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(my question is) are our names ?

the lost spirit

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are our names in this life time.
the same or near same in our past life ?

as I have i think stumbled across my name in Aztec life time. q6gif


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What is the name that you stumbled across? How did you discover it?

As far as names being similar to past life names, most accounts do not give any significance to what names we acquire from life to life. The only accounts or cases, that come close to similar names, are instances of recent incarnations within the same family; and sometimes a first name is chosen because of an announcing dream.


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the lost spirit said:
are our names in this life time.
the same or near same in our past life ?

as I have i think stumbled across my name in Aztec life time. q6gif

Names are actually VERY important - I've seen clues contained in a name many times when it comes to PL identification; and sometimes they can be the same or similar. But a name alone isn't evidence to confirm or prove a past life match. You'll need other evidence to prove a case of reincarnation.


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the lost spirit said:
are our names in this life time.
the same or near same in our past life ?

as I have i think stumbled across my name in Aztec life time. q6gif
That's interesting that your name from this lifetime might be similar to this lifetime. I agree with Nightrain that names generally unique to each lifetime.


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Hi Lostspirit :)

I also find it very interesting that you've come across your own name in a past life. I generally think that names are unique to each life (as we don't really decide them ourselves), but I have found that I hold certain names particularly dear only to find out later that they were important in a past life.


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I've found there's often a lot of synchronicity involving past lives, and names are no exception. I pretty much agree with Walter Semkiw on this:

I have noticed that many times there will be a similarity in the way that a person chooses to identify themselves by name, from one lifetime to another. More specifically, the cadence and inflections of one's chosen name are often similar from one lifetime to another. Of course, our parents give us our name at birth, but as we mature, we choose what version of our given name we wish to be known by. Some choose to use a middle name rather than the first name, others prefer a nickname or to use initials.
Of course, most people don't have the same name in past lives as they do in the present (as in the case of James Huston/James Leininger) but I do think it's possible a spirit can *try* to influence their parents to choose a name that suits them, or if not, later on they will choose a nickname or derivation of their name that suits them best.


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My own name is not the important one. It is Florence and I very much dislike it and always have. My mother had 5 girls....She was named Florence and her best friend was also named Florence. They were Florence and Flossie....grin... My mother decided after having all those girls she deserved to name one after Floss and herself...

The important name that I believe may be connected to a past life is my son's name....Steven.

I wrote that name on my schoolbooks at age 12 and told people that was not a boyfriend....it was the name of my son. I'm sure they thought I was one sandwich short of a picnic.....but I didn't care,,,,I was very serious.

I discussed it with my husband before we married.

When Steven came along he was the sweetest and dearest child.. He was always laughing and smiling.

It was difficult to put him in a corner because he was so loving and sweet.

At the age of 18 he became VERY ill with a a terrible case of schizophrenia. He was in and out of hospitals and adult homes until he was 31. I visited him almost every week and took him home often for 4 or 5 days. Sometimes he was scary but I trusted he loved his Mama and I would be OK. I was,,,,,

At 31 years the state was just going to put him out on his own in an apartment with another person who was also ill. I said "No way" and took him home with me.

I had to quit my job for a while.....sell my house etc. but we finally got straightened out.

Steve is now 50 years old, as of June 21st...He cleans, banks, cooks, and is quite social. I had a party with the people from work and they wanted to know where the son was who had the problem. I told them he was the one waiting on them all evening. They thought that was my other son....

I have no doubt in my mind that Steven and I shared a past lfe or two and I think I must have owed him a debt. He and I have always gotten along so well that I worried I was giving that child too much attention.....

Steve is the closest thing to a saint that I know of. He has never said a bad word about anyone, whether he was sick or well. Many friends and family deserted him while he was ill and he has never said a word and has treated them with much love when he sees them now....I often wonder if he came back just to teach ME something.

Every once in a while he will say "Jan , says to tell you she loves you" Jan, my eldest daughter, died in 2005.....


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Florence said:
I often wonder if he came back just to teach ME something. Every once in a while he will say "Jan , says to tell you she loves you" Jan, my eldest daughter, died in 2005.....
Hi Florence! That was a wonderful validation for you. It is so very hard to understand how that kind of illness works within the context of reincarnation.

I was, somehow, reminded of something regarding names, which has been right under my nose -- literally! That's because my son, Ethan Allen lives downstairs. Anyone aware of early American history would be at least slightly aware of that name, because Ethan Allen was one of the more wiley heroes of the American War for Independence. There is a story about him that may or may not have happened, but accurately describes his personality. Once, while walking in the woods with a friend near his home, a bobcat leapt onto his shoulders and attempted to bite him in the back of the neck. Without skipping a beat in his conversation, he reached up, grabbed a front and rear leg of the beast, and threw it down to the ground with such force that it killed the bobcat outright. His primary fame, however, was that he, with a force of his "Green Mountain Boys", took Fort Ticonderoga without a shot, and only because of his threatening manner. Months later the artillery taken from that fort was moved to the heights overlooking Boston and forced the British to evacuate themselves from the city.

We didn't intend to name our son after Ethan Allen; but, when we first saw him, the name "Ethan" just jumped into both of our minds at the same time. Now, it had been agreed upon between the two of us before our first son, that we would give our future children my wife's maiden surname, which happened to be Allen. We didn't realize that our second son bore the name of Ethan Allen, the patriot, until a nurse mentioned it. From the very beginning Ethan was a blustery and tough little redhead, just as people described the Revolutionary War hero. Not only that, we ended up living on Ethan Allen Highway for ten years without having planned to do so. There are other uncanny things about Ethan that make us very curious. Although he loves his name, although he hides it from people by calling himself E-dawg.

So, as Jody and Firebird indicated, there may, in fact, be a synchronistic component at work here. But, the only way to find further validation would be to have him visit a professional past life regressionist. The only thing that seems uncharacteristic about his connection is that he doesn't share the same intense interest in that period of history as the rest of our family.


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Hi John,

The way that Steve's illness worked....was that I KNEW he was coming...he was like an old friend as a child. Becoming ill he involved my whole life taking care of him to one degree or another.

When he came to live with me 20 years ago, he was institutionalized.......He didn't speak, he stayed in his room, he talked to himself and many invisable other poeple. He only listened to the radio.....music was his saving grace.

Little by little I have brought him back into the living. He is quite normal acting now and if you met him you probably would not realize for a time that there was something different about him. He is somewhat childlike in some ways. I call him my "Manchild" H retained all of his kindness and sweetness but lost some of his humor,,,,sadly.

We are presntly buying a house together. I had to get him a credit card and put his name on a few bills. The house we are looking at is within walking distance to a store, which is great because he does not drive, If something happens to me....he will be able to get along just fine.

I believe I am paying him back for a huge debt I owed and I thank him for all of the misery he went through in the mental wards. It was difficult for him and it gave ME the opportunity to stand by him and not run away as so many others had (Father, grand parents, several siblings an friends)

Remember, we all have free will and I am pleased to have been able to pay a karmic debt to such a wonderful soul. He has his life back again....

I believe it was all meant to be.....


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Thank you so much for sharing that. I can see how we can choose our children's names based on past life connections. This sounds like exactly what happened with you and your son.


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Florence, your love of your son is a beautiful and inspiring act of faith! .I am glad to read about it here on this wonderful forum.

Regarding names...in doing research for a class project I learned of one of my ancestors...her name was Magdelana la Favre...I had a moment of recognition when I saw it. Later, when a friend introduced me to the pendulum thing I asked if I had been her and it said yes. If I ever have a daughter I want to give he the name Magdelena...It is my connection to the past...at least that is how I feel:)


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Jody said:
Here's a video clip of a skeptical woman remembering being an attendant of Anne Boleyn during a past life regression. This person shares her (both first and last) maiden name! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuMgjjNUyL0&feature=related
This was an interesting case and a well-done video. I noticed that Susan Blackmore stuck her skeptical nose in there, too, as always. She could have an OBE fall on her head, and still deny it. I did discover another fairly good 5-part production involving reincarnated Cathars here.

Marc Ross

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Same names passed-on / new incarantions.

Parents may name their babies after dear friends/relatives who have passed-away.

Have there been possible PL cases involving same names; which may have involved a deceased friend/family reincarnated?



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I wonder if perhaps your son did not have schizophrenia but perhaps autism or something similar but could talk to the dead like my children and I do? If we had "come out of the closet" on this during the 1960s or 1970s we would have been considered schizophrenic. In fact, my ex husband wanted to medicate our daughters so it stopped happening.

Just a thought that came to my mind. Your son is very lucky to have you. As for the "invisible people", they may be invisible to you but not to him. And, if you ask them questions through him, you just might be surprised by the answers you get back.

If that is the case, you can take comfort in knowing those "voices" are watching over him and are his loved ones that are in Heaven.

Of course, please do not take this the wrong way. I do not know all of story, or the depth of his illness. I just know of my experiences with my daughters.

Please give Steven a hug for me, and pat yourself on the back. You have endured much but thankfully you are together now.


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My oldest's name is a more modern one so there really isn't any connection there. Izora and Becky are very far apart so no connection there.


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I have not found a connection between my current name and any of my past life names...At least not yet.


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I always wondered as a kid why i liked to carry my father's last name, very spanishy sounding and with nothing of interest (at least in this country), in opposition to my mother's last name, all european, foreign and cool. Well, turns up my dad's starts with the same letters as my past life last name did, i guess there's a sense of familiarity in it. Besides that, my names aren't similar at all.


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No name similarity here, but there are names I am drawn to:












I have no confirmation if these are PL names or not, but they are names that attract me.


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Well, I have several names I have always been drawn to, right since I was a nipper, and I have actually ended up dreaming most of them and finding the people involved in census records etc.

When I was about 9 maybe, I decided to nickname myself Rose, and if my dreams are to be believed, that was my name in the 1940s. I have also always been drawn to the name Joe/Johanna, and this was the name of my friend in the same dream, who died. Also, it was the name of my husband's mother in a lifetime before this dream; as was Catherine (the wife's name/my name), which I have always said I would call my daughter.

Then, I have also always liked the name Christina, and found this to be the name of the daughter in a house I felt drawn to investigate. She died in the 70s.

Then, since I was 5, I used to nickname myself Running Water too, which I knew was the translation for some bizzare sounding name in my head (shateyapayanke). I then stumbled across this person quite accidently whilst researching Catherine and Johanna, and I knew it was the right person, as she was living with her grandaughter Matochata, another name that had been whizzing through my head!

So yeah! I guess all the important names since at least the 1890s have followed me down and stuck in my memory lol


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I didn't relate this to past lives before, but ever since I could talk I told my parents that: "My name is not H (given name), it's L (another name)". I was even angry and forced them to call me L which all of my family and closest friends have called me ever since. L could be one kind of nickname for my given name, but far from the most common ones, and it is also a name on its own, though not very common.

What made me think was that when I met a close person from my past life for the second time in this life, we had hardly talked but he knew my given name, the first thing he said was: "Is your name S (a name I thought he said just out of the blue), or is it H?"

Funny thing is that the name L that I chose for myself as a child, which he didn't know about, is the most common nickname for the name S in that country.

Coincidence? I don't know...:confused:

(Sorry if it's confusing with the letters instead of names, but I try to stay anonymous here :)


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A name I loathe beyond words; Missy.

I utterly despise this name. I have a current life reason for it. No, my name is not Melissa. It's Lora. When I was little, for some stupid reason, my mom insisted on calling me "Missy", especially when I was in trouble, but as often as not, just because she wanted to. Even when I asked her not to, she would insist on it. To me it conjured up an image of a fussy, spoiled, little brat who could have been Shirley Temple's evil twin. (Apologies to anyone here who actually goes by 'Missy'.) Egads, I even hate typing the name!

Mom has passed on, I am an adult, married, and had been more than happy to put that name behind me*. For some STUPID reason, though, people still insist on calling me that name. I have explained to them, as politely and professionally as I can (for these are my customers) that I wish to not be called that name. They know my real name, but what do they ask? "What should I call you?"

Oh, I don't know, how about MY REAL NAME???

I know why I hate the name. What I don't know is why people insist on calling me by it.

*After Mom's funeral I was asked "I'll bet you miss it now, don't you?" I had to answer "No, no I don't. I do not and will never miss that name!" I warned my husband later, if we ever have a girl, I will not give her any name that can boil down to that name!


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Jasmine - a name i've been drawn to all my life

Between the ages of 16 to 18, i went through a period of time where i felt compelled to write (fictional stories - mostly period romances). It was an interesting time for me, because i really felt that i wasn't necessarily the one doing the writing...the words seem to just flow out of my pen (or typewriter, when i used that medium).

Invariably, my female character was always named Jasmine, and she had long, black hair and beautiful brown and almond shaped eyes.

Mind you, I am 43 years old now, and the Disney movie "Aladdin" would not come out for several years. I also had never read "Arabian Nights" or any other fiction that referred to the East Indian culture. Nor had I ever been exposed to East Indian people or food.

It wasn't until my early 30's that I first tried Indian food and heard my first East Indian-type music. I was very drawn to both - the food is still my favorite kind of food and the music, chants and rhythms deeply relax me very quickly (no small feat!) and lull me into a meditative state.

Only recently (about 4 years ago) have I delved into finding out what the tenets of Hinduism and Buddhism were all about., but it turns out that the beliefs I have held since a very early age (actually, as long as i can recall) about purpose of life, reincarnation, God/Creator, and our roles here on earth all align very closely to much of Hinduism.

All of that said, i have had no real memories or dreams that i can connect to an incarnation named Jasmine, except all that i have described above.


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I born in Alsace in a past life and my name was Jean, later, in my next life I born in southern Germany, not too far from Alsace and my name was Johann.

In my present life I born in Latin America and my name is German in origin.

Curious isn´t it?:rolleyes:


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Mine tend to be rather long. I won't post them on here, but tend to have the usual first name then middle name, middle name and then last name. Not all my lives are like that. this life isn't but most of my others that I have found are that way.


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Some very interesting stories! First of all, I don't remember anything of a previous life or anything like it, though when I was younger I always had strong feelings of "I have been here before" I also often had dejavu moments - I don't know if this necessarily means anything?

Anyway, I was given two names at birth. My dad gave me the name 'Elmer', which originates from the old English name 'aethelmaer' meaning noble and famous. This name seemed particularly popular in the early 1900s in the US. My dad came by the name from some American comedian. My second/middle name (given by my mum) is 'Racime'. It's also the name of my uncle, it seems to have its origins in Arabic, which kind of makes sense because my mum sides of the family is Jewish.

My uncle once tracked our family tree (mothers side) as far back as the 1800s I think. It was a polish family, the dad of the family was a doctor and he had sent his child to the Netherlands to avoid war/illness (not sure). The family has been in the Netherlands ever since (I moved to the UK several years back). Interestingly, before my uncle found all this out, when I was younger (12 to 18) I was fascinated by eastern Europe and their language. I even had Russian lessons at 15 and my teacher was always surprised how good I was which seems like an interesting link. Sorry for going a bit off topic ^^


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My son I miscarried was once named Ocean. When he introduced himself to us in spirit, that is the name he used. He is about to return to us and his name will be a name I was drawn to in a tv series about past lives named Kai. Kai in Hawaiian is Ocean :)

Marc Ross

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First & middle names....


Many cases suggestive of reincarnation involve family connections, close-friends, neighbors, colleagues "six-degrees of separation so to speak." Parents sometimes name their children i.e., first or middle-names after family/close-friends.

Hence, it seems that strong cases of reincarnation would involve parents who named their children after a friend, or family member who had died; children who are reincarnated from these same family members/friends.



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My meaning of my name in a past life as a Native American male had a reference to the morning sun. This was explained to me by a Native American Medicine Man/Healer.

Around 2001, I made friends with a woman who grew up in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota but now lives in Texas. She blessed me with a Lakota name whose meaning also relates to the morning sun. Since I never brought up the subject of past lives with her, I believe that it was fate that the spirits chose this name for me.


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When i was little, somehow

a voice in my mind said "You're name is similar to yours now''

I just 'knew' something about that name, to be similar.

My name is Elisa now

but forgot what i was named before, it was being told when i was little.

When you're a child, you tend to be more aware of your past lives.