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Past Lives in WW II

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Today, when taking a short sleep in the afternoon, I saw images. I wasn’t asleep, but neither wake. I just focused my thoughts on my former lives.

The first thing i saw was a German wermacht officer (I think he was that) sitting in a backseat of a car. He was about 40 years old with dark hair, and he weared a long green officer jacket. On his belt, at the right side he had his pistol (Luger?). The image was very short, a saw it for just one second. The colours were really bright and clear.

The second reflection was a upper class party, I think it was at the 19:th century. I got a thought it being in a big town in Europe, maybe England or Germany.. At least it was a "western country" (it might have been in the USA also). There was a young lady in a long beige dress. She had brown hair. It was in a big house, in a very high and decorated room. Behind the girl there was someone playing a piano, it was a man. In the room there were many other people, men with dark dresses, and top hats. I went out form the room, to a entrance hall. There was a big stairway up. Two gentlemen were just leaving out, the other had white hair, and beard. Outside there was a black wagon, drawn by a horse waiting for the gentlemen.

The last reflection was from what I thought was a monastery. There was one image of an altar, with a decorated crucifix. The second image was of a monk in a brown dress, and a brown cap. He was in a room, which had walls and the floor made of stone. He was standing, and there was just little light. The light came from a candle, I think. I thought about the 15:th century.

These were just small glimpses, and I’m almost sure it wasn’t a dream. Of course I had my eyes closed, and was relaxed. Can these be glimpses from a former life? I can’t explain, why these images got into my mind.. I thought, that the German officer might be correct, because in my dream I explained earlier, I couldn’t see if the soldiers were Finnish or German. I just thought, that they must be Finnish. Of course I might have seen this officer in Finland during the war, because Finland and Germany were allies. I don’t know if the officer was me.

I have also had paranormal experiences. The mother of my best friend died in December. She died at 5 am. That morning I had a dream, were I was waiting with my best friend’s other good friend for a “ghost” to come. I woke up at 4.58 am when I heard a bang in my head and felt at the same time a “wind” going very fast over my head. I woke up immediately. I think it was my friend’s mother, who came to say “good bye”. She knew me very well. My mother and grand mother have/had also the gift of seeing souls.

I think the oficer was me...


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Wwii Kia

I believe I was killed in action in WWII and reincarnated into this present life. Since I was a kid, I had a memory of being shot in the head when I looked up out of a trench while in the war. I was born in 1969, so many times I thought it could have been Vietnam due to the time period...the only thing getting in the way of that time period and my birth being the difference in the war would be the memory itself. The guys I was with and the helmet I was wearing was WWII...not Nam. But it's such an old memory, it's hard to tell. My migraines always bring the memory back...since I was 6. The constant war dreams have been in my life always when I go to sleep. Anyone else have this experience or past life?


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I have sort of a similiar experience. I think I was a German WWII pilot in a previous life. I've only seen the vision once, but I think what happened was that I was running away from enemy fire, and I fell somehow, and was belly down and then something happened to my back that killed me. Whatever killed me buzzed (plane, gunfire, etc). In this life, until I realized the connection, I didn't want anything that buzzed near the back of my neck. I remember screaming and not being able to calm down every time a barber wanted to cut the back of my hair with a buzzer or something. Since I've remembered this lifetime, though, it hasn't happened.


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hello old soldier. the one and only past life memory i have had so far was similar to yours, i was lying in a trench with bullets flying over head. and to my left, a soldier jumps into the the trench next to me, with a rifle in hand. i hadnt seen that uniform before, but thought initially that it was a vietnam war one, because on the greenish hue. late discovered though that it was one worn by airborne soldiers during training and on the jump into normandy on Dday by certain regiments. also told by a psychic that i was shot in the head by a sniper in germany. I dont have any physical problems associated with this in my present life though. though i have a curious patch of pigmented skin ( i'm not sure if this is the right term, but that area of skin is ligter coloured that the rest) that makes me wonder if that was where i sustained an injury. The pyschic had told me as well that i was injured in the battle of the bulge.


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Hi there

I was Corporal Joseph Scott from Pittsburgh, PA and I served in the 115th infantry regiment of the 29th Division US army the blue and grays hence the avatar. I saw action on D-Day and at the battle of the bulge. I was KIA although I do not know where or when yet.

My past life came to me after much help from a forum member (hi Feech) and one of my past life boys private fc Dominic Lucchino...who will be forever young.

Glad to see you here and keep us posted on your past life. :D


shot down in WWII

Hello to all. I have never been a big "believer" in things, but recent events have changed that. I was casually talking to a pretty young woman at a wedding about nothing heavier than the weather, when she just blurts out to me, "you and your wife are both walk-ins, and you (meaning me) need to let go of your violent death." I asked her what she meant and she just answered, "i say what I see." Since then I dream nightly of being a fighter pilot for the RAF in the Battle of Britan. The dream always is the same, I am attacking a group of German bombers, and I truly feel like I am fighting the good fight. No guilt as I terrorize the poor souls flying in those planes. They are black ******** trying to kill women and children in my cities below, and I use my plane's guns not to shoot the plane down, but to terrorize and kill it's gunners and pilots. I am consciously thinking that I'll let the plane make it back home, and my damage will be double as the German ground forces shovel out the mangled corpses of their comrads. Then it happens to me. I feel it was a lucky shot, not skill, as I feel blood drip down my face, as my spirit fades I throttle my plane directly into the fuselage of my enemy, saying out loud, noone is going home today, Fritz. This is exhausting me! It also is keeping my wife awake, as I scream and kick terribly while this dream is happening. I n my waking hours I feel tremendous guilt for the fun that I appear to have been having in that Hurricane. I know the plane was called a "Hurricane", and have done a google search for it, it WAS a real British fighter plane. I also have a worsening of the pain in my neck (constant) and an ever increasing need to constantly look behind me. (Causing more muscle strain). Can anyone give me some idaes as to how to deal with this. I'm not really one to believe in the paranormal, but this actually happened to me. In this life, if you will, I am a pacifist (or so I thought), and it is teraring me up to know that I would enjoy killing so much, even though I feel I was on "the good guys side". Anyone else a veteran of WW2? ANy help would be appreciated....Vince


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Re: shot down in WWII

Originally posted by ka8ffm
Anyone else a veteran of WW2? ANy help would be appreciated....

I believe that I was a fighter pilot in the Imperial Japanese Navy, by the name of Nishizawa Hiroyoshi. I've done some research on him, and it turns out he was a very quiet and pensive man on the ground (like I am now), but when he was doing what he loved (i.e. combat flying), he went through a dramatic transformation, and apparently truly deserved his nickname, "The Devil".

Now, if I was such a man, how would I be able to live with myself in this life, knowing that I was on the "bad guys" side in World War II? The answer is simple-- in as much as I was that man, I am also not that man. I've been a warrior in most of my lives, primarily a samurai, and if there's one thing I can tell you, it's that you have to do your best to live in the moment, and free yourself from inhibition-- even if it's the inhibition of past life memories.

All the best.



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Hello ka8ffm

Hi! You are not the only one in here who have died in WW II. I believe, I was a German Wehrmacht officer "Rolf Weissmann" fighting the Russians.

In this life WW II is my favorite subject in history, and I happen to make my Master´s Thessis about the Battle of Britain. If you give me more details, i might help you to find more information about "The Battle". Can you see in your dreams any pictures or codes in your plane? What does the German bombers look like? You can check in here http://www.luftwaffepics.com/ for the bombers. Try He-111, Do-17, Do-217, Ju-88 and Ju 87 for example. They were really common bomber planes in Luftwaffe in 1940-1.


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An Unusual Dream

Hi All,

I have been lurking around here for quite a while, but a dream I had about a week ago has brought me out of my shell to finally post.

I'm positive about the concept of reincarnation (And have been for many years), I've learned how to regress myself and be able to distinguish between my imagination and what is real. I've only three past lives which I'm SURE were real...and a few others which I have doubts about...ie...I'm not totally convinced they aren't just my mind showing me what I want to see.

Anyways, about a week ago I had this dream. I was in WWII and in a German bomber as the co-pilot. Suddenly our plane was under attack from the right side and I leaped from my seat and into the aft section of the plane. I watched in horror as bullets ripped through the forward part of the plane...and just knew we were all going to die. Here's where the whole thing gets tricky....I learned long ago how to control my dreams so nothing bad ever happens...I either simply wake up, or change it over to a less traumatic scene. So the next thing I know, we have landed on an island and I am no longer a German pilot...I am me in this life, but in the same situation.

The only reason I give this dream any credence is #1 the emotion I felt during it, #2 the fact that I do have quite a lapse in my last sure former life before this one (I died in the late 1870's), and #3 I have always felt since I was young that in my last life I died as a young man, probably in war.

Now, why I am skeptical of the dream....it was real enough that I went and searched the internet for pictures of the cockpit of WWII German bombers. The colors were right in the dream, but beyond that what I saw was completely wrong & I have never felt any affinity towards Germany or the time frame.

Anyways, that's my story and I'm curious what everyone else thinks.



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My very short past life and how it has changed this one

Hello! I am new here. And I am so glad I found this website. This is going to be long.

When I was very young (perhaps no older than 3 or four) I had horrible dreams of being chased through the darkness, always hiding from people, and desperately wanting my mother. In some dreams, I was in a small dark place where I could see small cracks of light; in others I am surrounded by skeletons who are separating my mother and I. I cannot remember if the person in the dreams is the mother I have now or a mother I once had. There is often the eerie sound of a fire whistle.

Around the age of ten, I experienced a dream where the details have stuck with me for my entire life (I am 25 now) and I believe it was an indicator of my past life.

In this dream, I am hiding in a large closet with other children who are older and I do not recognize. I am the only child who is laying down and I do not understand the situation. I think I am either an infant or a very young child who is sick in bed and cannot move. There are adults in the room. There is very loud clamoring and then banging on a door, which slides open and men come charging into the room. The adults seem to be pleading and the intruders are yelling at us. Everyone is dragged away kicking, screaming and crying. One of the men approaches my bedside and appears to be mocking my cries and the cries of the woman in the room. I do not understand what is happening but feel terror. The man puts a gun to my forehead and I remember looking to a woman I presume is my mother for help. He pulls the trigger and I can actually feel the bullet enter my head, lodging in there and expanding it. Surprisingly enough, I felt no pain.

At this point in my dream, I am suddenly enveloped in a white gauzy material and am flying. I fly straight up and then right back down, swooping over the earth where I fly above the main street of the town where I had lived at the time. I flew just above the cars in the street, and went to my home. Then I woke up.

This particular dream has led me to believe that my last life was taken by the Holocaust, and was a very short life indeed. This dream had an extremely profound effect on my life. I cannot forget it. It did not occur to me until I was in 8th grade history learning about the atrocities of the Holocaust that I had been there personally in my last life.

Now that I think about it, I think many of my fears trace back to what happened to me the last time around. I am very, very aware of my own mortality. The thought that I can be taken out of this life in an instant is very real to me. I constantly think of the anguish I would feel if someone harmed my daughter (she is a toddler), or what I would do if anything happened to her. I have an intense desire to protect her and constantly think about how I could unleash my fury on anyone who would try to take her away or hurt her. Since I was young, I have always tried to protect those who where weaker, like it is my mission in this life. When I read about children in the paper who are murdered, neglected, etc. I feel such a profound sadness and want so much to avenge these poor little people because they couldn't defend themselves. This is probably not healthy.

Anyway, since I have come tho these realizations about myself and my past life, I have decided to study Judaism. I feel like I have been lacking spirituality in my life and Judaism jives with many beliefs I already had. I also feel it would be a good way for me to honor the life that I had before this one.

Whew! I am sorry that was so long.


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My Holocaust dreams

I had the first dream when I was five:
I lived with Mutti and Papa and my brother in Berlin, in a large and beautiful house with many rooms and a sweeping marble staircase. We had all gone to bed one evening, when I heard the wooden front door open, and shouts and the clang of steel toed boots as they came pounding up the stairs, "Rausch, rausch!
I cowered in my bed, but through my open door, I saw my lovely mother and my dear father pushed at bayonet point down the stairs, and my brother was dragged, screaming with fear, down the marble steps, and through the front door... The dream ended here, with me in such terror that it took my parents hours to get me back to sleep.
I had the second dream when I was seven.
We are all on the front walk, Mutti, Papa, my brother and me, dragged by my hair (long blonde curls) down the steps. My mother protested; the Nazis clubbed her over the head with a rifle butt, blood everywhere. Papa and brother darted forward, but one of the men, laughing, joking, tripped my brother, who fell flat, and was also clubbed, Papa held back by another monster who laughed and kidded him. Then he spun my father around, and shot him in the back, letting him lie in the gutter like so much waste, rolling my unconscious mother into the gutter too, but so beautiful that they thought better, and woke her up to face every woman's nightmare in front of five year old me...Screaming, I was picked up by my heels, and bounced with brutal force on the pavement, so hard that my scull cracked and my eyes popped out of their sockets and brain matter spattered everywhere. I saw my body go limp, I too was garbage; saw too my pale wraith-like soul float up to heaven, but remember nothing further in the dream. This all probably happened in 1938 or 39, and the dreams took place in 1958 and 60. I knew my name in the other life, but don't remember it now, nor do I remember my parent's names nor my brother's, but the color, the sound of that hellish laughter, the pain, my soul floating upwards, those I do remember all too well.
My now-parents were horrified, but not knowing what Nazis were, I didn't know enough to enable me to tell my parents what I had seen...By the time I got to high school, I had not thought about the dreams until I shared with a friend a year's worth of dreams. We actually dreamed together the same nightmares for one year, and never again, but these were less site-specific that my first two; I think that they took place under the auspices of the Godless Mengele, so maimed by experiments were we, freaks, but not of nature's innocent making. Each dream was more horrific than the next, but always started out with us being removed from a villa in Berlin, but to Auschwitz, I can't tell.
In this life, I am Jewish, as I was then, and she was Catholic, but in the dreams, we were both Jewish and about the same age as we were in this life, 16. I didn't learn about Mengele until I was an adult...


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Jenthered...I was saddened by your dreams/memories. There was and still is a barbaric cruelty in the world. First world countries, like America, live in a sheltered reality from this cruelty. What you dreamed about was very real. But I believe our memories have been given back to us for a reason. Or perhaps the memories so powerful that they could not be hidden from us. In my own case I wrestled with the two. And I believe that the sadness of past life tragedy can enlighten us in our journey through this life. Sometimes I think I was allowed to remember as some kind of reward for going through it and it is a way of saying "see it wasn't forever...you've moved on...things are ok". Kinda simplistic I know. But thinking back on my own loss/tragedy it was so horribly hopeless...yet now I see it was not the end. That is a soulfully peaceful piece of knowledge. It may sound silly but I pray for my self back then. You might too, and you might see that horror as a thing to gather wisdom from. A thought just came to me that you should pray too for the soul of those soldiers...for surely somewhere karma is playing itself out in similar ways.

Blessed be. Tman


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The past 24 hours or so have been a real eye opener. What I had originally thought was a very wrong part of the dream and caused me to dismiss it because it wasn't possible, hit a major snag in reality. My doubts became validation that this may be real.

In the dream, I remember clearly that I had a view much like looking out the front seat of a car. That struck me as rather strange. I could see forward, left and right. But I could not see above me. Anyone that has ever been in the front seat of any aircraft knows that above all you have a good view of what is around you. I didn't in this dream So I wanted to dismiss it as a flight of fancy, forgive the pun. I had the feeling that I was in a high wing aircraft (That is, the wings were above the fuselage), and the wings were above me. If I were truly a co-pilot this would be impossible. I don't think any modern plane has ever had the wings so far forward that they would obstruct the pilot's view. My view was blocked by the plane and from everything I knew about planes, this was completely wrong.

Then I came across this picture:

Bingo! Those lower windows afforded exactly the view I saw in my dream. The plane was a HE-111, Germany's most produced bomber of WWII. The colors of the plane are wrong from my dream, I saw it more of a green color, but that could be that this was an after war model used by Spain.

And then to top things off, I had a dream last night of going into an empty house. An old woman cried out "Nobody's home." We spoke for a while and related stories of my current hometown. Then I woke up and was sad that I hadn't learned anything new.

Then I went into that stage between sleep and being awake.

I saw a German soldier walk into a barn/shed, he removed his uniform and dressed in civilian clothes. Then he shot himself. I was on the verge of falling back asleep and told myself "This is important...pay attention. What is his name?" The name I got was Franz Richter.

I have no idea why he was changing from his uniform into civilian clothes before shooting himself, but once again the surroundings and emotions were so vivid it stayed with me the rest of the day.


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Well phooey...it looks like the name Franz Richter is almost as generic in the German language as John Smith or Bill Jones is in the English language. So much for researching the name since this is not someone who appears to have done anything memorable historical-wise.

One bit of information I found that proved interesting is that the uniform I saw this soldier dressed in is exactly the uniform that Luftwaffe troops used when they were transfered to ground duty.

I'm leaning towards 75% that this was quite possibly my last life. But I'm confused by the fact that I saw the barn/shed scene. To me it would make more sense that he changed from civilian clothes into his uniform before ending his life instead of visa versa.

I even went as far as mentioning them to my mother (Who is a very devout Christian) and asking about my early life...ie...did I show any sympathy towards Germany or even inkling of a tie to Germany. She said no on both accounts.

I've had no in depth previous knowledge of WWII Germany, other then the Holocaust page I made within the past couple of days. But for some reason I seem to have these memories haunting my sub-conscience and everytime I try to disprove the memories, my doubts prove to be the foundation that proves these memories correct.

Titus Rivas

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Holocaust memories

Hello jenthered,

I invite you to visit this website about a young girl I studied in the Netherlands.

Please note the parts about Mengele.

Best wishes,



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Nazi Youth

As a child I was abnormally interested in nazi paraphanalia. I was intrigued watching about it on TV and had this sickening sense of pride when watching it. It scared me. I am also of Polish Descent, but when I was growing up I was mistakenly told I was of German descent and this also made me feel a sense of pride. I also thought arian type of people were the most beautiful

This carried on into my 20's until I almost felt ill with these foreign emotions, as they were not a part of who I was.

I decided to have past life regression done.

During the course of this regression, I experience many different memories of different lives, not long, but sort of like flashes.

Until I reached the one prior to this life.

I was a boy child in a nazi youth camp, called Gunstaff(or something like that) All I remember were high walls and this feeling of hatred and sense of being a very dark personality. I actually felt his shoulders between my own and felt very horrible during this session. I scared the hypnotist a bit, because I apparently was very cold and cynical.

What do you all think of this. Since the regression I started to release this memory quickly and am not bothered by those emotions anymore. It sort of healed me.

But I was wanting some opinons on it as when i tell people about this experience they are often speechless. Help!!!!



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After more research, the above mentioned Franz Richter is probably not the match I was looking for.

First of all, the rank is wrong. The Luftwaffe used a different method and names for rank, and that rank is an Army rank.

Secondly, it appears that Luftwaffe personal that were pressed into front line duty was confined to ground support crews and not aircraft flight crews. In fact, Germany was so in need of gunners on their bombers that they lowered the requirements to get a gunners badge just to get people on the planes.

A few other things I found out:

I found a registry in German that listed war graves. There were over 100 Franz Richters that died during WW II. Sadly, the database didn't give enough information as to what service they belonged to.

HE-111's carried a 4 man crew. The pilot, an "Observer", a radioman, and a bomber/gunner. I do find it kind of odd that an HE-111 had a position for a nose gunner, a belly gunner, 2 side gunners and a top turret gunner with only one person to fulfill all those positions. Somehow I find it silly that this one person would be crawling all over the plane to get to the gun positions in the heat of battle.

When I made my last post on this subject, I was under the impression from research that former Luftwaffe troops were used in Italy. That was wrong. Most were used on the Eastern front, usually in defensive positions because they were ill equiped and poorrly trained. I read one account that many did not have rifles, which would go along with one of my dreams.

I just don't know at this point and I have probably skewed my results by researching everything. And another thing that has bothered me...I saw this soldier going into a barn/shed and changing into civilian clothes? Why would he have those clothes with him?


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Well I have learned a few more things through research, nothing particularly Earth shaking, bit interesting none the less.

The Franz Richter that won the Knight's Cross is not the same Franz Richter, he was in the SS.

I did find a story of an HE-111 that crash landed on an island and one crew member spoke English. They tried to surrender to a farmer but scared him and he ran off and got the local authorities. While he was gone they set fire to the plane, when the authorities arrived the plane was engulfed in flames (Not really pertinent, but interesting.) They were all captured and sent to Canada to spend the rest of the war in a POW camp. While that would pretty much go along with the initial dream, it throws a wrench into the second one.

I found out that towards the end of the war that US B-17 crews quit using a bomber/gunner except in the lead bomber. The lead aircraft had a bomber and when they dropped their load they also dropped a smoke bomb. When the black smoke appeared in the open bomb bay doors the following aircraft would release theirs. Maybe the Germans did something similar? That might explain why so many accounts I've read of shot down HE-111's having a 4 man crew when they were supposed to have a 5 man crew. It would almost make sense that Germany would try and get every able bodied man into combat...they were using a lot of 60 years old + men as cannon fodder at the end. It would also explain why a flight crew member would end up on the ground.

As far as the civilian clothes Franz changed into, I've done a lot of thinking about that. I think I know why he changed into them, where he may have gotten them, and why he shot himself. The Russian's were quickly advancing, and above all they were MAD at the Germans and out for revenge. Franz knew that no matter what, if and when the Russians caught up with him he was going to endure their revenge. He changed into the civilian clothes in the hopes that the Russian Army would respect the dead and at least give his family and friends the closure of knowing what happened to him rather then be buried in a mass grave unknown. As far as where he got the clothes, He may have found an abandon house with the clothes and saved them for just this purpose.

I'll keep looking into it.


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nazi soldiers

my memories are only flashes. i began having them when i was pregnant with my first child. she is 26 years old now. i thought i was having premonitions of the end of time, but i came to realize it was flashes of memory of nazi solders knocking on my door in the darkness of night and taking my husband and children away form me. the children were screaming and crying and so was i. we were reaching and trying to hold on to each other and were torn apart. this has been extremely difficult to write down. i have never told anyone of this. i nearly lost my mind when my children were growing up. this replayed over and over in my mind, day and night, and i was afraid to tell anyone.


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Re: nazi soldiers

Originally posted by norabrindle
my memories are only flashes. i began having them when i was pregnant with my first child. she is 26 years old now. i thought i was having premonitions of the end of time, but i came to realize it was flashes of memory of nazi solders knocking on my door in the darkness of night and taking my husband and children away form me. the children were screaming and crying and so was i. we were reaching and trying to hold on to each other and were torn apart. this has been extremely difficult to write down. i have never told anyone of this. i nearly lost my mind when my children were growing up. this replayed over and over in my mind, day and night, and i was afraid to tell anyone.

Hi Norabrindle welcome to the forum.
I do feel that this is past life realted. do you remember what type of clothes you were wearing in the dream? was the dream set in a different house to the one you were living in when you had the dream? it is these types of things plus smells, noises and emotions that tell me i am having past life dreams. if you were wearing modern clothes and in your present house, then it could be a symbolic dream rather than a past life but it is not always the case. I think you have to trust your own feelings. Do you feel that your daughter was one of the children in your dream?


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nazi soldiers

i don't catch the clothing that i was wearing, or that my child had on. i can see the rough board floor of the house. the room had a small window near the door. i can feel the worn roughness of the boards that that the door was made from. i can hear the knock on the door and feel the stark cold terror that ran through my body. it is an interesting thought that the child is my daughter in this life. i think she was the child then too. that would make me understand why i always felt her being torn away from me.


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nazi soldiers

I had a memory of my clothes. I see an ankle length brown faded dress. I feel brown stockings on my legs and see a pair of brogan shoes, worn, and with frayed laces. I feel the soft roughness of a dingy white pettycoat made out of domestic cloth next to my skin, and I had on underwear sewn from the same kind of material. I see a table sitting to the right side of the door, homemade, kind of rough, and homemade chairs to sit in at the table. The room was clean and furnishings were sparse. There was an old black stove across the room from the table. There was an oil lamp in the center of the table. The table was round. I can close my eyes and see the flame dance in the lamp from the draughts in the room. It was pitch dark outside, and then I heard voices, and saw the light from the torches that the soldiers carried. I feel the cold terror in my chest as I write this, I was so scared, so very very scared.


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nazi soldiers

This memory came to me a couple of nights ago when I was almost asleep. It's as clear as if it happened a week or two ago. I had had flashes of it since I was pregnant with my first child. I don't remember what kind of clothes my child had on or that my husband had on. Maybe it will come to me . I can close my eyes and see that romm in the lamplight as clearly as I can see this one with my eyes open.


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Since I first discovered reincarnation, I've joked that I starved in a past life and that's why no matter how much I eat in this life I never feel like it's enough. Well, many years later and with more knowledge, I now think the place I starved was Buchenwald. I was a young man who lived in Dusseldorf, not Jewish, not gay, I believe just a student at the University and therefore hated by the Nazis as an intellectual. I did some pretty shameful things in Buchenwald to try to stay alive, including being a Kapo.

Current life hangovers? A fascination and feeling of affinity with Judaism and Jewish people. A feeling of dread and horror when I'm coming home after a trip. (I think I came home from a trip to find the Gestapo in my home. They had already taken my family and then dragged me off to camp. And that was the end of life as I knew it, and the beginning of the end of life itself.) A total aversion to management--I have no wish to tell anyone what to do, or to discipline them for not doing it. And of course--the craving for rich, satisfying food. Had a dream just recently about eating non-food substances, which I'm sure starving people did just to try to stop the pain of their empty stomachs, and woke up with a horrible stomach-ache just as if I had been eating chunks of rubber.

Oh and one good thing--a devotion to the Weimaraner breed of dog. Interestingly enough, Buchenwald was in Weimar, where the Weimaraner originated.


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I read a similar account from a past-life regression in a book recently, and it started to trigger something for me that I've suspected for a long time, but haven't really dealt with. I *think* I was a little boy in one of these camps, and, much as you describe, I was taken for a walk in the woods. I was naive and thought it was an outing. I was glad to be outside and enjoying nature, when the curtain went up on the back of a truck, and a machine gunner opened fire and killed me (probably there were other children as well). The main impression was of the shock and betrayal. I think I was hit in the right abdomen, about where the liver is, and I retain a very small, white scar there. I don't think it was the first time that area was hit or involved in a death. It is all tied up emotionally with the theme of betrayal for me. My first clue about it was that when I would get in a new relationship with someone I instinctively didn't trust, and I was trying to trust them, I would feel as though I'd been hit in this area and I'd feel panic at the same time, screaming at me to get out. I felt like the panic was irrational and my enemy, but in hindsight my perception was right in these relationships. But definitely I was overreacting. I didn't understand about past-life influences at that time or anything about past-life therapy, though I had studied reincarnation. So it never occurred to me that the situation was triggering an actual past-life memory of being killed (or maybe more than one). I just thought I was nuts.

The first time I began to suspect this particular death was when I was running a receiving dept., and UPS trucks would back up to the bay door. I'd open my door, and then the back door of the UPS truck would roll up. Every single time I saw that, I felt a "small panic" inside myself. It never got better the whole two years I worked there--never extreme, but always there. So I began to think, "where did I get a fear of the back of a truck rolling up--what do I think is the worst thing that could be there?" And what came to me intuitively was this concentration camp scenario. No actual memory of it consciously, though. Someday if I can afford PLT I'll probably try to connect with it.

It was mostly the brown UPS trucks that caused that reaction, not so much other trucks--I wonder if those trucks were a dark color?
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WWII Memories

Hi everyone, I don't think I've posted on here since about a year ago now and back then I didn't even really believe in Reincarnation even a little bit but it's funny how your opinion can change about something when you open up your mind and look at things from a different viewpoint :) I also believe in Karma now too.

Anyway what I wanted to talk about was I've been having Flashbacks and Dreams of being an American Soldier, But there is some conflictions within the Flashbacks and the Dreams when I first started remembering I was fighting in what looked to be france and had 2 soldiers close by me who were always staying in front of me maybe I was a high ranked soldier maybe a Seargent or something but I never remember any actual combat sitautions which bothered me. Thats not the Memories that bother me the most though in the Dreams I've had I was in a Nazi Prison Camp "I think" and was being interrorgated by 4 German Soldiers and I remember being hit in the side of the Head with the butt of a Rifle and even in that particular dream it felt like I was really hit in the Head viciously I don't remember anything after that.

This is where things don't add up though, In another Dream I look to be on a pretty big Island maybe it could of been an Island in the Phillipines or some place like that but in this particular Dream I remember looking directly at the Sun and it felt very hot
and then I was walking down a narrow road and a Army Truck with Jap Soldiers on it came down the road and the Japs chased me and another Soldier and we tried to hide down the side of this bank off the road in some bushes but they still found us and when they did I got hit in the side of the head with the butt of a rifle yet again... :(

So ok thats basically all I've remembered and I'm not a World War 2 expert or anything but didn't most American Soldiers only serve in 1 Country??? thats why I am not sure if these Memories are really Memories of my past life. The thing is I really seemed to be interested in anything to do with WW2 the US Sherman and German Panther Tanks and also the Thompson Machine guns I dig especially but I've seen movies like Saving Private Ryan, Windtalkers, The Thin Red Line and I get really wrapped up in them more so than any other Movies I've watched I've seen Saving Private Ryan about 4 times now and seen Band of Brothers Series twice. anyway thats about all I wanted to say. :)


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My only past live I know for facts is being an old German gentleman in the time of WWII. I didn´t like what Nazi´s were doing to the Jews so I and other old German man (he is now my twinsister) started to hide Jewish families at our home. We were busted and sent to one of the camps for Jewish people. I know I died there but I´m not sure how it happened.


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My twinsister have the ability to do the same things as I but she have to train it better :)

Yes I remember my life with her in Germany. Few days ago she asked me to try to see one of her past lives. I wasn´t thinking about Germany at that moment, acctually I was hoping to see something about China because we both know that we must have been there. Then I saw my sister as an old man working in an office. He was closing for the day to had home. He went outside the office and then I saw few men in brown or moss-green suits and they had the Nazi flag on their arms. I felt like I was inside the man´s body though I knew he was acctually my twinsister. I had terrible heartbeat when I walked past the Nazi´s but I tried to act cool. On Nazi smile to me and said good day or something like that. I was much more calm after that.
Then I saw house and went inside. I saw Jewish couple and their 2 or 3 children in one room in the house. Suddenly came an old man out of the kitchen and I immidietly burst to tears and had to open my eyes. I felt it so strong that man was me.


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Bombed city

I had three strange dreams the last few months.
It started with a documentary I saw on television about the reopening of the Frauenkirche (Cathedral) in Dresden.
I only watched for a few minutes and then I moved on to another television show.

A few nights later I had a dream, I was home and I heard a "thunder" in the distance.
And all I could think of was: they're going to bomb my house.
The thunder became harder and harder and I woke up.
Actually my neighbour woke me up because he tried to get his new bed upstairs and this made a lot of noise ;)

Somewhere in November I read an article about Leipzig.
And all I could say was: I can't stand Saxons, expecially their dialect is a horror!
Both Leipzig and Dresden are cities in the East German province of Saxony.
I've never been there and I have no idea what their dialect must sound like.
(In the mean time I know because I've heard some audio samples, it's not that bad actually :rolleyes: )

About that time I had the same kind of dream, thunder in the distance, the fear of bombs,
but the dream continued, I saw myself walking outside, and the entire city was bombed.
But this time my dream took place in Leipzig and not in Dresden.


The third dream was also triggered by noise outside, which reminded me again of bombings.
I saw myself walking through a city in ruins and I was crying.
And I heard myself saying (in German) what did they do to my town?
I walked through my favorite alley in Frankfurt and I said: even this is gone.

I know this alley, I've been there, it does still exist, but I'm not sure if it has been bombed in WWII.
Another thing: I could see myself in this dream, I was a woman in her thirties (like I am now)
wearing a dark brown skirt and a short jacket in the same color.
Borig brown I would say, I looked very plain.

I never had these dreams before, I never had a special interest in WWII.
Although bombed cities (wherever they are) always scared me,
but I think you don't need to experience a war to be shocked by such images.

I was hoping (and I still do) that this aren't past life dreams.
Because there was nothing pleasant about it.
I already had a German past life, which ended just before WWI, so I thought that would've been enough.

Still I did a short meditation to find out more.
I saw a girl who lived above a bakery in an old part of town with a lot of alleys.
It looked like Frankfurt, but it also could have been somewhere else.
I saw myself playing outside.
According to the dresses and the plays it were the 1920's.
I think that the bakery belonged to my family, that means that we weren't really poor.
But still there was a lot of poverty around.
I was quite tall and very serious for my age, the kind of girl you expect to become a librarian when she grows up.
I also see myself carrying books and doing needle work.
I was a disciplined and not very emotional person.

In another snapshot I see myself at the age of 18.
A car stops in front of our house and at the wheel sits a man in uniform.
A gentleman, I hear myself say, and I adore gentlemen.
He's my date, although he's at least 15 years older than me.
I have no idea what year it is, but it has to be before the war,
because the atmosphere is still quiet.
But "The Party" is already gaining political influence.
It looks like I'm an involved nazi idealist.
I see myself reading and writing a lot and I hear myself discussing politics.

My idealism looks quite innocent in comparisson to what we know now about the nazi regime.
For me it's time to work, to rebuilt the country after WWI and to regain our sense of pride.
Nazism isn't about hatred or excluding other nationalities and opinions,
it's about sticking together, clean up the mess and getting forward.
At least that's the impression this girl gives me.

But something happens.
She get's dissapointed, I don't know by whom or what.
At least there's a man involved who probably cheated on her or left her.
And during the war she starts to realize what has become of her idealism: war and destruction.
Although she is very intelligent, her outlook on life becomes bitter and frustrated.
She doesn't trust anyone anymore and locks herself up in her appartment,
she also stays there when he city is about being bombed.

It looks like she spent the entire war by herself.
Trying to survive.
And the first time she shows her emotions is when she walks through the ruined city
and realizes that everything is gone.
Everything she loved and everything she believed in.

I don't know how the story continued or how her life ended,
I only feel sadness and disappointment.
And if it was only a book or a movie I could live with it.
But what if it's another past life...

I don't know, I haven't had any bombing dreams lately, so maybe it was only a temporary thing.

Curious Girl.
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