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My session with Carol, and memories


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hi all - I am very fortunate to live about an hour away from where Carol lives and practices, and last Thursday had a regression session with her. It was an amazing experience and Carol was wonderful to work with.

Though my strongest feelings are to what I believe is my last incarnation prior to the current one, the regression led me to an earlier life. I believe this is because I feel the previous life may have been a happy one, and in working with Carol, I was drawn to a life which was stressful to me and created emotions that I brought with me into the current life - feelings of shame and not belonging that I had from very early childhood.

The life I was brought back to was that of a man in 17th century Netherlands; I recalled my village and how pleasant it was there. However I felt anxiety which was due to the village's trade dying out due to competition from another village not far away who were taking our business away.

Eventually, the craftspeople (I never knew what it was we made) were driven out of business, I lost my home and my workshop and the money I'd saved and my wife and children and I left our village with our clothes and a few bundles and walked to a much larger town. I remembered feeling the sense of failure, as a father and husband I'd let my wife and children down, and fear that we would not be able to keep the children but that they'd have to go to work as menial farm laborers and my wife and I might have to as well. When we settled in the new town I found work and we had a home again, however we no longer owned our own home, I no longer had my own business, I had to work for someone else, and my wife had to take in laundry to make ends meet. I felt shame from this, and sadness, and for the remainder of my life I missed the old village, and our life there. I never really accepted or adjusted to the new town and it's ways. What was interesting was that several times I mentioned the church - and in this life I am very much NOT a churchy person and have avoided it whenever possible since I was a very young child.
Though I remember feeling shame and a sense of not belonging, I also remembered being happy that in this larger town my children were able to attend school which they had not in our village.

With Carol's guidance I followed the life through to it's end, and in our post-regression analysis of that life, I realized that the man I was then really did not need to feel shame as the loss of the business was "beyond my control" (to quote Valmont...) and that I did manage to keep the family intact, we did not lose the children to indentured servitude as farm laborers, we had a home, the children attended school, and it wasn't as bad an outcome is it might have been.

During the regression, at one point I actually began crying (not common for me) due to the strength of the emotions about my perceived failure, and the loss of our life in the village we loved, and I remember a feeling of lightness and release when I passed out of that life.
Though I hope to work with Carol again, and maybe get to the bottom of some of my other "issues", I really would like to explore that last lifetime, which I feel was English, even if it was a happy life and didn't leave any residual negativity to bring into this life! ;)

Next time I think I'd like to work on my fear of basements, which would seem to indicate a dungeon death. :eek:


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Thanks for sharing that Equestrienne. :) I'm glad you had such a successful regression and I'm glad you chose Carol to help you with it. I wonder, do you know if any of your past-life family is with you now? Or was with you in more recent PLs?


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Thanks for sharing Equestrienne, I'm glad you got some great results with Carol, and I hope you feel the benefit of those results in your present life. Has it had any noticeable affect on your sense of shame and not belonging? Do you feel anything has changed within yourself? Or is it too early to tell yet?

Chris :)


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AlaskanLaughter and Chris - thanks for your comments - in the regression I didn't feel a strong connection to another person so if any of them are with me now, I cannot tell. As far as changing how I feel, yes, the sense of shame has lightened. The feeling of not belonging was something I felt more when I was young than now as I've made a home for myself. But as a young child it felt like wrong family, wrong home, wrong town, etc. and I think that may have been a carryover from that lifetime.

Funny coincidence - in the session with Carol, afterwards I commented that I went to 17th century Netherlands and my favorite artist is Jan Vermeer - maybe there's a remembrance of his art or similar art from that life?


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Interesting. I hope to be able to gather such detail when I undergo this process.

Had you ever done this before?


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I had done a regression once before; it was a group regression where the facilitator talked you through a visualization then directed you in a technique to go back in time. I saw myself as a young, pretty brunette living in 18th century France, married to an older man (I think I was mid-20's, he was 45-50). He was a prosperous farmer and my father had married me to him thinking I'd have a good life but I wasn't happy. The man adored me but had a temper and I was always afraid of angering him. Also - I was bored. We had no children at the time I saw this life and he liked me to dress in pretty clothes and would not let me help with any of the farm work.

So, if this memory was to be accepted, I went from being a man in the Netherlands in 17th century to a woman in France in the 18th century, and my gut instinct and other clues have led me to believe I was a man in England in the 19th century, now here I am female again in the 20th/21st century. I would like to know if I had earlier, non-European lives but I guess that's for future regressions!


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From what I was reading about your relationship with your parents Equestrienne7, and from my own life and relationships, it seems that we need to work on forgiving and even though at first it seems very hard to fogive and let go of those who have done wrong to us, it is for our best and sets us free from all the negative emotions and chains that imprison us and even though that we may not see these chains with our eyes, they effect our life until we do our part [forgiving].

It has taken me a long time to get where I am now, and I am still working on forgiving so that I can be free.

It seems that when we do not forgive we face the same issues that we had in our previous lives, carry over the baggages to current lives and face the same kind of issues over and over until we learn.

This said we do not actually need to tell them face to face that we forgive them but we can say it in our quiet, write it, fell it until all the negativity is gone.

If I can forgive so can you by Denise Linn, has a great story about forgiving and how everything is resolved after forgiveness. Would love to hear about your regressions and whatever else comes up about links to your childhood and family.

Thank you for sharing.