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Discussion in 'Reincarnation Questions' started by Cornelia, Nov 28, 2010.

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    I just lost my great grandmother at age 99 this past August. Her and my great grandpa were like parents to me. Since her passing, I've seen numerous orbs in pictures I take around the house, one was on the couch cushion next to my son at the funeral home, could this be her? My son was born 5 weeks early on my grandpa's birthday, I often wonder if it could be him? This sparks another question...

    I believe in reincarnating within the family, but there's one thing I don't understand... I thought our family members wait for us on the other side. How can this be possible if they are reincarnated before we pass?

    Please let me know if these are two totally different things :confused:
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    Hello Cornelia and welcome to the forum.

    I am sorry about the loss of your great grandmother. However, nobody can really say what orbs are and whether an orb is the soul of your loved one is just not knowable. We can only speculate and make guesses based on what we believe or perhaps want to believe.

    I think that your belief of loved ones returning within the same family is a valid one, but only up to a point. There seem to be instances of souls being born into new and different families as well into the same family. I suspect the truth is quite different from what we suppose or believe. If you think about the instances where there is no family left to return to, then you realize that your belief is probably not consistent with what the reality may be. Souls may not even want to return to the same family but instead go on to experience new cultures and different opportunities for experience.

    The belief about our loved ones waiting for us on the other side is also one that is probably quite different from what we suppose to be true. Some people believe that there is actually no time, as we understand time, so that everything is happening now and that the soul of anyone can be anywhere at anytime. Not so crazy of an idea really. We need to understand that our human perspective is probably a very narrow one.
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    I believe I read in "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts that a portion of your spirit remains up in Heaven ( or where-ever ) and the balance reincarnates with your Soul in a new physical body. That portion would be the spirit that unites with friends and family members who pass on a number of years later.

    Your Soul is also able to leave your body for a short period of time and unite with your spirit and other Souls. Anyway....that is MY understanding.

    I guess we will all know when we get there..
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    Hello Cornelia and welcome to the forum. I too am sorry to hear about the loss of your great grandmother. They are certainly special people with a lot of wisdom and life experience.

    The orb thing is something I've heard a lot about but know little of. It seems to me we had a thread on orbs once, I'll see if I can find it.

    I too am a firm believer in same family reincarnations. I know that my great grandfather and I are the same soul. Your son could certainly be your g-grandfather, it would not be unusual at all. But, even so, he is your son now and has a new life to live. It will be interesting for you to watch him grow and see if there are any common traits. Careful not to place the label on him til you know more.

    I see what you are saying about being greeted by family upon death.... but you know, this is an area we can never be certain of...nor place our own mortal limitations on. No doubt those that meet us will be familiar but I tend to think it is on a much grander scale than those few generations we know in this conscious life. I think those that greet us are the soul groups and or people we have known for many life times.

    I'm glad you joined us. Did any of these replies help you? Have you read any books on reincarnation?

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    I had a NDE in 1988. I was talking to one of the eyewitnesses who saw me 'die' and come back to life. He wanted me to tell him what I saw on the other side. I told him there was no way to put it into words that the human mind could grasp and comprehend. He wanted me to try and give him the 'soft' version.

    I told him about 'meeting' a classmate I hadn't seen or heard from in years - and had forgotten how much 'love' we had shared in Junior High. My friend thought I should contact the family of the classmate and let them know he had made it to heaven after he passed away so young. I told him,

    "What are you talking about. He is still alive in this world. He isn't due to leave here until later on."

    This confused my young friend and I told him it would. Eternal means - no time - or freedom from time. There is no such thing as time as we know it here. You can travel backwards or forwards and be at the 'gate' when you need to be.

    It is one of the 'mysteries' that is hard for the human mind to grasp - but - there is no time on the other side as we know it.

    I told my friend,

    "We are just shadows here. The source of the shadow is the light. The source never leaves the light. The shadow is an illusion that exists in time. In truth - we as souls never leave the light. That is how it is possible to meet up with a soul of a person who hasn't even passed away yet in the time zone. There - his soul never left. His light will stop casting a shadow in the future but he is not the shadow in eternity - as much as his soul is a fraction of the eternal light."

    That is how it is possible to meet up with loved ones - even though they may have started casting a shadow into this world again in another 'incarnation.'

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    Hi Cornelia

    Welcome to the forum.

    That's a good answer from dking. A lot of people imagine the 'soul' to be a glowing light about the size of a tennis ball (like the orbs that people sometimes catch on film) or a light version of the body, like an astral body as it is often depicted in the movies.

    They assume it behaves much like other things that we are used to on Earth - can only be in one place at a time, that it 'goes' somewhere on death and reappears on rebirth, but I don't believe it's like that. I believe that the soul is a much larger thing than the body (although to use the word 'larger' of course doesn't make sense either, except as an idea) and that it does not exist in time and space the same way that we do.

    So I think it is quite possible to be greeted by your relatives on death, even though they may also have been reincarnated and be roaming about on Earth at the same 'time'.
  7. Deborah

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    Hi Cornelia,

    You might enjoy reading Sarah Bell Doughtery's article. Below is an excerpt.

  8. Truthseeker

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    I don't remember off the top of my head where exactly I read it, but when you incarnate, it is not your whole soul that comes into human form. There is always part of you that exists on the spirit level. That would explain how you could be greeted on the other side by someone who is incarnate. I've also read that, if it is a deceased relative you are seeing, even though that physical body no longer exists, they will present themselves to you looking like they did when they were alive in that life with you as a way of meeting your comfort level to ease your transition into the spirit world.
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    Cornelia: My late condolences on the passing into spirit of your Great-Grandmother from this lifetime.

    Your memories of her must have been very priceless as you and her appeared to be very close.

    Memories can be both good and bad, in your case they were very good, these memories can comfort you and buoy you up and give you strength in the difficult times after her passing.

    The German's have a phrase "Auf Wiedersehen" which some people think means "Good Bye", but it actually means "when we see again" or "until we see again".

    Without lapsing into preaching, this appears to be the case with passing from this lifetime, while in a physical body, encumbered by it's limitations, we are like a room full of people shrouded in a fog, really never seeing each other clearly, or like two ships passing in the foggy night.

    But when we pass through that door to the spiritual side, the fog is lifted as well as the limitations of the physical body, and we meet our loved ones again, and as we are entities composed of energy, and energy has been proven not to be destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another, then without raising false hope, we shall see our loved ones again!

    Sorry for the longish post, but I wanted to offer some comfort to you in these difficult times, and lastly, prayers are like thoughts that can be heard on the other side, your good thoughts/prayers can comfort you and her alike.

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