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Monks In Short Robes and Long Pants


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This was a dream that had a connection, but I'm not sure what it's all about:

I am a monk or a priest of some sort. My name is either "Beade" or "Beedle". I am with a superior and we are working together to save a man who is bent on self-destruction. We go out of our way to find this guy every day and gently nudge him along a better path. The superior lets me do most of the talking. After several days of meeting this guy and not giving up on him, he winds up joining our order, which was more than either of us expected!

The part that stands out the most to me is the monks' clothing. There is no specific hair style that I recall, but I recall the robes were brown but only came to just below the knee. We wore long pants of a heavy, somewhat coarse, material.

This dream has stuck with me, but I'm having difficulty sorting it from a symbolic dream or a PL dream. Any idea on the clothing, since that's what struck me the most?


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Hi Shiftkitty,

A Beadle is "a parish officer having various subordinate duties, as keeping order during services, waiting on the rector, etc." The word has German roots, but is Old English from what I can determine. I would suspect a Northern European (British Isles) location prior to much of the standardization that took place as Rome took greater control over customs, so this would seem to make sense. Also, "trousers" were much more the norm in terms of dress for these latitudes/cultures. You also might want to check into Celtic Christianity, especially if you recall anything unusual about the tonsure used. The tonsure of early Celtic monks was distinctive:





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Thanks, I didn't know that about the long pants. I always assumed they of much later origin, like 19th century. As for the tonsure, I just can't dial in anything unusual about the hair other than it was short and black.

Though religious life doesn't appeal to me in this life, I had a feeling of being exactly where I needed to be in that life.


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Hi Shift Kitty,

So this is definitely Europe you're talking about?

Have you worked out which order it was? They all had their unique costumes and colours. For instance, the Fransicans tended to favour brown, the Jesuits, black and so on.