought the air war against Nazi Germany. Now, I have been reading this book. I did manage to get though 1943 without a major emotional meltdown. (Yeah!)

HBO is turning this book into film. It now has a budget and may be filming. See this link : HBO Mighty Eighth Update

There is some footage available to view. Its labeled as teaser footage, but I think it might be, sell the project footage.

The Mighty Eighth - Exclusive Teaser Footage

Looks pretty good. I watched it and it felt like I was in my past and back on a bomber. For those of us with past lives from this era might want to check it out. It may be coming out in 2017.


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HI Cryscat,

Heard anything else about this film? My friend would love to see it, as would I. For different reasons but it sounds like a good one.


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I haven't heard anything for a while now. Only rumors of filming in England being finished and filming the the US starting. It has a tentative realease date of sometime in 2017.


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Ok. So this is going to be a series and its being done by the same team of Spielberg and Hanks, that brought us "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific."
"Masters of the Air" is going to be done in "Band of Brothers" style.

Found this quote:
Filming began on this series back in 2013, but for a variety of reasons the episodes never made it to HBO. But now, with additional filming, reediting, and more cash (a budget of over $500 million) producers are hoping to have “The Mighty Eighth” on the air by early 2017. Spielberg, Hanks and HBO are hoping the series will have the same success as their highly acclaimed “Band of Brothers.

Trying to keep in mind that the production schedules for the previous 2 were much longer than your typical season of television. Longer pre-production, longer shoots and more extensive post production. It takes a ton of time to make these.