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New to this. Need opinion please


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Today while thrifting, my child was talking away just like a normal day. A lady was near us and she said he sure acts like he has been here before. I told her that we did come last week and he loved it. She said, “no ma’am. He has been on this earth before now. He is smart and know waaaay too much for his age.”

He had a seizure October 2022. Ever since then, he has always said when he gets in trouble and gets mad, “I want my old mommy back.” I have played the “game“ with him after he said this. Saying what is you other mommy’s name. Every time he says “mommy Jena.” My name is Jena.


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I would disregard the comment by the other customer, everyone reincarnates, intelligence is unrelated to reincarnation.

As for the "other mommy", that could be something. Perhaps his other mother was also named Jena, why not? Maybe ask him how his other mother looked like, what they used to do together, etc.