Past life connection through meditation.

Discussion in 'Past Life Memories' started by Jenna Victoria, Jan 31, 2018.

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    Hello everyone,
    This is my first ever post to this group but I feel so relieved to have found it as I've recently experienced something so amazing that I just have to share it with people who will understand.

    I meditate quite often, mostly for my own sense of calm and occasionally I will bring through spirit messages for people around me.

    During an evenings meditation I found myself in the late 1700s and I was in France. I was in the most beautiful room - big windows, paintings on the ceiling, a big fire place, bookshelves aligning the walls and I looked down at myself and I was wearing the most beautiful dress. Then in walks a male in his 20s-30s and was wearing beautiful gold and cream clothes and a white wig and I know he was very important, possibly royal. He became overcome with emotion and asked me why I had left him and why I had taken so long to come back to him. He told me how much he loved me and begged me to stay though I knew I had to come back to this reality though I felt sad to leave him.

    For over a week now I have tried to get back to this place and struggled though last night I found myself in the familiar surroundings of the room again. I was in the most beautiful palace and I know I was definitely in France. This time I was greeted by what I assume to be was a maid. She told me that I was married to the Prince and that I died during childbirth. She also said that the baby in my life now is the baby I was parted from at that time. This is why I am naturally drawn to children, because I know how it feels to be parted from them and how precious time is with them. I am a foster carer and have a baby at the moment who I've had since he left the hospital and it's fair to say we know each other. He's completely settled with me and when I look in his eyes I feel the connection deeply. I know in the next few months I will have to let him go again but I feel he was sent to me for a reason. I'm hoping to learn more over the next few weeks about my past life.

    Have any of you experienced similar before? It seems crazy writing this down but I feel so connected with this place. I can't wait to go back.
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    Welcome to the forum Jenna, I hope that you find understanding in your quest. I'm glad that you found the forum and hope that you maintain a relationship.
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    Hi Jenna,

    Welcome! I like your story and what your visions in meditation revealed to you, but somehow your post reminded me of an old dream. The dream of somehow passing into a different and more wonderful reality. Simultaneously, what came to mind was a short story by H. G. Wells I read long ago: The Door in the Wall. It is a story that is not much like what I would normally expect from this author, but it is not a long read, and I think you may find it charming even though (like your story) it has some sad elements:

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