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Past Life Prejudices?



please don't think me a nosy intruder to your
fine forum. I've just had burning questions about this subject for a long time.

One of them being:

Has anyone ever had a unexplained, almost ingrained feeling of adversity towards
a certain. food, song, object or even person?

As an adult of reasonable intelligence. I tend to take each person for an individual.
and accept them as equals. knowing that each
person is born with their body and mind..and
a path of good or evil.i try to make my preference for or against anything or anyone
based on facts and my own experience .

I've never had Brussle Sprouts, but know i don't like them..same for Turnips.

I wonder if those of you with past lives
in the Civil War era. Have any adverse feelings towards Blacks, or even Southerners?

I also see a pattern of person stating they
lived over 100 years ago.. or in Carol's
cases..just a few months prior..then being
reborn into the family.

How many people are alive now but can remember living during World War 2?? or the Depression/

Probably not as many with 1800s era recollections, or even earlier.

I've always had an interest in past life
regression, etc.

glad to know that there is a place on the
web full of others like myself.


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Hey Yoh,
I don't really know what you'd like to be called, so, I'll just start talking....
As far as having aversions to things, or people....I can't say that I have any distinctive dislike of a culture in general. Normally I just get ****** off with certain people in particular. There are qualities that tick me off, Not being reliable is one of the worst. Having been an officer in the Civil War. I can see why this could be a problem for me. When you are depending on someone and they don't follow through in war, YOU die.
I also remember a lifetime in Nazi Germany, which leaves me with the hatred of people who think they are better than others.
I have a horrible time with chemical smells, loud noises and close contact. I hate crowds.
Next question


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Welcome Safestar,

I for one remember many life times....and the past five consecutive ones clearly! Starting in 1600 - up to the present day. I also remember life times in 330AD in 20AD and in 3500BC just as examples. Time doesn't matter. How many doesn't matter.

You asked if those of us with past lives
in the Civil War era, have any adverse feelings towards Blacks, or even Southerners. I was black ;) I have no adverse feelings for white southerners. I believe I have worked through it!

Actually - what I see is that if one holds adverse feelings toward another, feelings of guilt, shame, hate, or fear, - you know -- negative feelings and emotions. One will be drawn into a life time -- to experience that which you fear, hate etc.

I think consciousness creates and what your holding in consciousness determines your next life.

Catseye, isn't hatred a strong term? Because you lived through it, do you not find compassion for those that cannot "see?"


I could never stand russians. I feared and hated them. As a small child I was terrified by the whistle of a russian military train passing our summer cottage (russians still having a base in Finland that time). I tried to cure myself, I learned russian language, I could read Tshekhov in russian, I even met russian people and found them ok.
That all was, as it cleared up, because the russians deported my family to a death camp (the train!) and tortured and killed me in my previous life in the neighbouring Estonia.



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Hello Safestar,

My most recent life was during WWI. I hate the mud. And hate is the proper word. :)

I am not too fond of the French, but I also realize that each person is an individual and should not be judged on the basis of group behavior. I fought against them during WWI and I tried to save Marie Antoinette during the 1700's. She was not the vain selfish person she was has been portrayed to be. SOme many were brutally and unfairly murdered during that time. Unfortunately, history is written by the victors. I see WWII as being one of the worst civil wars ever. A country turned upon her own people because she was so brutally degraded after WWI that some would follow anyone with a strong voice. Everyone says that so many Jews were killed. Those Jews amongst many of the groups of people were all good German citizens that worked, played, built, designed, beautied and lived in Germany. They were German. I look at that whole era with great frustration. I wished I had lived to keep Goring from becoming so influential. I think Goring provided Hitler with a great deal of respectablity. And recently I have come across some rather disturbing evidence that Americans genicided German citizens after the war. They murdered and tortured babies and old women. It wasn't just the Americans, but also the Russians and British. It makes me sick. I will not say what they did. I am ashamed of it.

So yes, I have a few prejudices from past life experiences, some of which come from being able to remember the past correctly and not what is written in the history text books.



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This is my first message ever on this site.

I strongly sense I was a Confederate soldier from South Carolina in a prior life.
I have always felt an affinity for the South, although I only spent 8 months of my present life, as a baby in nominally Confederate territory(in Arlington, VA, a suburb of DC). My parents in this life are of Russian Jewish descent, and my ancestors were not even in America during the Civil War.

My father once brought home a Union Army cap and a Confederate Army cap for my brother and me when we were young. I made sure I had the Confederate cap.

Even though intellectually, I realize Lincoln was a very good president, I have always felt an aversion to him. Reading about the Radical Republicans who prevailed after the war also affected me similarly. Intellectually, I understood, but emotionally, I cringed. Also, while I like blue in general, I never liked navy blue, the color of Union uniforms.

However, the feelings only go so far. I am a fan of the New York Yankees. Of course, the connection between the baseball team and the Civil War is minimal.


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I'm not terribly comfortable admitting this, but it is really relevant to the topic.

One day in the grocery store, I picked up an apple, then set it down quickly because it was the one that "she" (the black woman walking in front of me,) had just touched.

I just about wretched. I thought where the HELL did THAT thought come from?!

With a little work, I remembered what life it came from. We (dh and I) were living in a Confederate area, but we didn't believe in slavery we were idealistic and came from family money and could afford to pay our workers and thought we were oh so superior to these racist whites. With the civil war dh left to fight for the North leaving me with a 1yr old child. Dh was killed.

I had used my money to help the situation of many of the blacks, and they were my friends, so I was all right even though the local whites disliked me. Then when the war was over, all my 'friends' left to seek their own lives or families as fee men and women. I was left with no one, felt very betrayed and used, and became a bitter predjudiced old woman.

My son grew to dislike me, he would visit and tolerate me, but didn't really like me, he was a doctor that treated anyone regardless of color or ability to pay, and learned those values from me, only to have me turn on the values I'd once taught him.

Also I've always disliked things Roman. I have a feeling this is from several lives, but one in paticular I can remember. I named my son after a conqueror of one of the first sieges on Rome. I looked at a drawing of his funeral procession in a history book, and remembered being there. I don't think I was his wife, but definately his lover, and was heartbroken over his death. I also realized that he was a friend/lover from this life who died at an early age, and naming my son after him in that life was my way of remembering him as a friend in this life. Also the names are similar.

That was the only incidence where I felt the black-white thing, maybe because it wasn't what I truly felt so much as it was covering up hurt and loneliness, but the Roman thing is a big predjucdice for me. (Fortunately not one I have to deal with much in the 21st century.)

Dh just asked me a question about Rome/Italy/Italians. And no, I don't think in my past lives even, it was ROMANS--RACE so much as it was the ROMAN empire. I worked with jewlery and the signet rings with Roman helms would make me cringe. Documentaries dipicting Roman figures.

I am pagan and will use names of gods from various traditions, believing them to be the same dieties with different names, but NEVER use the Roman names.


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Hi everyone,

I've been a member for a couple weeks now but havn't had much to say before now since I don't have any specific past life memories just impressons of "belonging" at the end of the Victorian era.

Anyway I've always had a fear of fire to teh point of not even using the kitchen stove till I was almsot out of my teens and to this day I will not use matches or even a lighter.

I also have an incredible dislike that's a fraction away from being total a hatred of being pushed or pulled in any way, even if it's just my daughter jokingly trying to get me to hurry up when we're walking.

I wish I had some detailed memories to help me sense of this/


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I used to have a phobia like that when I was a child with fireworks. I did and still do love the fourth of July, but when I was a kid fireworks were enough to send me screaming and crying hysterically under the bleachers or a blanket until they were over. Then I was fine again. They don't bother me now unless there's a few going at once, and then, as Honor says, it only "upsets" me, it doesn't scare me anymore.


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I am terribly afraid of moths. This has been as long as I can remember, even from my early childhood. I don't know if this is past life related, I have no explanation for this. But if I see a moth, I have a strange reaction, like I want to spit on it, I always start making 'puh puh' sounds when a moth is around....so silly.



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There are two things that scare me to death. One is any wave higher than my knees (thank God I don't have friends who surf!)-- I'm sure this is from a life in which I died from a huge tidal wave (see "Anyone lived in Japan?"). The other (PLEASE don't laugh!) is mushrooms. Not the kind in stores (I eat those all the time), but the kind that grows in the ground. My parents say I must have eaten a bad mushroom in a previous life, so maybe that explains it. But it's not logical at all--mushrooms can't even move!


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Hi all,

(quoting Eevee)
"I am terribly afraid of moths. This has been as long as I can remember, even from my early childhood. I don't know if this is past life related, I have no explanation for this. But if I see a moth, I have a strange reaction, like I want to spit on it, I always start making 'puh puh' sounds when a moth is around....so silly."

Not silly! Superstition about moths and death goes back quite a long way. I saw something on tv years back about moths being attracted to the scent of a sickbed, so they could be a bad omen, and that translated into beliefs that they were harbingers of death. I tried searching online for superstitions related to moths, didn't find anything yet about spitting on them but I did find one that said some people believed that a moth landing on the mother of a newborn meant the newborn would soon die. So that would of course be very frightening.

(quoting Spocket)
"The other (PLEASE don't laugh!) is mushrooms. Not the kind in stores (I eat those all the time), but the kind that grows in the ground. My parents say I must have eaten a bad mushroom in a previous life, so maybe that explains it. But it's not logical at all--mushrooms can't even move!"

Here again, it's not maybe as silly as you think. I've seen animals, once on tv and once in person, fleeing in obvious fear from a tiny insect which couldn't possibly hurt them on its own. In each case the animal had eaten that type of insect or something similar to it in appearance, and the type of insect was toxic. Fear of eating something because of a bad previous experience seems to add up to also fearing that item in general. If we haven't eaten something dangerous, but just know not to eat it, it won't scare us. But if you eat something and get sick because of it, that becomes a deep fear, a self-preservative response that goes beyond surface knowledge and translates into your fight or flight response. So it would make you feel terrified. It makes sense.


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Originally posted by Eevee
I am terribly afraid of moths. This has been as long as I can remember, even from my early childhood. I don't know if this is past life related, I have no explanation for this. But if I see a moth, I have a strange reaction, like I want to spit on it, I always start making 'puh puh' sounds when a moth is around....so silly.


I just had to extend a little compassion your way, Eevee. I, too, am absolutely petrified of moths. It's a current life phobia, I know where it came from, but that does not help. Those things are awful and creepy and I hate them!!!!!!!

I think Feech has an interesting point about this maybe being a fairly common fear. In discussing my aversion to moths with others, I've met other people who also have a deep seated fear of them, but none of them were able to identify the source of their fear. Also, none of them were particulary bothered by other types of bugs.

I think I'll leave the further research up to Feech and others, though. I cannot stomach the idea of typing the word "moths" into a search engine. I DO NOT want to see any pictures of the rotten things!


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A scary unpleasant thought for those of us who fear them, and an interesting nice thought for those of us who like 'em: I just found on a list of superstitions that there's an Icelandic legend that a large, black moth in the house is a deceased relative visiting briefly reincarnated in the form of that moth.


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I am TERRIFIED of cockroaches. I literally vomit when I see one. No matter how much safe "exposure therapy" I engage in the fear never gets better. Just thinking about cockroaches makes me sick. The bizarre thing is that the small German roaches don't scare me and the absolutely enormous roaches that eat plants and stuff don't bother me either. Flying cockroaches however make me literally sick. I used to have a nightmare two nights in a row every year where cockroaches were covering every inch of my body and eating my flesh. Anyone think that's where my fear comes from?! Just kidding. Don't know if its anything to do with past lives or just a really awful dream, but I remember being a child and knowing when a roach was in the room well before seeing it. I think I just "feel" them.


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I have a phobia about snakes .. it is so bad that even if there is a dead one on the road I will purposely go to the other side of the street to avoid it.

I also cannot watch war movies. Many years ago my dh put in "The Deer Hunter" and I saw just the first scene when I started shaking, ran out of the room, and threw up. I haven't attempted to watch one since


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I personally have an intense phobia of being in the shower without anyone else in the house. I personally connect this to a memory that i have of a past life. its a very brief memory. I had a very vivid dream years ago that still haunts me. I remember being in a house full of vibrant colours and hiding in a shower. A person came into the bathroom and shot me through the shower curtain. I died in my dream, i bled to death. And then i woke up. All through my life i have held a fear of being alone in the house and being in the shower. I connect these two feelings.

Angella Ashton

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As far as I can remember-first memory of it me at four-I always had a huge fear of abandonment,of being left alone and sometimes helped myself by chosing to be alone or to leave family or a relationship.Nobody in this life has ever left me but I continue being scared of it.Learning about my past lives helped me to understand this problem better and now I know I fear of something that already took place not of something that will happen.It helps.


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I seem to have a number of bizarre phobias that I know are past-life related, but frustratingly I can't recall the lives themselves.

I have strange fear of birdsong at dusk/twilight...it's fine during the day, but if it's getting dark and the birds are singing, I feel the need to get out of the open as fast as possible and get indoors. I've only had one tiny insight into this and that was years ago when I walking across my university campus as it was getting dark and the birds were singing and I suddenly had the image of a tiny little girl, about 4-5yrs old dressed in dirty sacking with a mop of black/brown hair and she/I(?) had been abandoned in a wood and the birds were singing in the trees. I still don't know if this was my imagination.

I have a terrible phobia of sinking sand/marshy ground. When I was 6yrs old, I was on the beach with my mum, brother and cousins. My brother happened to notice that the tide was coming in and, in a flash, I ran up onto the promenade, terrified. I started screaming down to them to hurry up and that they were all going to drown. I remember it clearly. When they just ignored my strange behaviour and continued to take their time, I remember wanting them to at least pass up their valuables to me. Similarly, only last year, my boyfriend took me onto Exmoor and we got a bit lost and we ended up on marginally marshy ground. I was PETRIFIED. I started behaving irrationally, trembling and crying and at one point started screaming "Don't leave me!!". Back on solid ground I was fine.

I have many other strange 'quirks', traits and phobias but wish I could remember why. I hate people touching my wrists and don't even like touching them myself. I'd love to know why that is too.

I'd like to ask how all those who have clear past life information accessed those memories. Were they spontaneous or are they through meditation? I feel such an amazing pull from my past and I know I need to remember things but I just can't seem to access the memories.


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I have a fear of Ferris Wheels and certain types of bridges. I think the two are related. If a bridge is really arched, or if it dips and then rises, it's the same effect for me. When riding a Ferris wheel, it's when the wheel is traveling between 9 o'clock past 12 to 3 that scares the crap out of me. I even had treatment for it just to see if that type of treatment (EFT) had any validity. Did not work at all. I got on the wheel thinking, "Hey, this won't be so bad." So WRONG!

The bridge and Ferris Wheel fears have been with me forever, so I'm inclined to think they are past life related. It's not like a fear of falling off them or a fear of heights; more like when the horizon changes it feels like I'm going to die.


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I have three fears/phobias...
the first is being buried alive. I've had horrible dreams about this. They are so real it causes great panic. Once while exploring caves in southern Indiana, we entered a chamber that required us two crawl vertically down a 10 foot shaft only about 3 feet round. I freaked big time!! And got the heck out.

The second fear is heights. When I get to the edge of cliffs I get weak and feel as if I have no control and will plummet at any minute.

Third anything hanging on to my neck. A girlfriend once liked to hang from my neck while dancing (I'm 6'7) it causes an unusual sensation, not pain, but extreme discomfort.


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I just thought of a fear that my son (who is 3) seems to have; one that goes back pretty much after his birth.

He panics every time I put a pullover shirt on him. This applies to anything that has to go over his head (t-shirts, masks, etc.). He is fine with hats, etc, but nothing helmet-like (which isn't easy since he REALLY wants to play hockey. I haven't put a helmet with a cage on him just yet, though I'm curious as to how he will react.)

It's not just that he doesn't like it -- he outright panics. Many of the necks of his shirts have been far outstretched just so that he will be comfortable wearing them. Once they're on, he's fine, but putting them on and taking them off are a real problem for him. Actually, come to think of it, he has a problem with anything touching his face and surrounding his head: water included.

As far as past lives go, he has only recently begun talking about them (very briefly. He begins to talk seriously about them and then starts cracking jokes.):

1) He mentions OUR children (both mine and his) Jeffrey and Jonathan. He knows no one by this name (and considering he has spent much of his life in Norway, he would never have heard them there!). What's kind of interesting is that, as a child, I was ADAMENT that children in an immediate family should all have names beginning with the same letter. All of my dolls were given names beginning with a certain letter so that all of their initials matched. I have definitely changed my views, but as a child, I was closest in memory to my past lives. I'm sure it could be a carry-over opinion from then.

2) He talks about us being married and what our wedding was like.

I hope he gives me more info; I'd especially like to relieve him of this phobia. So far, it seems to be his only one (though, at this age, kids tend to be somewhat fearless!).

Jen. :)


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When I was younger, I could not stand British people. There was really no logical reason why, considering I had never met someone from the UK. But one day I was out somewhere with my mother (I was really young, probably about 4 or 5) and someone with a British accent started talking with my Mother. Once I heard the accent I freaked out and started screaming! LoL! My poor mother was trying to figure out was wrong with me, but I didn't really know the reason myself beyond the fact that I didn't like the person she was speaking with because of the freakin' accent. :eek:

Well, fastforward about 10 years later, I had a horrible dream that was way too real to just brush aside. I had a dream where I was in a standing around in a house with colonial type decor. I looked down at myself and could see that I had on a flower print colonial dress. I could actually feel the corset...wasn't a pleasant feeling! :D I could also feel that I was wearing some type of bonnet thing. I'm really not sure what to refer to it as. I knew that I was fairly young, probably about the age I was at the time(14 or 15). But I was holding a baby, that I knew was my own.

All of a sudden I heard a loud knock on the door. I (the person in the dream) got really nervous/scared but went to the door anyway. It was kind of like a scene from a scary movie where you're telling the person not to open the door, but you know they're gonna do it anyway. LoL! When I opened the door, there was about 3 or four men in soldier uniforms. They had red jackets, with tight white pants that were tucked into black boots. I didn't even stay long enough to hear what they wanted, I just turned around and ran for my life...or tried to anyway. I tried to run to escape out the back door to the house, but I heard a loud shot, and the dream ends right there...

The only thing I thought was that it had to be a past life memory to explain my dislike for British people. I'm happy to say that since I had that dream, that I have no ill feelings toward British people whatsoever. :D I guess it explains why I couldn't stand them, despite that fact that I had no real reason to...regarding anything that could have happened in this life.

Oh yeah...I also have this weird kind of fear of heights. I'm perfectly fine if I'm safe and secure in something like a high-rise building or a roller coaster (I love roller coasters). But I get extremely nervous if near a cliff or something like that. I have *never* climbed a tree in my life, and don't plan to do so. I dunno, I just thought that was an odd quirk of mine that I could add. LoL

Sorry for the ramblings... :D


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I have a couple of fears (one I know for sure) that could be past life related, here they are:

1) My son dying when he was very small (and sometimes now). I used to be terrified to let him sleep by himself, and I would check on him every fifteen minutes when he was sleeping. When he was maybe 6 or 7 months old I had a dream of a past life--I realized that my fear had been a reality. I don't know really who I was, but I was in a rocking chair, holding my dead infant son who was wrapped in a blanket (he died in his sleep, I'm almost sure). At this moment in my dream I was utterly DISGUSTED at myself because I had forgotten that I had had a son die before mine was born (in this life). After the dream I tried to let go of the fear, and now I'm much better since my son is older, but the fear is still lurking in me somewhere.

2) I have an awful feeling whenever I walk from my house to my car at night-time. I get this paralyzed feeling and almost run to my car, hop in, and lock my doors. I have no idea why, but I've ALWAYS been like this.

3) Crickets....

4) Ghosts, even though I've seen one and it didn't harm me.


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I'm still catching up on the thread as whole, but I wanted to mention what I personally have experienced in this area. :)

I don't really have phobias, but I do have some prejudices that I am convinced are from past lifes.

1) Anyone male in a uniform, particularly dark blue with a cap: my instant feeling is that they are arrogant jerks (modified my original word :p ). Absolutely no reason for this feeling from my present life, never even knew anyone in a uniform of any sort.

2) I met a fellow in my last job (lets call him Bob), that the moment I met I hated. Thought he was arrogant, rude, and a backstabber. I have never felt that way about -anyone- before (excluding the uniform thing above). I've never even hated anyone before. A few days later I had a dream that I know was a death scene from a past life: It was the midwest (1800's?) and I was walking into a saloon in cowboy gear. As I reached the mid point of the room I was shot several times in the back (by Bob), the last bullet as it hit me I thought 'thats the last one, it kills me now'. So it certainly explains my feelings about 'Bob' in the present life, feeling he wasn't to be trusted. :p


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I posted this somewhere, maybe already in this thread. LOL. Unreasonable, irrational fear of fire, little sparks that turn quickly into a conflagration. I hate to cook with vegetable oil because I'm afraid of a grease fire. I always cook with a cup of water handy in case something catches on fire. I hate bonfires near our house, even little ones. When I was little, every time we left the house I'd take my teddy bear with me because it was the most precious thing I had and I didnt want to lose it when the house burned down while we were gone - which of course the house never burned down.

Also extremely claustrophobic and horribly afraid of spiders, drowning and heights.


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I have a phobia of anything near my eyes. I cant stand hurting my eyes and I couldnt wear contact lenses b/c of that for a long time. I am scared of being disabled in any way. I do not fear death at all. I refuse to give up smoking b/c I dont see why ppl fear cancer and death so much. Every one dies in my opinion. Whenever I donate money I always donate to handicapped people, especially handicapped kids b/c I feel for them so much.

I am also afraid of being buried alive, or being burned alive. That scares me.

The European middle ages/dark ages, etc depress me. Everytime I think about that era I feel depressed.

dark rosaleen

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Interesting thread.

I have a phobia of bombing. I tried once to watch a tv documentary about the London blitz, but gave up because of nausea, trembling, and a sense of terrible dread.

As early as kindergarten, I had this phobia.

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Hello, everyone! This is such an interesting conversation...

I have an aversion to China! I have never been but, whenever I think about actually going to China, it really gives me the chills. According to a psychic, I have had a past life in China, so maybe there is a link somewhere. :confused:

Also, I suffer from arachnophobia, with no known cause. :eek:

I cannot abide people telling me what I can, and can't, do and will go out of my way to do what I want to do, just to prove a point!!! ;)

I am afraid of water (although I can swim), especially going underwater. I am new to past life meditation but both my past lives, so far, have had water related images. I am hoping to discover causes for these aversions as I meditate more.

My husband has just pointed out that I do not like loud noises, or if there is a lot of noise 'coming at me' at once...how intriguing!


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I've always hated isolated places. Studying by yourself here and there is one thing but I mean the concept of being removed from surroundings and places where there are not many people is enough to make my skin crawl.