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New footage of the Hindenburg Disaster


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Recently unearthed footage of the Hindenburg Zeppelin disaster shows how the fire ignited at the back of the airship. All the other footage of the disaster was shot from the front of the ship, where the newsreel cameramen were positioned. This footage was shot by amateur filmmaker Howard Schenck and it was digitized and restored for the PBS Documentary "Hindenburg: The New Evidence". Shot on a Kodak Wind Up 8mm.

Part of the PBS Documentary.
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Did you notice the three men in long coats? They hardly move at all while there is a huge fire in front of them. Weird to see.


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Yeah, you would think they would move back more, if only for self perservation.

I think the most important part of this footage is seeing where the fire started. In the back of the ship. In the newsreels, its hard to tell.