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MBTI thread


This is kind of continuing on the last MBTI thread and how four of us were INFJ's, which I find incredible as the INFJ is said to be the most rare type! For curiosity purposes, I would like to ask everyone to take this test - mainly to see if the forum attracts certain types and how this correlates with past lives, seeing demons, experiencing unusual things such as ghosts, Empath-types and that sort of thing. So.... if everyone who reads this could take the test and then explain a bit about their personality and beliefs, that would be fascinating! Thanks :)

I changed it to a working link if that's ok. Same test, different website ;)
Introvert(56%) Sensing(12%) Feeling(38%) Judging(6%)

You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (56%)

You have slight preference of Sensing over Intuition (12%)

You have moderate preference of Feeling over Thinking (38%)

You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (6%)
I'm ISFJ, which I believe is different from what it was last time I took the test about 5 years ago! I would give my introversion rating higher than 56%, although it's weird, I can be very shy around some people, and then others I feel as if I've known them all my life from the moment we meet. I'm also quite empathic and good at judging other people's feelings. People who know me are always telling me they've never met anybody so chilled out and laid back as me, which I agree with somewhat, except I can really lose my temper with myself sometimes when I can't do something within my capability, but with other people .... very very rarely! :)
I'm an INFP. I took this test a long time ago in a college psych class and I think I got the same thing.
A tendency is already occurring, even though the sample is tiny. We are all introverts so far. I read the description of the INFJ. It was like Jung had been following me around with a note pad. That site said only 1% of the populace are this type - introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging. I would like to lose the "judging". The extreme need for privacy and perfection are there in me, the psychic experiences, the need to organize the outer world. Also, the caring about people. One question I've had - do we retain the same personality type from life to life? Is it hard-wired into the soul? What does everyone think?
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I'm not surprised we are all introverts here. The internet has been a big boon for introverts. We are able to express our innermost thoughts without exposing ourselves to possible ridicule, etc. Did your elementary school teachers write on your report card that you were very quiet, shy, etc.? That's us. There is talk now that being an introvert is considered a problem that needs "fixing". They want the schools to work on "fixing" shy kids. Will this be like forcing left-handers to be right-handed? It's probably because the schools now take orders from politicians and politicians are all extroverts.

As for having the same personality in each lifetime, I don't think so. I dabble in astrology and numerology and I think each lifetime needs to have a different personality as a way to learn and experience different things.
Guess I'm one of the crowd... INFJ! 78, 50, 44, 11

Argonne, whoever has come up with that idea, obviously has never been or never had kids. They can't change shy kids, they shouldn't change shy kids!! We grow up and into our confidence in our own good time. Hassle us, and we delve deeper inside ourselves. Why should we all be bolshie and arrogant? Tut... ;)

Briar Rose, if the dreams and visions of my memories are anything to go by, I think my personality appears to be persistent. I am shy as a youngster, growing into my confidence over time; passionately tenacious about the things I believe in; and possessing a strength of character that can sometimes surprise even myself, never mind the people around me. And, for some reason, despite it all, appear to be believed capable of doing more than the shyness of my personality belies, thereby forcing upon me reasons for growth and confidence, and a wealth of experience that one would not expect of most shy or retiring people...
Wow, Lynette. Another INFJ! I think the personality, or aspects of it, might be consistent between lifetimes. I think there is logic in what Argonne says - that we need other experiences. I'm just not sure that we can change into something "other". I rather wish we could, because I am more than a little tired of being an INFJ! On the outside, I appear to be very extroverted. It's just a mask that I wear. I think it's protective, because as Argonne says, society thinks we're strange. I used to be embarrassed by my introversion. But now, I just lock my door, and don't bother with people who bore me. I've found more intellect, open-mindedness, and erudition on the forum than I have in other places! I totally object to attempts to turn children into something they are not. It doesn't work, and prevents the development of their souls.
Yes, this is intriguing - INFJ's and other types close to them are pretty prevalent here! I wonder if we share the same qualities. For example, people view me as the total opposite to Chris! My temper is something most people have found themselves experiencing most of the time, not to mention eccentricities that either cause me to make enemies or friends - but never anything in between! I do feel an urge to protect and help people. And I also see visions (not the mystical kind) where I can see what I believe would be beneficial to others and then throw everything I have into working towards it.

To be honest, this is the first place (online or off) where I've really felt I could be my 'true' self (not my loud-mouthed, arrogant egotistical self) and actually manage to get along with people. It's great. :D
On www.typelogic.com, my daughter found a list of famous people of all types. Under INFJ, she found Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Shirley MaClaine. We are in good company. :laugh:
Hi Skye...

This is very interesting, here are my results:


Introvert(22%) iNtuitive(38%) iNtuitive Feeling(75%) Judging(44%)

I was asked last year to participate in a study with Dr.Heather S. Friedman Rivera R.N., J.D., Ph.D. at PLR Institute-Advancing Past Life Research. The first phase of her study was to take this test...So someone else is on to the idea that people who can remember their past lives may all have similar results. My own results didn't surprise me... :rolleyes:
I think all 1 percent of this type must be using the forum. Since we're about self-understanding, we must like to take tests! By the way, thanks to whoever converted that web address to a link! I am smiling, you just can't see me!
argonne1918 said:
There is talk now that being an introvert is considered a problem that needs "fixing". They want the schools to work on "fixing" shy kids. Will this be like forcing left-handers to be right-handed? It's probably because the schools now take orders from politicians and politicians are all extroverts.
Yes, there does seem to be a focus by many on needing to "fix" introverted/shy people as if this a condition that needs to be fixed. I feel this is probably because some people focus too much on the very basic and superficial information they take in when judging such shy (and extroverted) people, rather than delving deeper .... which is really what the sensing/intuitive function is all about in the Myers Briggs test. I guess this is the majority way of the world now - fast paced, where decisions/judgements need to be made quickly, where everything is obtained quickly with no thought to the consequences will get you everywhere; but then just as quickly these ideas, items and people are discarded when the very next thing comes along without much deep, considered thought as to the effects.


I'm an INFJ - 100, 38, 38, 22%
Of course you are, dear firebird - you could be nothing else! :) There must be a psychic ability tie-in with this type.
This is incredibly fascinating!

Aelfgyvna - perhaps you could mention this interesting phenomenon to your doctor friend. She may be very interested to learn this!

My only thought is ... it's a shame we're in the minority! Lol! :laugh:
No matter how many times I take the test, I always come up as:


Introvert(78%) iNtuitive(81%) Feeling(75%) Judging(56%)

You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (78%)

You have strong preference of Intuition over Sensing (81%)

You have distinctive preference of Feeling over Thinking (75%)

You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (56%)
I am an INTP. This is a rare type, particularly among females, which may partially explain why I have a very hard time relating to other women - I guess the fact that I'm 100% Introverted plays into that as well.

It is fascinating to me that most of us here are introverts and I don't think it can be explained away by our love of the internet. I've been on other discussion boards where we have discussed MBTI and there have always been plenty of extroverts. I think it has to do with the fact that we are more introspective and thus tend to be drawn to topics such as reincarnation and other spiritual matters. It seems extroverts are much more interested in the here and now.
I had lunch Sunday with the woman who will become my daughter's mother-in law. We like each other very much. She, too, is an INFJ, and has been aware of her past lives for many years. I'm thinking that there is a link between remembering PLs and being introverted, and particularly with INFJ's.
I loved that article, argonne. It was true, true, true, through and through. Evidently, introverts can make silly rhymes. ;) I wish more people understood introversion. I always have to explain why I never call people, and I don't think they believe me!
Now personally today I did this test three times and it was all the same with myself being a INFP. Interesting! In my life personally this is onething that I have made it a point to being is accepting and non judgemental and to run away from judging rather to others or myself. Now to me I see Life as soooo exquisitely wonderful with always having soooo much to offer! In above, I see that there was only one other person here who is a INFP.