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Past Life in Japan

Hi, when I was younger I used to have dreams of being in Tokyo during what appeared to be the mid 80's to early 90's.

I dreamt of living in a traditional home, looked after by a plump strict mother. I had a brother who I looked up to as a source of solace. I remember taking transit in those days on my own with that there was a feeling of independence and freedom. I've dreamt about dancing with a fan wearing a pink yukata. I used to have longer hair but cut my hair short I don't remember the reason why. I dreamt that I lived to be a teenager, had a boyfriend in that lifetime and a baby girl but I think she was given up for adoption.

In my Japanese past life my name was Seiko. I have an inkling of the last name but I don't want to get it wrong.

The day of my former life's death there was an earthquake tsunami. There was an argument with the parents that morning and I decided to go outside for a walk near the trees. As I died I was laying on the ground thinking that I wanted to see my brother again to say goodbye.
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Welcome to the forum Margot! I don't remember past lives in Japan but your story is very interesting.


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Interesting memories! I love Japan (even learned to speak a bit of Japanese), and would love to remember a life there.