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NonOrdinary States of Consciousness and the Accessing of Feelings

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by John E. Mack, M.D.
....A friend shared this resource from another forum. It had me thinking a lot about my ego. I watched a special on the akashic records, it was suggested that all the information we need is there- but whether or not we've the ability to perceive. I've had some interesting moments I thought were visions of past life... Somethings I've shared here before. I've also been able to dream of a co-workers special landscape she dreams of to hash things out with her lovers. By attaching to these visions I've had both positive and negative results. Actually they are all positive, some just lead to temporary suffering- a lesson for sure.

What allows us to perceive? How are other people able to trigger memories? How are specific places able to amplify unique experiences for every person in the designated area? I think I've let my ego suggest that- because of the visions I'm having, this person must have been a wife in a past life... When in reality that is my desire for an intimate relationship in this life. That doesn't mean what I'm seeing is any less true, it just means it might not have been MY past life after-all. I think this state is also considered, "NonOrdinary Sates of Consciousness." Well, this is a fascinating read for anyone interested... Summary below:

Through nonordinary states of consciousness we can be brought into connection with the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth; with powerful feelings from early childhood; and with the transpersonal realms in which each individual can discover the capacity to identify with beings and forces in nature outside of personal biographical experience — a physical and emotional reification of Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious.

When we are able to access, or reaccess, emotions that have been warded off in the body cells or in autonomic regulatory systems, then the human organism’s previously blocked natural healing powers can become available. It is in this working through or integrative process that the greatest therapeutic value of nonordinary states may reside.

Finally, nonordinary states of consciousness have value beyond their therapeutic applications for personal growth and the expansion of consciousness. As Brown discusses in Chapter 17, the turning of attention from outer stimuli to the inner processes of thought and feeling, as occurs among experienced meditators, permits the questioning of the structure of perception itself and makes available information from a realm of being in which the distinctions between inside and outside or between psyche and nature lose their power and in which a deeply fulfilling extension of the range of human consciousness can occur.
Anything here you find interesting? :)


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Anything here you find interesting? :)
That was quite a long - and serious article, I didn't read it all.

One thing I did recognise was this:
John E. Mack said:
In view of the intensity with which the ego strives to ward off the distress associated with traumatic memories, it is not surprising that use of a powerful therapeutic tool like hypnosis, which can overcome defensive barriers, would have led to the recovery of traumatic memories.
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That certainly matches my own experience. I didn't know what I was doing, just discovered a method or process by myself. After years of struggling to suppress and minimise inner pain and distress, I realised it was not going to go away. So one day I decided to try the exact opposite of suppressing the pain. I settled down by myself, and just felt the pain, allowed it to come to the surface. I've talked about it before. It resulting in tears, I cried for the first time in many years. This turned out to be beneficial.

I carried on that process for days, weeks, eventually for years. The key though is the description, "NonOrdinary States of Consciousness". I was able to enter or leave this state at will. I never did it in public, though might perhaps if in a corner of something like a bus or train, where I would be unobserved. When it was time to engage with everyday life such as buying a ticket or chatting to someone, I'd be back in everyday consciousness immediately.

Yes, it allowed access to feelings, which actually was my navigation tool, in order to enter this state of consciousness I went towards the pain, into it, that's how I knew which way to go. It also had two results. One was healing. Two was triggering recall of a past life, though not in a direct way, but by the ability to discern what my past had been. For example I'd research a topic and suddenly certain things felt right, felt like me, while the rest just left me uninterested, no response. That was something new though it all fitted into a much longer pattern, going back to childhood when I had no idea of the concept of past lives, so things went unrecognised at the time.

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With a desire to experience life as One, I think of reincarnation as a stepping stone towards understanding. With the belief I am not just this body, but that this body will die- it is not just that I have lived before but that I Live. A favorite quote,

“Ever afterward, though the dance of creation change around me in the hall of eternity, I shall be the same.”
Anandamayi Ma

Recognition of existing outside the immediate personality is affirming my desired experience, All is One. Consciousness IS. The more I've truly tried to live with this intention, the more I've felt whole and content in a given moment- and the more miracles would occur. Events that manipulate reality to acknowledge an inner life. Life is a miracle, is a mystery... And the idea of reincarnation, for me, is just a concept barley scraping the surface. A question I have is not in proving whether I am or am not so and so from a past life, but why am I experiencing this connection to begin with? Past life recall is not limited to unresolved trauma, and this ability is not reserved for a single person nor confined to linear process.

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More thoughts on this idea,
That All is One. That ONE, IS consciousness.

So... While it might be accurate to call something our past life. Could it also be we are tapping into someone else's reality- maybe, even someone or something in the present?