Murder from past life

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by karin, May 12, 2020.

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    May 12, 2020
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    So I am cuurently a student in universiy and there is one guy who really capture my eyes from some reasons he is very handsome and seems a bit fimiliar and he always stares at me too.
    So that guy wanted to approach me and at the next night I had terrfiyng dream about him I dream that the year is 1914 I saw pictures of old cars and buildings and I was a young blond dancer(errotic dancer) in a bar my name was Marrie I looked completely different from myself.
    So I dream that the owner of the bar loved my job a lot and was kind of obbssed with me he also sort of castrates me and told me to to be more attached to men and show more affection touch them in sort places and ethc for the money...
    Afterwards he fell in love with me and didn't want to let me leave him.
    the picture changed and I saw another men who tried to save me from him and marry me and I felt that something terrible happend to him and I knew that the bar owner killed him, I felt so bad about that almost tragic and I was with a wedding dress.
    The picture changed and I saw the guy from my university transforms into the bar owner I dream that it was late in night and I tried to escape from him and he comes to me hold my hand with another guy with knife and yell at me "Where do you think you are going?" and I knew at this point that they are going to rape and kill me, and afterward I heard my mother voice tells me "so what do you think about him" and I looked so angry and so desperate. So I feels that this was a past life memory do you think that this guy really can hurt me or damage me? he don't seems this way at all..
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    Follow your intuition. Learn more about this man. Usually people are the same from lifetime to lifetime. He may have followed you into this lifetime. Be careful of this man. Some of my past terrible relationships, the men did NOT change. Only difference was in this lifetime I was older when I met them and I was able to safely leave.
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    I married my twin souls murderer from WWII in this lifetime. My lesson? FORGIVENESS.

    What do you think you are trying to learn with this man? Forgiveness? Or something else? Forgiveness is very important for the soul.

    Eva x
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