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My daughter spoke about her death


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Hello. i have found this forum while researching children who have past lives for a research paper i am doing in child psychology. I have always had an interest in it because i believe my daughter Angelina has spoke of one. She is 7 now and does not speak of it anymore. And if i were to ask her about the things she used to say she would look at me like im crazy.

I believe she was 4 years old the first time she ever said anything. She had become interested in my moms father, my grandfather who had died in 94 or 95, not sure, but either way she was not born until 2001 and had never met him, and we were not really close with him, so he wasnt someone we would have talked about. but she started to ask my mom questions about him every once in awhile. But it wasnt until one night i was tucking her into bed and she said, "I miss DD's dad." (DD is what she calls my mother) So i said, "well Angelina, you never met DD's dad, he died before you were ever born." She looked at me and said, "Yeah huh, he helped me when i died."

I was like what??? SHe then went on to explain that Grandpop helped her out of the car accident, and told her that her name was not going to be Sarah anymore, he then took her up to heaven where she met jesus. i asked her what happened after that and she said, (like i has asked a stupid question) I was in your belly! That was pretty much the extent of the details she gave me about that scenario. ANd honestly right then i really didnt think much of it.

The next thing is she has always been extremely close to my mother, her first word was dd what she calls her. SHe would always make comments like, "When i was bigger, or when i used to drive." But she would also talk about when her DD used to play when they were little. "Remember DD when we were little girls and we used to do this...." THings like that. That was pretty constant when she was 4 years old. The last thing, and it may not mean a thing, but i took a picture of her in the bathtub when she was 3 or 4. WHen the film developed, i had this strong feeling that i had seen that picture before. Then it hit me. My mother had a tin can with a bunch of black and white photos of herself as a child. I found the picture and held them up next to each other. The pictures aside from the fact that one is in black and white and mine is in color, are identical.

My mom is also 4 in the picture. THey are making practically the same exact face, their hair the same way looking directly in the camera, surrounded by bubbles. Today my mother has them both framed next to each other and everyone thinks we must have planned it, but we truely did not. Ok one last thing i know this is long but this is it i promise! WHen Angelina was about 5 i was painting her room, she asked if she could help and i told her no. She said, well i know how to, Grandpa Joe told me how to do it. I was like yeah ok ange. But she was persistent. Granpa joe showed her and "gran" how to paint back when they lived on the farm. SHe spoke about Grandpa Joe for several weeks, then it all compeltely stopped. I was told by a psychic, that Angelina has a very old soul and has lived many lives, but im not too sure about the psychics credibility.

ANd the final thing, she had 2 imaginary friends, Nick and Britney. Probably ages 4 and 5. SHe would blame things on them, play with them, but most of all, she would sometimes, BE them. SHe would come to me and sometimes she would be Nick, and act like a boy and talk about Britney and Angelina. (Mom ANgelina and Britney say that i cant play with them) ANd the same with Britney. One day she told me they told her they were leaving the next day. ANd after that i never heard a word about them again. ANgelina is very normal and smart. Her only issue i would say now, is she is a pretty....angry child. More emotional then angry, but is learning to use her words and try to verbalize to me why she is feeling this anger. Ok! Any insight?:confused:


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Hi GinaD and welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your daughter's story with us. I hope you will enjoy your time here. Good luck with your research there are many great threads here that you might find helpful.



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Welcome GinaD,

More emotional then angry, but is learning to use her words and try to verbalize to me why she is feeling this anger. Ok! Any insight?
Have you tried having her draw her feelings and tell you what the drawing means? Sometimes children respond well to expressing through pictures. Considering she was "taught to paint" then...her drawings might be very revealing.

Also - make sure you keep a jounral. Sometimes things surface over the years, and being able to go back to the exact things she has said, responded to or done, might be helpful in putting the pieces together in the future.


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yes i have been reading posts on this thread for about a week now and also reading Carol Bowmans excerpts. I have used some of the cases that i thought were really interesting and have cited Carols work and given credit to this website. I never thought that a forum like this would exist and im glad i found it! looking forward to more feedback and insight!


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Welcome to the forum! I'm so glad this website has been so helpful for you. It sounds, through what she said, that your daughter may have been a member of your family before. Was there anyone in your family named Sarah? She could be remembering more than one life also, if there was no Sarah in the family tree. I agree with the suggestion to do some drawing. It may even help with her current anger/expression challenges. Keep us updated!


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Welcome to the forum, GinaD. :)

I agree with Alaskanlaughter is sounds like she used to be a part of your family. Did your mother have a sister or cousin that was maybe called Sarah and who died before your daughter was born?

There are some discussions about children's "imaginery" friends on this forum, and many believe they are children's "spirit guides" or souls otherwise close to them. It's possible children see them as they once knew them in a past life, so Nick and Britney could be people from one of her past lives.

You're familiar with child psychology, so you probably know something about temperaments and their effect on children (people). I suggest you study them, as it might very well help you understand your daughter better. It has helped me with my daughter and her challenging temperament. :)



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Welcome to the forum! Certainly your interest in psychology and your own child have brought you here. What an amazing story. I agree with Alaskanlaughter and Karoliina that it sounds as if she has been with your family before. It is definitely worth exploring. Art therapy like Deborah suggested is helpful as well.

It is great that she is becoming more verbal with her emotions as well. Many children have had invisible friends, it can be different from child to child though.

Here are two thread which discuss imaginary friends I thought you might like to read.

Imaginary friends

Invisible friends

Please keep us updated and if there is anything else we can do, let us know.

Again, welcome to the forum. :)


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well im reading carols book now! im still in the beginning when she is discussing her own past life but im loving it! All my research has opened my eyes to a whole other world of possibilites. I was always petrified at the thought of death. Now i feel like i have something to believe in! Im hoping somehow i can find out some more about my daughters past life!


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Something somewhat similar happened to me just yesterday while I was watching tv with my little cousin.

We were sitting on the couch watching some show on Disney where these two little kids found a secret room where there was a monster and a guy told them not to go in there because (he said this part slowly) it was a matter of life and death. And my little cousin said, "that happened to me"

I wasn't expecting that so I just looked at him and said "what was that?" but he just kept watching tv like nothing had happened so I let it go.

My cousin is only about 8 years old I think, but extremely smart and sensitive for somebody his age.


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Hi, Gina.

I am so glad you are enjoying the book and feeling so positive. I hope your research and paper are going well. Please keep us updated. :)

Shay, quite interesting! Sometimes children do those things that make us wonder- where have you been before?

Thanks for sharing!